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Chapter 1182 - Other People Have Dignity Too

Chapter 1182: Other People Have Dignity Too

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Elder Nangong’s assistant carefully placed the news in front of the old man.

“What’s this all about?” the old man asked after he read through the news.

“Hai Rui held an anniversary event for ‘The Ant Queen’ yesterday. They teamed up with theaters around the nation to hold a mysterious promotion and surprised everyone with the premier of ‘The Ant Queen 2’.”

“No one expected ‘The Ant Queen 2’ to be released in this way. Everyone felt that Hai Rui’s method was very interesting and successful. Apparently, the ticket sales for ‘The Ant Queen 2’ has already hit the billions.”

“I heard it’s such a big hit that tickets are hard to come by now!” the assistant said as he glanced awkwardly at the old man.

After hearing what his assistant said, the old man stood up and walked over to Nangong Quan’s office.

“Nangong Quan, you went back on your word!”

Nangong Quan was in the middle of talking to a few newcomers. Although he expected the old man to eventually come looking for him, he didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

“You guys can go out first…”

After the artisst left, only Nangong Quan and his grandfather remained in the office. The old man’s eyes burned with rage, ready to tear his grandson apart at any moment.

“If I was to tell you that I didn’t say a word to the Mo Family, you probably wouldn’t believe me, right?” Nangong Quan laughed. “But, Grandfather, that is the truth. I did not reveal anything to the Mo Family. Plus, I already told you ages ago that even if Mo Ting knew nothing, you would still be helpless around him.”

“Do you expect me to believe you?” Elder Nangong refused to believe that Mo Ting and Tangning were this cautious. Of course, he preferred to believe that Nangong Quan had revealed his plan and they were teaming up to screw him over.

“It’s up to you whether you believe me or not. But, if I had told Hai Rui about your plan, they wouldn’t have waited so long to take action.”

“Since you didn’t keep your promise, then don’t blame me for not sticking to our agreement. If something bad happens, you will just have to accept the consequences!”

After speaking, the old man stormed out of the office, leaving Nangong Quan with a helpless expression.

After all, he never expected that Mo Ting and Tangning would release ‘The Ant Queen 2’ without a word either. What could he do about it? Unfortunately, the old man refused to believe him…

But, this was how meticulous Tangning and Mo Ting was; how could anyone not admit defeat?

After leaving Nangong Quan’s office, the old man contacted the Americans over the phone. No matter what, the Americans had to release their film by the end of the month, otherwise, there would be nothing to distract the Mo Couple while he executed his Christmas scheme.

The couple were certainly sneaky!

He was shocked that his grandson had gone through such lengths to notify the Mo Couple about his plan. But, this was because he refused to believe that Mo Ting and Tangning were so smart on their own.

‘The Ant Queen 2’ was a huge hit in the theaters, but this wasn’t purely based on the event they held the previous night, but because fans had anticipated its release for a really long time. More importantly, Tangning delivered what she had promised because ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was of a high quality. In fact, now that they had changed their post production team, the visuals were actually more bold and unrestrained, making the film more exciting and thrilling.

Above all, the audience was ecstatic about the villain played by Mo Ting.

He had obviously never trained in martial arts, but his fight scenes with Senior Long were solid and very realistic.

The audience was thrilled by this.

So, ‘The Ant Queen 2’s’ ticket sales and reputation both soared.

After watching ‘The Ant Queen 2’, film fans were truly convinced by Tangning. No matter what she went through before she started filming, the final results were always so satisfying.

She was the one that gave the domestic sci-fi market quality and progress.

As a result, film fans truly respected her. They even labeled her as the National Mother of Sci-fi.

“‘The Ant Queen 2’ is even better than ‘The Ant Queen’. The plot feels more complete and satisfying and they’ve gotten a lot braver with the visuals.”

“I used to be embarrassed by our domestically produced films, but now, I finally feel like we have a quality production to be proud of.”

“I kept crying while I watched ‘The Ant Queen 2’. I’m not sure why, but it must be because the film was so great.”

In the end, the reviews were generally good. Of course, this was largely due to Hai Rui’s friendly approach to the public; it made them feel respected. They could also tell that Tangning truly wanted to create a good film for everyone to enjoy and had no ulterior motives​.

She was truly sincere!

On the other hand, Springfall had already completed their film a while ago, but still hadn’t released it yet.

As Hai Rui’s move was too sudden and unexpected, Elder Nangong was completely unprepared. Not only did he fail to forewarn the Americans, he knew that if he released ‘Parasite’ after ‘The Ant Queen 2’ now, he would be throwing it into the depths of the ocean. After all, with Hai Rui’s impressive performance, would people still care about him?

Previously, Nangong Quan had planned to release ‘Parasite’ before ‘The Ant Queen 2’ because he wanted to avoid being compared to it. By releasing it first, the audience wouldn’t be so critical towards it and they’d even feel like it was keeping them company while they waited for ‘The Ant Queen 2’.

But now…

With something so good available, why would anyone bother to watch ‘Parasite’?

Springfall’s​ staff started to experience disagreements as their dissatisfaction towards the old man reached its limit. At the same time, ‘Parasite’ was being delayed for an unknown amount of time. From the staff’s perspective, Elder Nangong was a jerk that simply wanted to get revenge and he didn’t care about the lives of others.

He was even ruthless enough to poison his own grandson. What wouldn’t he do to others?

A few higher-ups ended up handing in their resignations to Nangong Quan, one after another.

Nangong Quan had long predicted that this would happen, so he understandably let them all go after finalizing their remaining pay.

But, for Elder Nangong, this was another thing to be upset about, “The agency belongs to us and the money is in our hands. We can do whatever we want with it. When did these guys have the right to judge and comment on our decisions?”

“Other people have dignity too,” Nangong Quan replied.

“Plus, I’m sure you know why they’re leaving.”

“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t reveal my plan!”

“I already told you that I didn’t reveal anything. Believe it or not, this is the truth,” Nangong Quan began to raise his voice. “Grandfather, you need to remember that I’m the CEO here. If you still want to make a move on me, then go ahead. If you succeed again, then I’ll kneel down to you!”

“Stop saying such useless things. The plan with the Americans will go ahead as planned!”

“I’ve said it before, I won’t get involved with what’s happening in the US. Whether you go ahead with your plan or not, it has nothing to do with me,” Nangong Quan ended the conversation right there, “I really want to see how you plan on defeating the Mo Family.”

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