Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1193 - I Know What To Do

Chapter 1193: I Know What To Do

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Because she had someone to go out on dates with, Qian Lan began to spend a bit more time on her appearance. This small change was quickly picked up by her family members.

In the end, Mother Qian curiously asked her older daughter, “Is Qian Lan seeing someone? She’s been putting on a bit more makeup lately.”

“I’m not sure,” Qian Lan’s older sister shook her head.

“You need to show more love and concern for your younger sister. Think about our status, what will we do if she ends up marrying a poor fellow?” Mother Qian said to her older daughter.

“Don’t worry Mom, I’ll keep an eye on Qian Lan.”

“Qian Hui, I’m not asking for much, I just want Qian Lan to find a good man. That way, even if your father and I were to leave this world straight away, we’d be able to rest in peace.”

Qian Hui smiled and comforted her mother, “Mom, don’t worry, Qian Lan will definitely find her happiness.”

“Secretly follow her a few times. If the man is of a low standard, immediately stop them before their feelings develop any further.”

Qian Hui had no choice, she couldn’t retaliate against her mother’s nagging, so she replied, “Mom…I know what to do.”

Back when Qian Lan first chose to teach at school instead of working for her family business, her parents were already against it. But, that was just a career decision, so it didn’t matter too much whether she listened to them or not. However, this time, it involved a big part of her life, so it wasn’t up to her to decide.

Qian Lan had no idea that her family was monitoring her every move. All she knew was, Mo Zichen was definitely the type of person that she liked.

Although Qian Lan grew up with helpers around the house, she was a mature and independent person with her own ideals. So, she knew exactly what she wanted and what she didn’t want.

Therefore, Mo Zichen wasn’t someone that she wanted to miss out on. Whether it was her life or her partner, as long as she came across something that she liked, she would do whatever she could to give it a try. But, of course, if Mo Zichen didn’t like her, then that was a different story.

As they were both teachers, their free time was limited. But, there was a theater near the school, so it turned into an excuse for Qian Lan to meet with Mo Zichen again.

Although Mo Zichen found the theater quite lame, he was not annoyed by Qian Lan’s invite, so he agreed to meet with her.

The two agreed to meet after class to watch the second screening for the day. However, Qian Lan had no idea that her family had arranged for someone to follow her.

But, of course, Mo Zichen noticed it straight away. They’re stalking methods were so outdated that they couldn’t even compare to the paparazzi that followed the Mo Family. It was obvious that they were amateurs.

But, Mo Zichen pretended that he didn’t know a thing.

“There haven’t been many good films lately, but this one has been trending, so I decided to buy a ticket for it,” Qian Lan said as she handed Mo Zichen a ticket.

As soon as Mo Zichen looked at the film title, he couldn’t help but laugh inside: it was a film produced by Hai Rui.

“Last time, I noticed you weren’t really into the detective film, so I chose a sci-fi this time.”

“OK,” Mo Zichen remained calm and collected the entire time. To be exact, this was a part of his professionalism as an intelligence officer.

“Do you usually have any hobbies outside of class? For example, do you exercise or read any books?”

“I like sleeping,” Mo Zichen replied honestly. He taught during the day and completed missions at night; this was very tiring. So, whenever he had spare time, he chose to catch up on sleep.

“It’s fine, I’m quite a boring person too,” Qian Lan laughed.

From a bystanders point of view, sparks didn’t seem possible between the two, but for some reason, Qian Lan wanted to give Mo Zichen a try.

“The film’s about to start, let’s go inside,” Mo Zichen suggested; he was getting a little annoyed by the person who was sneaking photos of them.

Qian Lan nodded her head. As she held onto a bucket of popcorn, she headed into the theater with Mo Zichen and sat down.

By this time, the person following them, had already sent their photos to Qian Hui.

As soon as Qian Hui saw Mo Zichen, she furrowed her brows, “This punk looks handsome, but I’m sure he doesn’t come from a strong background. He’s obviously just a toyboy!”

Because of her first impression, Qian Hui immediately instructed someone to check Mo Zichen’s background. But, not only was he a normal teacher, his parents sounded like very unfortunate people.

In other words, he was a nobody with no parents and possibly nothing worthy of mentioning.

How could someone with that background be worthy of Qian Lan?

As a result, Qian Hui obtained Mo Zichen’s contact details from the school. Her mother was right, she needed to end things between Qian Lan and Mo Zichen before things developed any further.

Mo Zichen didn’t expect that the Qian Family would come looking for him the next day. He simply noticed that, by the time he and Qian Lan finished their film, the person that was following them had disappeared.

“Mr. Mo…”

“You can call me Zichen,” Mo Zichen replied.

“I want to ask you…what are your thoughts regarding love?” Qian Lan’s hint was obvious, but Mo Zichen did not reply straight away, so Qian Lan smiled awkwardly and added, “I’m sorry, I was being too impatient.”

“No, you’re quite cute like that,” Mo Zichen smiled. “I don’t have any thoughts regarding love. It all depends on fate.”

“Hai Rui’s film was really good, thank you for today. Let’s meet again.”

Mo Zichen did not show any obvious interest, nor did he reject her either.

But, this made Qian Lan wonder if she had been too direct.

“Let me take you home.”

“It’s fine, I live nearby,” Qian Lan rejected Mo Zichen’s offer. “You must be tired from a full day of work. Go home and get some rest.”

“OK, send me a message when you get home,” Mo Zichen said without persisting.

Mo Zichen seemed to be polite like a gentleman around everyone. It was as though he was trying to keep his distance. Because of this, Qian Lan was a little depressed. But, she did not show it on her face in case her family were to find out and object against them.

Afterwards, the two headed their separate ways​.

However, after changing his clothes, Mo Zichen once again disappeared into the night. It couldn’t be helped; this was his job.

Because of this, his colleague laughed at him, “Because of this crazy organization, you can’t even speak the truth when you’re flirting with a chick. You’ve certainly had it tough. If you don’t like her, I suggest you swiftly reject her. What’s the point of not showing any emotions.”

“If this was someone else, they would have already run away in fear. But, the situation is different this time,” Mo Zichen shrugged.

“F*ck, so there’s actually someone in this world that likes your boring demeanour!”

“Don’t say that. I actually have a lot of personality,” Mo Zichen said as he put on a pair of black gloves.

Qian Lan had a slight feeling that Mo Zichen didn’t like her, but then, he never expressed it clearly, so she was quite bothered by it…

By the time she arrived home, her family members were already asleep, so Qian Lan was saved from having to explain where she went. But, she had no idea that her family already knew about her dates with a poor young man.

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