Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1179 - Can't Be Mentioned In The Same Breath

Chapter 1179: Can’t Be Mentioned In The Same Breath

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After hearing Tangning’s response, Mo Ting couldn’t help but pinch her nose, “You’re actually brave enough to consider that.”

“There’s nothing that I’m too scared to consider, especially when it’s something that I actually want you to do. Elder Nangong did indeed see a portion of the script and no one knows if he got any ideas from what he saw. Plus, didn’t Lu Che say that he’s been contacting an American film agency? This is the only way we can ensure the safety of our script.”

Previously, with ‘Stupid’, they had already experienced a leaked script once. At that time, they published a book and guaranteed the copyright. But, this time, the situation was different, so publishing a book wasn’t a feasible option.

“What do you think? Do you want to take this gamble with me?”

Mo Ting looked at Tangning with a smile. If this was in the past, a suggestion like this would never be approved by the board of directors.

But now, the shareholders’ tolerance towards Tangning had increased as they witnessed her abilities.

In fact, they probably doted on Tangning more than her husband did.

As long as Tangning made the suggestion, the higher-ups were willing to take it into serious consideration. Someone even once told Mo Ting not to be so strict on his wife.

“Since that’s what you want, then I’ll ask everyone back at the office to draft out a feasible plan. We need to guarantee that the marketing after the release will be effective.”

Tangning nodded her head with a huge smile on her face; she was pleased with President Mo’s trust..

The next day, Mo Ting announced Tangning’s suggestion at a board meeting. He explained that the script had been leaked, so to prevent Elder Nangong from playing any tricks, Tangning decided not to follow the conventional path.

Of course, this was a huge risk.

Even though everyone was confident with the quality of the film, releasing it without doing any marketing, was something that was unheard of (of course, b-grade movies weren’t included).

Since ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was an important project for Hai Rui, everyone felt a lot of pressure. But, Mo Ting asked Lu Che to show everyone some statistics, “According to statistics from the past two years, anything that Tangning has been involved in, has received top results. I’m not just talking about ‘The Ant Queen’. Even her first film, ‘Stupid’, still has a ridiculously high number of views online and is often a trending topic of discussion.”

“What do these statistics mean?”

“It means, everyone’s already labeled Tangning’s films as classics. In other words, everyone acknowledges the quality of her films. So, even when she doesn’t have anything new to screen, they still continue to rewatch her old productions.”

“So? This is a form of promotion in itself!”

“This is more effective than any marketing plan.”

“I’ve already decided that ‘The Ant Queen 2’ will be released on the same date that ‘The Ant Queen’ was originally released. Hai Rui will hold a special event to celebrate the anniversary of the first film and they will give everyone a gift by releasing ‘The Ant Queen 2’ at midnight the same night. That way, the two films will feel more connected and it will be marketed effectively.”

“What do you all think?”

When it came to films, the shareholders had no authority to speak like Tangning. Similarly, when it came to marketing and PR, they had no authority to speak like Mo Ting.

“Since President Mo’s already planned everything, let’s just go with it. If we want the film to be a big hit, it’s necessary to promote in a unique way. That’s the only way to survive in this industry,” a shareholder said as he raised his hand in agreement.

“We don’t have any objections either.”

The agency’s higher-ups also let out a sigh of relief, “I actually think this is quite interesting. This will reignite the hype for the first film while giving the audience a pleasant surprise and providing the internet with a story to discuss. Everyone’s a winner in this situation.”

“Since that’s the case, then let’s go with this decision. Let’s catch our competitors by surprise.”

Hai Rui’s people anticipated the outcome of this marketing method.

Without any prior marketing, ‘The Ant Queen 2’ became a tougher test on everyone’s abilities. If the quality was too bad, then there was no way it would be able to survive.

However, everyone had faith in Mo Ting because, as the decision-maker, he had never made a mistake in the past.

Meanwhile, Elder Nangong never imagined that Tangning and Mo Ting would do something so unconventional. In his mind, the couple seemed like they’d follow the typical path.

He kept a close eye on Hai Rui because he wanted the Americans to release their film just before Hai Rui, but not too early.

He wanted to feed off the hype of ‘The Ant Queen’, but he also wanted to sue ‘The Ant Queen 2’ for copyright.

So, he waited and waited for Mo Ting to announce an official release date.

But, his waiting was pointless, because Hai Rui had no intention of making an announcement.

“Are they really this patient?”

Why wouldn’t they be?

This was such an odd question.

‘The Ant Queen’ was originally released on December 16th, so ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was scheduled to be released on the 2nd year anniversary of the first film.

But, at this time, a small rumor started spreading through the industry. Han Yufan had apparently returned and was planning to rebuild Tianyi Entertainment.

If this matter didn’t have something to do with Tangning, no one would have taken notice of Han Yufan at all. But, either way, Tianyi was ancient history for Tangning; it was so long ago that she could barely remember much of it. After all, her identity and status was on a completely different level to Han Yufan now.

Hai Rui had the capability of destroying a small agency at any time, but Mo Ting did not think of Han Yufan as an enemy because of something that Tangning told him that night.

“President Mo, you shouldn’t let this concern you. Because, in my heart, Han Yufan can’t even be mentioned in the same breath as you.”

Mo Ting was pleased by these words.

Meanwhile, over at the Nangong Family Household, Nangong Quan was working on a new project after he left the hospital. Since he had promised to hand ‘Parasite’ over to Elder Nangong, he did not go back on his word. Instead, he placed his focus on something else so he could make up for everyone’s loss.

Of course, his relationship with Elder Nangong was now at a point of no return. After all, the old man had poisoned him. No matter how forgiving Nangong Quan was, this would forever leave a scar in his heart.

After his life and death situation this time, Nangong Quan became even more protective of his wife and daughter.

At least, around Elder Nangong, he no longer retreated blindly.

But, the fact that Su Youran and Nangong Quan knew the old man’s​ plans and couldn’t tell the Mo Couple, made them feel extremely guilty.

After all, the Mo Family had saved Nangong Quan’s​ life…

Plus, they often saw each other at activities and events. Yet, all they could do at times like that, was walk pass each other like strangers…

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