Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1183 - What Do You Have To Be Sorry About?

Chapter 1183: What Do You Have To Be Sorry About?

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“If you interfere again, I’m not going to acknowledge you as my grandson anymore!”

After giving his warning, Elder Nangong turned around and left Nangong Quan’s office. And, judging by his tone, it seemed he was being serious.

Nangong Quan did not attempt to explain anything because he knew that it would mean nothing.

Even Su Youran suspected her husband of leaking information to the Mo Family after she heard that ‘The Ant Queen 2’ had been suddenly released. But, Nangong Quan returned home with an exhausted expression and shook his head, “It would have been great if I had the courage to do that.”

“It really wasn’t you?”

Nangong Quan shook his head again, “I already said long ago that Grandfather wouldn’t be able to compete against Tangning and Mo Ting. He just didn’t believe me.”

“What did Grandfather say to you?”

“Grandfather thought the same way as you did: he thought I leaked information to the Mo Family.”

“Is Grandfather angry?” After saying this, Su Youran suddenly realized a huge issue, “Oh no, Little Eggshell’s playing at a classmate’s house after school today. I’m going to go straight there to pick her up.”

“That’s not necessary. It’s not easy for Little Eggshell to make a friend. Just let her go…” Nangong Quan said as he stretched out his hand to stop Su Youran.


In the end, reality proved that Su Youran’s instincts were right. Because, even as night hit, Little Eggshell had not returned home.

The couple sat in the living room with their arms crossed and waited. Finally, they gave the mother of the classmate a phone call. But, the response they got was, “I personally drove Little Eggshell to your front door. Didn’t she go inside?”

After hearing this, Nangong Quan jumped up in anger.

Little Eggshell was taken away, right on front of their home.

“Quan…what do we do now?”

Nangong Quan did not say a word as he pulled out his phone and called his grandfather. His voice was no longer calm as usual. In fact, it was slightly shaky, “Give Cai Er back to me…”

“To guarantee that you no longer get involved in my plan, Cai Er will stay with me for a while. After everything is over, I’ll naturally return her to you.”

“Are you a monster? You won’t even let go of your own great-granddaughter?” Nangong Quan asked furiously. “I already told you that the recent incident had nothing to do with me. Nothing!”

“Since you’re aware that Cai Er is my great-granddaughter, then you should know that I wouldn’t treat her badly. Let’s just leave it at that!”

After saying this, the old man hung up the phone.

“What did your grandfather say?” Su Youran asked. “How can we make him return Little Eggshell?”

“He said we have to wait for everything to be over first!” Nangong Quan said in a tired voice.

“I’m seriously wondering if he’s got something wrong with his brain!” Su Youran said furiously. She then said worriedly, “Little Eggshell is still so young. If she’s ​forced to live with such a monster, what are we going to do if she’s left with a trauma?”

“Plus, Little Eggshell has a slight cold. Can that monster actually take care of her?”

Seeing the anxious look on Su Youran’s face, Nangong Quan stretched out his arms and hugged her, “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…”

“What do you have to be sorry about it…?” Su Youran cried. “Others should be saying sorry to you. Why are you saying sorry?”

Without their daughter by their side that night, the couple were destined to have no sleep…

Their hearts hurt too much. In fact, while Nangong Quan was in the study room, Su Youran couldn’t help but give Tangning a phone call.

She was out of ideas. At home, she could be Nangong Quan’s gentle wife and Little Eggshell’s loving mother. But, when faced with scum like Elder Nangong, she was at her wits end…

“Ning Jie, please tell me, do you have any way of freeing the father and daughter from that monster?”

Tangning never expected that there was so much drama happening because of ‘The Ant Queen 2’. She especially didn’t expect that Elder Nangong would think that their film release was due to leaked information from Nangong Quan.

“If the old man continues to pressure us like this, I think…I think I might accidentally kill him one day!”

“Don’t say that. The only reason why Ting and I released our film in this way is because we personally saw Elder Nangong secretly looking at one of our actor’s scripts back when he was hiding amongst our staff. We didn’t want there to be any trouble.”

“Well, this time, I’m actually going to tell you his entire plan. Because, compared to that old bag of bones, I’d rather trust in the two of you. Please help me save Little Eggshell.”

After hearing this, Tangning felt a little upset.

“Youran, the biggest help I can give you, is to pretend that I never received this phone call. We won’t make any preparations because it may actually put Little Eggshell in danger.”

What else wouldn’t the old man do?


“We’re not going to run and hide. We are ready to play whatever game the old man wants to play. Your job is to not aggravate him any further.”

Did the two families have to reach this point?

What benefit did it have for Elder Nangong?

After hanging up on Su Youran, Tangning was quite upset. Luckily, she and Mo Ting were careful. Otherwise, they would have already fallen into one of the old man’s schemes.

However, Su Youran did not entirely explain what was happening in the US in detail. After all, she didn’t exactly know what the old man had planned. But, Hai Rui wasn’t afraid.

“I guess, we have to face this head on. Otherwise, the old man will blame the Nangong Couple and possibly vent his anger on a 5-6 year old.”

After Mo Ting heard this, he nodded his head, “Even without Su Youran’s notification, we would not have made a loss anyway.”

“That old man has already turned into a psycho.”

“I’m starting to hate that my Grandfather ratted him out back then…” Mo Ting suddenly said.

“Don’t say that. Grandfather would have never imagined that things would reach this stage. Let’s just wait and see what tricks Elder Nangong wants to play.”

Unfortunately, they had no idea that the old man’s tricks involved something that they wouldn’t be able to handle.

The old man was simply using Hai Rui as a distraction, while his true targets – were the twins!

After Mo Ting and Tangning were occupied elsewhere, he naturally had a way to capture the two kids…

So, even though there were a few changes in his plan, ‘The Wild Dog Crisis’ still went ahead and started screening. The method was adjusted a little, but the results were going to be the same.

Since he was planning to slander them, did it matter how dirty his tactics were?

He was going to claim that a member of staff from ‘The Ant Queen 2’ had come in contact with the script from the US and he wasn’t going to give Hai Rui the chance to defend themselves. After all, Hai Rui was big, but they still couldn’t compete with Hollywood.

The member of staff that the old man planned to use, was none other than the identity he had used to sneak onto the set of ‘The Ant Queen 2’: the explosives technician.

After all, the man had indeed worked in the US before Elder Nangong used his identity to join the set of ‘The Ant Queen 2’.

Although the police were still hunting him down, the man did actually exist at some point…But, the best thing for Elder Nangong was, using this identity would leave Hai Rui with no living witness.

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