Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1190 - You Are My Queen!

Chapter 1190: You Are My Queen!



One year later, on the set of 'The Ant Queen 3', Mo Ting did indeed end up with the role of the dopey friend. However, this dopey character wasn't easy to play.

As for the smart friend, this role did not end up with Bei Chendong because he was about to become a father for the second time. So, the role ended up going to an actor scouted by Superstar Media instead; an actor that wasn't very famous but had spectacular acting skills. This actor's name was Li Shengyi.

Now that the kids were one year older, Tangning often visited the set. She felt that seeing Mo Ting act was a form of luxury. As a result, she practically became Mo Ting's assistant as she followed him around the set and took care of his every need.

To be honest, Lin Qian's tastes had gotten a lot better. The actor that she scouted was indeed impressive in many aspects.

So, it was truly a shame that he had been neglected by his previous agency.

It was hard to understand why, even though his skills were good and his looks were decent, this particular actor did not gain much fame. He had wasted over a decade of his youth in the entertainment industry and was even at the point where strands of white hair were beginning to show.

Now that Tangning watched him act alongside Mo Ting, she was both excited and thrilled.

Meanwhile, as the assistant director, Bai Junye was in charge of filming the supporting actors.

Unlike the scenes that involved highly experienced actors like Mo Ting, these scenes were a little less up to standard.

"Cut! Your expressions aren't right. Start again."

"Cry more painfully!"

"Relax a little more...Exaggerate your expression a bit."

During her spare time, Tangning watched Bai Junye direct and couldn't help but smile. She was right about this crazy guy. After changing from arthouse films, he seemed to have discovered his rightful path and became obsessed with sci-fi as well.

He had always been a person with brave ideas, so the scenes he filmed were a lot more dynamic and multi-faceted. On top of that, they were quite theatrical.

At this time, Qiao Man was also standing behind Tangning watching Bai Junye as he directed the film.

"What do you think?" Tangning asked.

"It has the artistic aspects that I like," Qiao Man replied.

"With the addition of Bai Junye, 'The Ant Queen 3' feels even closer to perfection," Tangning smiled in relief.

"I heard you guys never celebrate your wedding anniversary," Qiao Man suddenly changed the subject.

"How did you discover that?"

"If my guess is correct, I think President Mo is preparing a surprise for you," Qiao Man said with her arms crossed. "Sorry, I'm not good at keeping secrets."

Tangning giggled and raised an eyebrow.

For her, every day was an anniversary; there was no need to celebrate anything. After being married for so many years, the couple barely spent time apart. This was already the best gift. All she wanted was to spend the rest of her life with Mo Ting.

Even so, Tangning had to admit that she felt a little excited after hearing what Qiao Man said.

But, Mo Ting did not give away any clues.

Even when their anniversary arrived two days later, he was still consumed in filming. In fact, he seemed busier than before and barely had time to speak a word to his wife. It seemed, he had actually forgotten their anniversary. How could he have time to prepare a surprise?

With this thought, Tangning laughed at herself. How could she have actually taken Qiao Man's words seriously?

But, she had no idea that Mo Ting was working so tirelessly because he was trying to free up some time.

So, that night, while Tangning was asleep, he directly carried her straight onto a plane to France.

It wasn't until she woke up that she discovered she was already on a plane.

"What's happening? Where are we going?"

Mo Ting hugged her and said gently, "You've been my wife for so many years, but you've never had a proper holiday."

"But, you can't just take me away like this," Tangning said helplessly as she looked at her pajamas.

"I've prepared a fresh set of clothes for you. You can get changed when we land."

"Is this your supposed surprise?"


Seeing that Mo Ting didn't understand what she was talking about, Tangning shook her head and replied, "It's nothing. I'm going to go get changed."

"Go ahead."

Mo Ting did not say a word nor did he tell Tangning where they were going after they landed, she simply followed him in a clueless manner. After getting out of the plane and boarding a car, she didn't even know where the final destination was.

It was only when they arrived and she stood in front of a particular building that she finally understood where they were. This was where she walked her first runway as a model and the place that launched her career.

At that time, she was only in her early twenties.

"Why are we here?"

"To watch a show," Mo Ting replied before he held her hand and dragged her into the building. "I've booked the entire venue today and prepared an outfit for you. I want to see you walk on the runway again."

"But, I've already forgotten how to do it."

"This is an instinctive thing. You can't possibly forget it," Mo Ting said as he looked at her. He then led her to the backstage and handed her over to a fashion designer who was waiting for her.

"Mrs. Mo, I've been waiting a long time for you."

Tangning had no idea what Mo Ting had planned, but she instinctively allowed the fashion designer to take down her measurements.

Afterwards, the designer disappeared into the backstage, presumably to adjust the outfit she prepared. A few minutes later, she returned with an outfit on a rack. As soon as Tangning saw it, she was stunned.

This wasn't just a simple outfit, it was something she had worn in the past.

The silver mermaid dress was a dazzling reminder of the supermodel that once was.

"Let's put it on," the designer suggested. "I'm sure, even after all these years, this dress will still look beautiful on you!"

"Would you believe it if I told you that this is the exact same dress you once wore?"

Tangning was surprised by this.

"It took President Mo a long time to find it!"

It had already been over a decade; Tangning couldn't even remember the exact amount of years. But, she suddenly felt like she had returned to her youth and was looking at the woman that she once was.

"Are you ready? It's time to head on stage."

As Tangning put on the dress, the supermodel vibe once again returned to her body. She simply nodded her head like she did during her prime, when she had to prove herself to everyone below the stage with her walk. But, the difference this time was, the entire venue only had one member of the audience: Mo Ting.

Mo Ting looked at her from a distance and imagined that she was the young girl from the past who stepped onto the runway full of hope...

As the music started playing, Tangning walked down the runway with confidence, and when she reached the end, she struck a pose like she used to.

After she was done, Mo Ting walked onto the runway and wrapped her in his arms tightly, not leaving the tiniest gap between their bodies.

"Why did you organize this?"

"I wanted to see how you were before you met me!" Mo Ting said gently. "I wanted to see how beautiful you looked the first time you stepped onto the international runway..."

"That was nothing. It was only after I met you that I truly found myself!" Tangning pressed her lips against Mo Ting's and the couple entwined in a passionate kiss atop the stage. "I once dreamed of being worthy of you, so I tried really hard and worked tirelessly towards that goal. I even asked myself numerous times whether I was worthy yet."

After hearing this, Mo Ting assured her with a firm answer, "Of course you are, you are my Queen!"

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