Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1194 - You Don't Care, Do You?

Chapter 1194: You Don’t Care, Do You?

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The next day, while Qian Lan had class and Mo Zichen didn’t, Qian Hui asked her men to invite Mo Zichen out for a chat.

To highlight her identity, Qian Hui specifically dressed in expensive clothing so Mo Zichen would realize Qian Lan’s status and knowingly retreat.

Mo Zichen thought about the man that had followed them yesterday, so, as soon as he saw Qian Hui, he immediately realized​ her intent.

“Please sit, Mr. Mo,” Qian Hui said as she pointed to a chair with her chin. She then removed her sunglasses and placed them on the table in front of them. “My name is Qian Hui, I am Qian Lan’s older sister.”

“Hello, Miss Qian,” Mo Zichen said as he sat down.

“I’ve asked to see you here because I noticed you’ve been getting really close to my sister lately. May I ask how far the two of you have progressed?”

“That…seems to be my private matter,” Mo Zichen replied with a smirk that was neither friendly nor hostile.

“Let me put it this way, no matter how far you’ve progressed, please stop where you are right now. My sister does not have an average identity. I’m sure you understand what I mean,” Qian Hui said before she pulled out an envelope from her handbag, “This is a small gesture from me. Please take it as an apology for my sudden intrusion today.”

Mo Zichen looked at the envelope and laughed, “Miss Qian is certainly generous, but I don’t really need this.”

“Is it not enough for you?”

“I don’t like it when people get involved with my private matters. Please leave, Miss Qian,” Mo Zichen directly expressed his thoughts.

“Mr. Mo, did you perhaps already know our Qian Lan’s identity? Is that why you deliberately got close to her?”

“I’m not sure what kind of a throne the Qian Family has, but I honestly don’t like it when people interfere with my life. No matter who’s sitting opposite me today, I would give the same response.”

Mo Zichen found it quite hilarious: to prevent him from getting close to Qian Lan, the Qian Family actually tried to resolve it with money…

Qian Hui returned home in defeat. She originally thought that a bit of money would be enough to send the poor man away, but, from her point of view, Mo Zichen had obviously seen through Qian Lan’s identity and was trying to leech off her power and influence!

How could Qian Lan be interested in a man like that? He had no idea that it was time for him to retreat!

Qian Lan didn’t know that Qian Hui spoke to Mo Zichen and Mo Zichen simply treated it like a joke, so he didn’t tell Qian Lan about it.

However, during his mission at night, his colleague once again laughed at him, “Hahaha, think about it, our almighty Young Master Mo; the beloved son of Mo Ting and Tangning; a man with enough of a family fortune to rule a country – someone actually threw money in your face? Hahaha!”

“Stop laughing!” Mo Zichen said helplessly.

“You should have thrown a $1 million cheque back at her. What a joke! Our Young Master Mo may be lacking in many things, but money’s not one of them! That Family is clueless about your identity. If they knew, I bet they’d be shocked.”

“It’s fine,” Mo Zichen didn’t care at all.

“Don’t you want to know what the Qian Family does?”

“What else could it be? I didn’t realize it before, but when Qian Hui came looking for me, it quickly hit me. What’s the surname of the new man in office?” Mo Zichen replied. “But, even though I know, my approach is still the same. I’m not going to let anyone interfere with my private life.”

“What about your Mom?”

“My Mom is the only exception!” Mo Zichen replied.

Not only was Tangning Mo Ting’s most precious, she was also Mo Zichen’s.

“To be honest, I don’t think you and Qian Lan make a good match…You should just forget about it.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Get to work!” Mo Zichen did not express too much of how he felt about Qian Lan, so no one knew what he truly thought.

That day, after class, Qian Lan sent Mo Zichen a message, but Mo Zichen did not respond.

Qian Lan returned home, but to her surprise, she was greeted with a family meeting.

“Qian Lan, come here,” Mother Qian ordered.

“Mom…what’s going on?”

“I asked your sister to speak to someone today. But she returned in disappointment,” Mother Qian said.

“Who’s this someone?”

“Don’t act dumb, how could the daughter of the mayor be interested in that poor man?” Qian Hui turned and said to her sister. “Qian Lan, do you want the entire family to be turned into a joke because of you? Will that make you happy?”

After hearing Qian Hui’s response, Qian Lan had a bad feeling.

No wonder Mo Zichen never replied to her message that day. It turned out, her family had spoken to him.

With this thought, Qian Lan was furious, “There’s nothing going on between us, why would you go looking for him?”

“I obviously went there to show him where we stand. The Qian Family will never accept a poor man as their son-in-law,” Qian Hui yelled. “You need to understand that you are a part of the Qian Family, so it is your responsibility to protect the family’s reputation.”

“Mom, is that what you think too? Do you think that what Qian Hui did was right?”

“Don’t blame your sister. I was the one that told her to do this,” Mother Qian humphed. “Qian Lan, I’ve introduced so many eligible young men to you. You should, at least, choose one of them instead of choosing a mere physics teacher…”

“I’m honestly disappointed in you.”

“I’m disappointed in you too,” Qian Lan said as she threw open the doors to the house and stormed out.

She never expected that her family would interfere with her private matters like this, nor did she expect them to be so disrespectful to her life choices. Moreover, they even insulted Mo Zichen because of her!

With this thought, Qian Lan began to cry as she left. However, she didn’t know where to go. Perhaps, it was a good choice for her to go apologize to Mo Zichen. But, after what her family did, how was she to initiate a meeting with him?

In the end, Qian Lan pulled out her phone and gave her friend a call. This was the friend that had originally introduced her to Mo Zichen.

From her friend, she managed to get Mo Zichen’s address.

Although she knew it wasn’t convenient for her to suddenly show up at his place, she knew it would torment her if she didn’t explain herself to him.

So, she went to Mo Zichen’s home. However, she rang the doorbell many times, yet there was no response. Was he not at home?

But, where could he be so late at night?

By the time that Mo Zichen completed his mission, it was already 1am. But, when he returned to his home, he spotted a person sitting on the stairs outside his apartment.

Mo Zichen had a proper look and realized it was Qian Lan.

“Why are you sitting here?” Mo Zichen immediately walked over and covered her with his jacket.

Qian Lan stood up and looked at Mo Zichen apologetically​, “I’m here to apologize on behalf of my family…”

“You didn’t need to do that. It’s already so late, it’s not safe for a woman to be out here like this,” Mo Zichen replied with a calm voice.

But, his indifferent attitude was what made Qian Lan hurt even more, “Didn’t you feel insulted at all?”

“Your family was only doing it for your own good. If we look at the situation from their point of view, they didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Then, what about from your point of view?” Qian Lan asked.

“Don’t do this ever again. There are so many stories about women being attacked late at night. You shouldn’t be wandering around on your own like this,” Mo Zichen’s voice became more serious.

“You don’t care, do you?”

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