Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1185 - They Disappeared From School!

Chapter 1185: They Disappeared From School!

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Tangning’s message was clear. There was no need to plagiarize off the Americans because she believed that they were capable of producing something great themselves.

Fang Yu’s words represented Hai Rui, which meant, Hai Rui denied all claims of plagiarism and they had evidence to go with it.

Their aim was to tell everyone that ‘The Ant Queen 2’ completely belonged to them and had nothing to do with the disgusting foreigners.

Of course, Hai Rui’s firm approach helped everyone relax.

“I’m one of the people that have watched both films. If we analyze both films calmly, the ridiculous ‘wild dog’ film makes no sense at all!”

“Are the Americans trying to leech off our popularity as well?”

“I absolutely believe that ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was an original production. Why would they plagiarize a rubbish film? The Americans must be joking!”

“I insist on supporting Tangning and ‘The Ant Queen 2′. I hope Hai Rui will win the legal battle and shut the Americans up!”

“Even Hollywood is going downhill and slowly turning to the East. That’s why, I don’t think we should lose our confidence. Even if Hai Rui didn’t provide an explanation, I would have still supported Tangning. If I trust her, then I’ll trust her ’til the end.”

It didn’t take long before Hai Rui held a quick survey of Beijing’s film fans. The results showed that more people were willing to trust in their country’s productions than those that didn’t. Even when faced with Hollywood, they refused to admit defeat.

These statistics were very comforting for Tangning and Mo Ting.

But, the American lawyers still showed up as planned…

Mo Ting instructed Lu Che to seat the men inside one of their meeting rooms and told him to go home to pick up Tangning. He then called his legal team and asked Fang Yu to start off the meeting first. After all, not everyone got the chance to directly meet with Mo Ting.

Fang Yu felt the entire matter was quite a headache to deal with because he hated interacting with foreigners. Although, there were some foreigners that were very understanding, the team of men before him today were definitely nothing good.

“Regarding the plagiarism case, I hope to see your boss.”

“I am Hai Rui’s Vice President,” Fang Yu replied sternly.

The men shrugged and pulled out some documents, “American copyright laws are very strict, so I hope that before the truth is revealed, you will temporarily remove your film from all theaters. After everything’s been clarified, you can screen it again.”

“But, of course, that’s if you can prove that you didn’t plagiarize.”

“I’ve never witnessed such a fraud in my life,” Fang Yu laughed without accepting the documents from the men.

“If you’re found guilty of plagiarism in the US, not only will you have to remove your film from the cinemas, you will also pay a large fine.”

“Have you finished talking?” Fang Yu laughed. “Since you’re standing on our land, then you should follow our laws. We’ve also sent a team of lawyers to sue you. In fact, we have a team of 8 that are already on their way to your film agency in the US!”

“Moreover, we have initial drafts, briefs and documents as evidence as well as an expert analysis from a world-famous screenwriter. Let’s wait and​ see who plagiarized who…” Fang Yu said confidently.

“Since you have no shame, we don’t expect you to back down. But, we don’t care, we are walking an honest path. So, let’s all investigate the truth together.”

“But, I don’t think this is the first time your agency has done something like this. If my memory serves right, your agency got involved in a similar case 5 years ago and ended up compensating $US30 million.”

“Yet, you’re trying to repeat history?”

“Did you think we’re easy to pick on?”

The other party never expected Fang Yu to be so tough, nor did they expect him to investigate their background so clearly.

It seemed, intimidation wouldn’t work on Hai Rui. Didn’t the Asians always bow down with respect when speaking to Hollywood?

But, of course, this was their own overconfidence. It had nothing to do with anyone else.

Times had already changed. Did they still think they were so great?

“If you guys are planning to remain silent, then I’m sorry, I’m not going to stick around and waste my time. Hai Rui’s lawyers will speak to you soon.”

“As for all your talk about removing our film from the theaters and paying compensation…You must be dreaming!” After he was done talking, Fang Yu stood up and left the rest to the lawyers.

Did the foreigners think that Hai Rui was easy to pick on?

However, even though Hai Rui was confident that they’d be able to clear their name, the entire agency had to work really hard to achieve it.

Fang Yu was in charge of facing the public, Lu Che was in charge of compiling evidence and Mo Ting and Tangning spent their time finding ways to invite authoritative screenwriters, directors and authors to give an expert analysis on the matter.

So, Elder Nangong’s motive was achieved.

While he watched Hai Rui being spun like a top, he took the opportunity to announce the release of ‘Parasite’.

But, who would try to latch onto the hype at a time like this? Had his brain been caught between a door?

Didn’t he notice that he was taking advantage of others while they were at their weakest?

Of course he knew; this was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to tread on the Mo Family and Mo Ting!

The old man’s actions were extremely hateful. But, his final motive wasn’t just this.

To find experts to help with giving an analysis, Mo Ting and Tangning had to travel overseas to speak to them. It was during this time when they weren’t around, that the old man found an opportunity to kidnap the twins.

He had actually been in contact with the Mo Twins’ teacher and had been using all kinds of methods to bribe him. At first, he tried to tempt the teacher with money. But, when money didn’t work, he went ahead and blackmailed him with his family.

Everything led up to the current day; it was so he could give Mo Ting and Tangning a Christmas present.

As a result, that very afternoon, the Mo Twins suddenly went missing. Worst of all, no one knew how it happened.

Afterwards, the teacher pretended to be a victim by reporting the matter to the school and contacting Tangning…

At that time, the Mo Couple were at the airport. When Tangning heard that their children were missing, her expression turned complex.

“What’s wrong?”

“Our kids are missing…” Tangning replied. “Our kids disappeared from school.”

As soon as Mo Ting heard this, he immediately left the airport with Tangning and personally gave the school a phone call to see if maybe a family member had taken them or perhaps some other familiar person. But, the school simply answered that the kids disappeared into thin air after lunch and the surveillance cameras happened to be down, so nothing was captured…

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