Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 68: Unexpected Discovery

Chapter 68: Unexpected Discovery

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"How did you handle this matter?" Han Ruoxue asked. She had received a huge blow and all she could do now was walk in with her tail between her legs; she wanted so bad to find a hole to hide in.

Han Yufan looked at Tangning, his eyes contained a complex look, "She must have already known we tore up her invitation, so no matter how well we prepared, her true intentions were well hidden while she watched our every move."

"As if she's that smart," Han Ruoxue continued to blame everything on Han Yufan's bad management. "Just wait and see. Since we haven't been able to stop her today, it's going to be even harder to stop her in the future."

Mo Yurou glanced at the siblings beside her, especially Han Ruoxue who claimed to be special. Her eyes flashed a moment of ridicule; Tangning wasn't too smart, everyone just underestimated her and let their guard down - including herself...

But, no matter how hard Tangning tried to climb up, it didn't matter. Since Mo Yurou managed to secure a Top Ten Model Award, she was confident she would be able to beat Tangning.

The trio caused such a commotion before entering the venue that word of them failing to suppress Tangning quickly spread to the ears of everyone present. Han Yufan looked at the ridiculing gazes of the guests as he tried hard to hold back his anger. They soon found their seats. According to their status in the industry, they were seated towards the back; temporarily hidden from sight, giving them a bit of relief. However, what they didn't expect was that Tangning would be seated two rows from the front.

On her left sat TQ's editor and on her right sat one of the judges of the Top Ten Model Awards. This judge just so happened to be the man that slept with Mo Yurou.

Why is Tangning always so lucky?

Although Tangning wasn't familiar with the man, Mo Yurou still felt uneasy - because she felt guilty.

"Yurou, what's wrong? Your palms are sweaty."

"Nothing's wrong, I'm just a bit nervous," Mo Yurou brushed Han Yufan off with a smile.

The Bright Night Gala was like the opening ceremony for the annual awards ceremonies, so many celebrities were gathered. As many people in the entertainment industry loved fashion, there were a large number of attendees.

Tangning was concentrated on the stage as the hosts gave their opening speeches. However, the judge sitting to her right was mesmerized by her legs; Mr. Li was well known for being sleazy, hence why Mo Yurou managed to get her way with him.

Worst of all, not only did he merely look at Tangning's legs, he even turned to her and said, "Miss Tang, you are so beautiful. I saw a recent article about you and found that you are extremely professional; I have high hopes for you."

After hearing him speak, Tangning could sense he was hinting something else to her. She decided to respond politely, "Thank you for your praise."

Upon seeing the judge inching closer and closer to Tangning, TQ's editor patted her on the shoulder and requested, "Take my seat, I have something I want to ask Mr. Li."

Tangning understood that Lin Weisen was trying to help her out of this sticky situation and quickly gave him a grateful smile before swapping seats with him.

To Lin Weisen, Tangning was an extremely professional model with a promising future, so he didn't want any negative news to arise about her.

Seeing Tangning unwilling to play along, the judge glared at her; they were obviously from the same company, but why was Mo Yurou so easy to bed, yet Tangning was so stuck-up? Wasn't she just a fallen outdated model that recently got back on her feet?

Tangning continued to concentrate on the stage as she pretended to be unaware of what was happening. But deep down she knew, today she may have offended this judge...

Mo Yurou watched from the back and focused on their movements; she noticed the old sleazebag had his eyes set on Tangning. If Tangning decided to follow the same path as her, then...wouldn't that mean she would have to be stepped all over by Tangning again?

After all, who wouldn't choose a shortcut to success?

Why did Tangning have to fight with her over everything?

On the stage, the hosts were throwing out punchlines one after another making the audience roar in laughter. After the head of the organizing committee gave his speech, it signaled the launch ceremony had officially started and the special guest would be about to appear...

Mo Ting...

Mo Ting...

Tangning chanted her husband's name in her heart. He was an untouchable superstar that everyone looked up to; in fact, he possessed a presence which even some of the most famous celebrities couldn't compare to. He was more attractive than anyone else, and tonight he would appear at the same event as his wife for the first time, even though... one actually knew they were married.

"In a moment, the person that will be making an appearance..."

The host only started speaking, yet below the stage, the crowd was already cheering loudly. The host smiled waiting for everyone to quiet down, before continuing "...he is more popular than any superstar or even famous celebrity. He is the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment, Mo Ting!"

As soon as the host's words left his mouth, Mo Ting appeared from behind the stage. Under the spotlight, his sculpted body looked even more perfect and built. Most importantly, the presence he exuded was similar to that of a king; it was like he was born to stand intimidatingly where no one could reach...

Mo Ting swept his gaze across the hall before spotting Tangning; their eyes met. Their feelings for each other were quickly expressed through their gaze, but it only lasted 2 seconds before Mo Ting quickly glanced away.

"President Mo, please speak," the host welcomed him to the stage.

Mo Ting's eyes twinkled; the mole on his right earlobe was magnificent like obsidian, "Hai Rui's door has always been open to winners."

Mo Ting only said one simple sentence - one very simple sentence - and it was enough to tell everyone one honest truth: Hai Rui only accepted powerful artists. At the same time, he also gave Hai Rui's artist's an affirmation: they were the top of their game because behind them was Hai Rui Entertainment - an undefeated legend of the industry...

Hearing these words, Tangning also understood, this was encouragement from Mo Ting. Only after she becomes the most powerful, would she be able to stand wherever she wanted.

"Ohhh...Our President Mo's suit color matches that of Tangning's." Tangning's dress was imprinted in the host's memory; especially since she was seated just below them on the right; a quick glance made the comparison even more obvious.

So, after seeing Mo Ting wearing clothes in a similar color group, he couldn't help but point it out.

Tangning did not expect her name to be called out. After being stunned for a few seconds, she quickly stood up and smiled, "It is my honor."

Everyone knew Mo Ting hated artists that rode on other's coattails, so they wondered whether Tangning's outfit meant she had deliberately inquired about Mo Ting's outfit to create hype?

Those below the stage waited for Mo Ting's reaction and for Tangning to be humiliated...

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