Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1188 - He Began To Cry!

Chapter 1188: He Began To Cry!

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Elder Mo wasn’t happy with the outcome, but, the police arrived soon after.

Because of the information that Nangong Quan provided, the police were there to interrogate Elder Nangong. But, when they arrived, the old man immediately stretched out his hands and said, “I kidnapped them, so go ahead and take me.”

In reality, Elder Mo had already hidden his wound, so Elder Nangong could have easily brushed off the matter.

But, he did not leave himself a way out. Instead, he revealed everything in detail to the police, “Not only did I kidnap the Mo Twins, I was responsible for Qiu Jin’s death, I created the explosion at Hai Rui and I sent someone to poison my grandson.”


The police pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed the old man. At this time, Elder Nangong laughed, “As expected, something like this is more suited to me. To be honest, prison actually feels more like family.”

A moment later, Little Eggshell ran out with the two twins; all three kids were fine.

“Great-grandfather,” Mo Zixi cried as he pounced towards Elder Mo.

“You’re not hurt, are you?” Elder Mo asked.

Mo Zixi and Little Eggshell both shook their heads. Only Mo Zichen placed his gaze on Elder Nangong.


“I will come visit you,” Mo Zichen said as he watched Elder Nangong leave.

No one understood what he meant by these words, but this was indeed what he said. It seemed, something happened between Mo Zichen and Elder Nangong in private.

Soon, Mo Ting and the others received news that the kids had been found.

So, they quickly rushed over to Elder Nangong’s home. As soon as she saw her sons, Tangning stretched out her arms and hugged them, “Lucky you boys are fine. Lucky…”

“Mommy…” Mo Zixi complained, “You’re hugging too tightly.”

“Sorry, Mommy was too happy,” Tangning immediately let go. Afterwards, the Mo Couple each carried one child in their arms, while Little Eggshell ran into Nangong Quan’s embrace.

“What happened?” Mo Ting asked after seeing Elder Mo in Elder Nangong’s home with an injury on the back of his hand.

“Everything was just a grudge between the older generation. From now on, you won’t be threatened again,” Elder Mo said casually.

After speaking, the old man left with his injured hand.

Mo Ting and the others looked at each other, unsure of what had just happened between the two old men. Why did Elder Nangong suddenly let everyone go?

By this time, the media had the entire home surrounded. So, as soon as Mo Ting and the others stepped out, the media went into a frenzy. The kids had been found and they were safe.

The Mo Couple had spent an entire day and night in fear, so, as they faced the cameras, they did not say a word. They simply carried their kids out of the commotion.

Everyone was waiting for an explanation, but the Mo Couple decided to take the kids home first.

After returning to Hyatt Regency, Tangning first gave the kids a bath and checked that they had no injuries. From the looks of it, Elder Nangong really didn’t intend to hurt them. But, Tangning couldn’t understand why the old man suddenly gave up when he had been so adamant about getting revenge. In fact, he even admitted to all his wrongdoings​.

“Mommy, is the old bearded grandfather going to prison?” Mo Zichen suddenly asked while he was being dressed.

Tangning was a little taken aback by this straightforward question from the young kid.

But, she truly felt that Mo Zichen understood what prison was. So, she asked him back, “Do you want him to go to prison?”

Mo Zichen shook his head, “He never hurt me, so he doesn’t deserve to go to prison.”

“Son, can Mommy ask you why you’re showing mercy for someone that kidnapped you?” Tangning asked curiously.

“The strange old man said a lot of weird things to me and Zixi…”

“He probably thought we couldn’t understand. But, I understood…”

“He said that the reason he hated the actress from the past was because she indirectly caused the death of his wife. That’s what he said.” Mo Zichen’s explanation made Tangning a little shocked.

“Zichen, you don’t normally say so much to Mommy. Especially not in so much detail and clarity.”

“He also sat in his room all night, looking at a stack of photos…”

Needless to say, the photos must have been of his wife.

“I think he’s lonely and pitiful.”

After hearing this, Tangning stretched out her arms and hugged Mo Zichen. They had always said that Mo Zixi was a bright and cheerful kid. But, in reality, Mo Zixi’s emotions weren’t as mature as Mo Zichen’s. Not only was Mo Zichen good at expressing his feelings, he was also capable of putting himself into an adult’s shoes and viewing things from their perspective – even though he was so young. This was such a surprise.

“So, did you comfort him?”

“I told him that the woman in the photo was beautiful…” Mo Zichen explained, “…and he began to cry…”

Tangning actually understood how Elder Nangong felt. He was one step away from getting his revenge, but he suddenly felt empty inside. Especially when he looked at the three adorable kids and realized that one of them understood him.

On top of that, Little Eggshell was his great-granddaughter. So…he gradually lost his desire to seek revenge.

At that time, Elder Mo came to give an apology, so he finally felt a sense of release.

Elder Nangong’s actions proved one thing: in this world, there was no definite good and no definite evil.

After arriving at the police station, Elder Nangong refused all visits and turned down his right to hire a lawyer, because after spending so many years in prison, he realized he was more suited to prison life.

That night, the conversation between Tangning and Mo Zichen became a secret between the two of them.

But, Elder Nangong left behind quite a lot of problems. For example, there was still the matter with the Americans and the mess at Springfall.

Fortunately, he realized what was right and his hatred was dispelled in the end.

After Elder Mo discovered the truth, he became even more of a hermit than before. The grudge from 20 years ago was enough to make him realize many things and understand people that he didn’t before.

A few days later, Hai Rui revealed everything that Elder Nangong had done to the public. This included his cooperation with the Americans and their intention to slander Hai Rui for plagiarism.

Elder Nangong personally admitted to plotting this scheme, but the Americans still denied it.

Although he started everything, the progression of the matter was now beyond his control!

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