Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1187 - If You Want To Report Me, Then Go Ahead!

Chapter 1187: If You Want To Report Me, Then Go Ahead!

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Nangong Quan did not say a word. It seemed, he had the same thought too. In fact, he felt strongly about it.

After a short moment of silence, he finally said, “This time, I think he’d rather die than give your kids back to you.”

“I’ll definitely find them,” Mo Ting was confident like Tangning.

“Then, what are your thoughts?”

“I think we still need to investigate the school. The teacher in charge discovered the kids missing within 20 minutes, so how did the kidnapper manage to take the kids out of the school? He must have hid them somewhere,” Mo Ting explained.

“I’m thinking the same thing as you. Everyone was so focused on finding evidence and clues, as well as suspicious people outside of the school. What if the kids never left the school grounds?”

“What I’m afraid of is…”

They were worried that Elder Nangong drugged the kids.

“Let’s split up in a moment and search through any suspicious areas in the school. I have a feeling that my sons are definitely nearby.”

The strong blood bond between him and his kids made it impossible for Mo Ting to close his eyes for even a second. Simply thinking about the possibility of his kids meeting an unfortunate fate almost drove him crazy with stress. He had long forgotten everything that was happening at Hai Rui and the whole plagiarism incident.

He trusted that Fang Yu would handle it.

After hearing from Mo Ting, Nangong Quan patted him on the shoulder, “The old man’s intention is to see you stressed and in a panic. So, you need to remain composed.”

Mo Ting nodded his head even though he had an intense desire to kill.

Afterwards, the two fathers determined the most suspicious areas around the school and carefully searched through them.

Although the police had already done a search, the fathers believed they would be more thorough than them.

Room after room, floor after floor, including the bathrooms and the rubbish room, the two fathers did not let go of any possibility.

Finally, in one of the storage rooms on the top floor, they discovered Mo Zichen’s shoe.

“As expected, they were hidden here until they could be moved.”

It didn’t take long before the police arrived to sweep and search the storage room for more evidence. They also examined the shoe for fingerprints. Unfortunately, they only found traces of the two brothers’ fingerprints.

The kidnapper was obviously careful and had worn gloves.

As a result, they once again hit a dead end.

But, this shoe certainly made the fathers suffer.

The search continued. Even though the night was long, Tangning did not dare to rest because she couldn’t remain calm…

As he watched the young family getting torn apart, Elder Mo’s heart ached with self-blame.

It seemed, the grudge had to be broken by the ones that started it. So, Elder Mo decided, it was time for him to meet with Elder Nangong. Perhaps, this was the only way to put an end to the old man’s antics.

So, before the sun even came out, Elder Mo changed into a suit that he hadn’t worn for a long time and styled himself the way he did 20 years ago. Afterwards, he drove over to Elder Nangong’s home, rang the doorbell and waited for the old man to appear.

The meeting between the two enemies wasn’t as dramatic as expected. It seemed, Elder Nangong had predicted that Elder Mo would show up. So, he already had a seat prepared for him.

“If you had shown up earlier, things wouldn’t have gotten to this stage; the city wouldn’t be in a frenzy and your grandson and granddaughter-in-law wouldn’t be searching everywhere for their sons.”

“Brother Lin, it’s been so many years, but you haven’t changed one bit. You’re still as ruthless as you used to be,” Elder Mo laughed. “I insist that I did nothing wrong 20 years ago, so I’ve been able to live with a clear conscience. But, now that you’ve caused such a big drama, how do you plan to end things?”

“This was originally a grudge between our generation, why did you involve the youngsters?”

“Why didn’t you come out and say this earlier?” Elder Nangong laughed. “Why did you hide behind your grandson and not show yourself? If you had come out earlier, I wouldn’t have targeted the innocent.”

“It’s because I never thought you’d take things so serious,” Elder Mo laughed in self ridicule. “Since I’m here today, shouldn’t you show some mercy and let the kids live a peaceful life? They simply want to make a living in the entertainment industry. They aren’t as tough as you think. How painful would it be for them to lose their children?”

“If you want me to reveal where the kids are, I can do that for you. But, you may need to make a big sacrifice,” Elder Nangong said. “You need to think it over carefully.”

“We’re already at this age. What else do we have to worry about?” Elder Mo laughed. “Go ahead and tell me what you want.”

“Kneel down and apologize! Let’s end an underworld matter with underworld methods. From now on, I won’t cause you trouble again!”


Elder Nangong actually wanted Elder Mo to kneel! If he actually kneeled, then he would be admitting that he was wrong.


“I already warned you. Think it over carefully. Your great-grandchildren and your grandson are waiting for you to save them.”

Elder Mo did not say a word as he pulled out a knife from his pocket and stabbed himself in the back of the hand, “I won’t be able to kneel. But, I’m aware that the underworld also has this method of payback.”

“I’ll paralyze my right hand as payback for your 20 years of loneliness. But, don’t forget, even if I didn’t do anything, you still wouldn’t have avoided prison.”

Seeing this, Elder Nangong laughed, “If you had been this resolute from the start, then I wouldn’t have wasted so much energy.”

“I went to prison for 20 years. Now, your right hand is paralyzed. I guess, my anger has been neutralized, so this whole incident is over!”

“So, you’re letting go of the little ones?”

Elder Nangong pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and threw it at the old man, “Stop your bleeding.”

“Your two great-grandsons are at my place. Little Eggshell likes them, so I invited them over…I’m not compromising because of you, I’m doing this for my great-granddaughter. I honestly wanted to go down together, but the kids are still so young…”

“I must say that the two little rascals are quite lovable,” Elder Nangong said as he looked up.

“I know that Mo Ting won’t let me go for kidnapping his kids. But, paralyzing your hand has already made me feel like a winner!”

After 20 years of grudges, Elder Nangong got to see Mo Ting suffer and Elder Mo apologize, so he no longer persisted, even though he knew he wouldn’t be let off.

“If you want to report me, then go ahead!”

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