Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1192 - Double Identity!

Chapter 1192: Double Identity!



Mo Zichen did not say too much, he simply hugged Tangning and said, "Mom, I've missed you."

"If you've missed me, then you should come home and visit more often," Tangning instructed. "I barely see you throughout the year, how am I supposed to not worry about you?"

"From now on, you should report to your mother once a month," Mo Ting ordered after hearing that his wife was worried.

"Yes, Dad."

"Brother Two, you're so uninspiring, why are you so obsessed with being a physics teacher?" Mo Ziyan inherited her parents' quality genes, so not only was she beautiful, she also had a long pair of legs.

"I think a simple life like this is quite good," Mo Zichen replied. "I'm even considering the possibility of a girlfriend. When the time's right, I'll bring her back to meet you all."

"Brother Two, let me warn you, there aren't many families in Beijing that can match up to us," Mo Ziyan humphed. "If she wants to be my sister-in-law, she will need the approval of our ENTIRE family."

"Cheeky brat," Mo Zichen laughed as he patted his younger sister on the head.

"Brother Two, you're the smartest person I know. Look at how I always approach you when I have troubles instead of Big Brother who only knows how to resort to violence. You need to continue protecting me," Mo Ziyan placed her head on Mo Zichen's shoulder.

"Yes, I will."

"By the way, don't you want Cai Jiejie anymore? Cai Jiejie likes you the most."

The Cai Jiejie that Mo Ziyan spoke of, was none other than Nangong Cai - a.k.a Little Eggshell.

Even after all these years, she still liked the two brothers, but Mo Zichen always avoided her. Firstly, he didn't like her, and secondly, he knew that Mo Zixi, his older brother, was in love with her.

He didn't want to fight with his brother over a woman.

"If I get the chance, I'll bring my girlfriend home to meet you."

"What do you mean, 'if you get the chance'? You MUST bring her to meet me!"

Mo Zichen sat through the dinner with a complex mix of emotions, but a phone call soon arrived to break his thoughts.

As soon as Mo Ziyan watched her brother pull out his phone, she snorted, "Why are teachers so busy these days?"

"Mom, Dad..."

"That's fine. You guys continue eating, I'll see him out," Tangning said as she stood up and led Mo Zichen to the front door.

Seeing her little boy had now turned into a grown man, Tangning felt a little emotional.

"Zichen, others may be oblivious, but you can't lie to your mother. I won't question your true identity, but you need to promise me that you'll stay safe at all times. I can't lose my son for no reason."

Mo Zichen did not explain anything. He simply stretched out his arms and hugged his mother, "I understand, Mom."

"Go ahead."

Men were born to be ambitious.

Tangning had said before that she didn't care what professions her sons were in and what partners they chose. As long as they were comfortable with their decisions, that's all that mattered to her.

But, Mo Zichen...

Tangning sighed at the thought of her son. This young man had been smart from a young age and was always switched on, so her instincts told her that he hadn't settled as a mere physics teacher.

And, she was right!

As soon as Mo Zichen left Hyatt Regency, he removed his glasses, hopped on the motorbike in his apartment garage and rode straight over to an agreed meeting location.

Being a physics teacher was all a lie... His true identity - was a spy for the Ministry of State Security!

Due to his high IQ, the Ministry of State Security had scouted him back when he was still in university. At first, he simply did some back end work, but later, he was promoted to the role of an intelligence officer.

Being a physics teacher was just a cover for his true identity.

It made it convenient for him to be sent on missions at any time...

His mission this time, was to confirm whether the professor of a particular university was involved with some sensitive work that may affect national security.

No one in his family knew that he worked for the Ministry of State Security because he had signed a confidentiality agreement.

But, how could the highly observant Tangning not figure out the clues?

When carrying out his mission, Mo Zichen transformed into a completely different person. He wore a leather jacket, rode a motorcycle and was brimming with manliness. And, when it came to fighting, probably even someone trained in the military, like Mo Zixi, couldn't compete against him because he was much too smart.

After completing his mission, he returned to his apartment and changed back to his usual look. He handled it perfectly.

That was when he finally noticed the message from Qian Lan.

As an intelligence officer, Mo Zichen had many identities and skills. He could even investigate Qian Lan's entire background and trace her family tree if he wanted to, but he did not do that. Perhaps, it was because there was something mysterious about her that he couldn't understand.

So, he simply replied, "Yes, I'm asleep..."

But, how could a sleeping person reply to a message?

Qian Lan couldn't help but laugh at his response.

"There's a film I want to watch tomorrow night, are you free? I looked at your class schedule and it appears as though you have nothing on."

"Yes, you're right, I have no classes tomorrow, so you can go ahead and make arrangements."

The two relatively uninteresting people, were actually interested in each other.

What an odd situation.

The next night, Mo Zichen did not dress in his usual black suit. This time, he turned up in a brown jacket. When Qian Lan saw him, she found him extremely mesmerizing.

"It's a shame that you're not a model."

With Mo Ting and Tangning's superior genes, Mo Zichen naturally inherited all their best features.

"But, for some reason, I feel like you look similar to a certain celebrity."

"Really?" Mo Zichen replied vaguely; he was certainly a professional at ending conversations.

But, Qian Lan didn't mind. She simply laughed and asked, "Do you like detective films?"

"They're not bad," Mo Zichen replied, "I've watched a few."

But, he actually thought they were nonsense.

"Great, I was worried that you wouldn't like them," Qian Lan was quite accommodating to Mo Zichen's feelings.

Mo Zichen smiled and shook his head. They then entered the theater together and sat down next to each other.

Every now and then, Qian Lan would turn her head to look at Mo Zichen. From the side, he looked even more handsome and charming than he did front on.

"You always seem so cold and indifferent, as though you're keeping your true feelings restrained."

"Perhaps it's because I'm not used to interacting with the opposite sex," Mo Zichen replied.

"Do you find me boring?"

"I'm a very boring person too," Mo Zichen replied. "My students like attending my class, but none of them are interested in what I say, they're just there to look at my face."

"That's because you're good looking." Qian Lan couldn't help but chuckle as she witnessed an adorable side to Mo Zichen. "Let's hang out more from now on. I quite like having a friend like you."

"It's rare for someone to like me."

Mo Zichen was telling the truth. Due to his confidential line of work, it was hard for him to get close to people. At the same time, it also made him cold and indifferent to everything, so he practically had no friends.

Was Qian Lan an exception?

For some reason, he didn't feel repulsed by her. It was a strange feeling.

A smart person's brain was useful, so their judgment was naturally good too! This was something that he never doubted about himself.

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