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Chapter 67: The Bright Night Gala

Chapter 67: The Bright Night Gala

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The star-studded Bright Night Gala finally revealed itself to the public. Outside the venue lay a magnificently long red carpet and a signing wall.

The scene was surrounded by excited reporters and fans; they were either holding phones, cameras or LED signs. The signs had the names of their idols on it and they flashed like stars in a vast night sky.

In front of the signing wall, stood the smartly dressed event hosts, each holding a microphone, recording their opening speeches. It had been a long time since an event of this caliber had been hosted in Beijing and this event signified the start of a series of awards ceremonies.

8pm. Superstars started arriving one by one. Amongst the loud screams, Han Yufan held onto Mo Yurou's hand accompanied by Han Ruoxue as they walked down the red carpet. No matter if it was the 'American Blacklisted Han Ruoxue' or the 'Mo Yurou who had an affair with Han Yufan', Tianyi was a popular topic of discussion.

But, Tangning was missing!

The Tangning that was riding the popularity of the Oriental Trend.

The Tangning that had defeated Mo Yurou in an instant and made her have zero mentions.

The Tangning that was announced as ISN's first Asian spokesperson.

She did not attend!

The hosts were confused; they were sure Tangning's name was on the invite list.

"Walking up the red carpet right now, we have the CEO of Tianyi Entertainment, Han Yufan; the famed model, Mo Yurou and the extremely skillful Han Ruoxue."

"Please come on stage so we can give you a short interview," the hosts invited them onto the stage and immediately took the opportunity to ask them a sensitive question, "May we ask why Tangning...isn't here today?"

"Or have President Han and Tangning decided to arrive separately?"

Han Yufan furrowed his eyebrows, ready to respond, however, Han Ruoxue stepped in first and replied, "We notified Tangning, but maybe because of a lack of communication lately, she hasn't been able to tell you that she has decided not to appear at the Bright Night Gala. Tianyi also wishes, from now on, no matter her decision, she can notify us earlier."

After hearing Han Ruoxue's reply, the hosts could tell Tangning and Tianyi were at odds. Especially with the tone Han Ruoxue used when she spoke about Tangning not attending, she seemed to be accusing Tangning of being arrogant and selfish because of her popularity.

"I think Tangning might just be unwell, it's OK, we are looking forward to the next gathering!" One of the hosts tried his best to smooth out the situation.

But it was obvious to anyone with eyes what Tianyi's true motive was behind accusing Tangning. Judging by the previous incidents, if they were to choose someone to trust between Tianyi and Tangning, the two hosts would not hesitate to choose Tangning.

Han Yufan's betrayal, Mo Yurou's pressuring and Tianyi's multiple methods of suppression did not crush this woman. So, it wasn't easy for Tangning to stay strong and get to where she was today. Most impressive of all, she was extremely easy going and kept a low profile.

Gazing out at the crowd, signs with Tangning's name could be seen. Upon hearing Han Ruoxue's words, they were tempted to run up on stage and tear her mouth out.

They were sure they knew what type of person Tangning was...

The Tangning that had received so much suppression, yet assured them to wait for her patiently, had always been grateful for everything she had; there was no way she wouldn't attend the Bright Night Gala.

Tianyi is defaming Tangning; Han Ruoxue should die!

"You are lying...Tianyi is lying!" a fan who couldn't restrain himself screamed out. However, because the scene was so noisy, his voice was lost amongst the crowd.

"All I can say is, we can't do anything about her!" Han Ruoxue knew the host was trying to save the situation, but she insisted on causing trouble; defaming Tangning was her aim for coming to this event.

The hosts smiled awkwardly as they got ready to invite the trio to sign the wall, that moment, a Lincoln Limousine pulled up at the head of the red carpet. The person that got out of the car was the editor of TQ...Mr. Lin Weisen. Most importantly, he wasn't alone...

This was the first time he attended an event with someone!

Everyone watched as he walked around the front of the car to the other side and opened the door. Afterwards, he could be seen helping a woman out like a gentleman...

Onlookers looked carefully and noticed, the beautiful woman was...Tangning!

The Tangning that had supposedly said she wouldn't make an appearance, had a warm smile on her face as she hooked her arm on Lin Weisen's arm and walked down the red carpet. Tangning's fans immediately started cheering.

She had arrived...Tangning had arrived.

Hearing the cheers, Han Yufan subconsciously turned to see what all the commotion was about. When Tangning appeared in front of the trio, Han Ruoxue's face turned was not a good look.

Didn't they agree to watch over her? How come she was here?

Upon seeing Tangning, the two hosts lit up in excitement because this meant, Han Ruoxue's plan had gone down the drain.

They quickly invited Tangning and TQ's editor in front of the signing wall and stood her next to the trio.

"Tangning, you are so beautiful today..."

"Thank you," Tangning humbly clasped her hands together and bowed thankfully to the hosts and her fans. This action made everyone present like her even more.

"Just now we were questioning President Han. We were asking why you didn't attend such a big event with them. So it turns out you were with Mr. Lin...I was wondering how the Bright Night Gala could not include you."

"But, Tangning is attending as my accompanying guest, the organizer's never sent her an invite..." Lin Weisen said directly to the hosts.

These words couldn't come from Tangning, but it was OK to come from Lin Weisen because he was well known for being straightforward. As soon as he spoke, the hosts were stunned as they fought to give an explanation, "Mr. Lin, there must be a misunderstanding, Tangning is definitely on our invite list. The invite was sent to her agency..."

As soon as the word 'agency' left his mouth, the host realized where things must have gone wrong.

Tianyi Entertainment!

Tianyi Entertainment must have hidden her invite.

As an agency, how could they treat their artist so shamefully? Fans on the scene all glared at the trio...


To think, just a moment ago Han Ruoxue was trying to push the blame onto Tangning.

"Tangning is a model that I have high hopes for. Because of Tianyi's actions, I will now officially announce, I will use all my resources to pave a new path for Tangning. I could even open up a studio for her," Lin Weisen announced; his announcement was like a huge slap to Han Ruoxue's face.

Tangning simply smiled the entire time...

She wanted to know, with Han Yufan using Tianyi's name so many times, whether he was trying to ruin his own reputation.

Most importantly, the incident with the invitation allowed everyone to see Tianyi's true motive. It seemed since they couldn't keep Tangning, they were going to do all they could to defame her...

Unfortunately for them, not only did things not go to plan, everything ended up backfiring.

"Distinguished guests, please head in...not only is the atmosphere exceptionally lively tonight, we are also expecting a special guest."

The host couldn't allow the vibe to become stale even though they knew of Tianyi's wrongdoings. After all, in the end, they were guests that had officially been invited...

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