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Chapter 1178 - Are You That Confident?

Chapter 1178: Are You That Confident?

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On the day that ‘The Ant Queen 2’s’ filming finally wrapped up, not only did the cast and crew celebrate, there was also one man that was particularly happy – Elder Nangong.

For him, this meant he was one step closer to executing his plan.

But, originally, ‘Parasite’ should have already started screening by now if the old man didn’t keep delaying its release, so the marketing they did early on was completely put to waste. By delaying the film, Springfall did not grab onto the hype and other film agencies quickly grabbed onto the opportunity instead.

The popularity of ‘The Ant Queen’ brought the potential of sci-fi to everyone’s attention, and everyone wanted to grab a slice of this cake. As a result, sci-fi was expected to undergo a boom in the following 2-3 years.

The staff at Springfall were really unhappy with Elder Nangong. After all, they had put in so much effort to produce the film and even snatched Tangning’s​ post production team, but now, everything had gone to waste.

Every few days, the agency’s staff would gather to complain and vent.

During this time, Bai Junye heard the most complaints.

As the director of ‘Parasite’, he wasn’t as angry as some other people, but he definitely felt it was a shame that the film ended up this way. Whether it was production or post production, ‘Parasite’ had the most potential to go up against ‘The Ant Queen’, but Elder Nangong had now turned it into a tool for revenge.

Bai Junye went from being an arthouse director to a sci-fi director, hoping to someday hold his head high, but he still didn’t see any hope in sight.

Did he have to go back to his days of slitting his wrists to be finally set free?

Thinking about his past, Bai Junye realized how ridiculous he had been. For some reason, he now felt that it was more meaningful to continue living. At least, he had now paid off all his debts by agreeing to direct this film and he was officially debt-free.

So, he packed his things and went to look for a particular person…

Tangning was surprised when she saw Bai Junye return to her territory. Previously, she had tried so hard to hire him, but he refused to help. As a result, she ended up working with Qiao Man.

“What? Am I not welcome here?”

“I’m just a little surprised.” Tangning welcomed him, of course. “I thought you looked down on my team.”

“No one in Beijing would dare to look down on your team,” Bai Junye laughed. “I don’t need to be paid a lot. I just need enough to eat and stay warm and I’ll be satisfied.”

“If you’re not here for fame and fortune, then why are you here?” Tangning felt this guy was extremely strange.

But, to her surprise, Bai Junye shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Who knows? Perhaps it’s because your team feels warm and gives people a reason to continue living.”

Tangning didn’t understand how much Bai Junye needed the strength to continue living, but she still agreed to let him stay. She even arranged for him to assist Qiao Man.

Bai Junye did not put up a front just because he was a senior in the field, and Qiao Man did not dislike Bai Junye just because he came from the enemy camp.

There were no restrictions to art; Qiao Man understood this well.

Besides, she was well aware that Bai Junye was an extremely talented person!

After filming for ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was completed, post-production also commenced at a quick speed. As a team of non-specialist experts, the rascals in Starshine were obsessed with this new challenge, just as Tangning predicted. In fact, they were obsessed to an unimaginable level.

Soon, ‘The Ant Queen 2’ released its first trailer.

Without hesitation, Hai Rui directly contacted all the biggest theaters in the country and got them to screen their 30-second trailer.

Before film fans got to see ‘Parasite’, they were already treated to ‘The Ant Queen 2’s’ trailer.

This time, as the villain, Mo Ting revealed an extremely sinister image on screen, but it successfully stirred up a lot of emotions.

The giant ant in the film was already thrilling enough, but now, they also had Mo Ting’s powerful presence.

As a result, there were now three very interesting plot lines: Good vs Evil, Evil vs Monster, Monster vs Good. Combined together, this made an extremely compelling film. A simple 30-second trailer was enough to make film fans cheer and scream in excitement. Their hearts almost couldn’t take the anticipation.

Fans quickly gathered on Hai Rui’s social media account and started leaving comments, “I’m extremely excited for the film! The sequel looks better than the first film because the story looks so interesting!”

“I really like the way that Tangning’s team created ‘The Ant Queen’ saga. It doesn’t focus on love like other films. I hate it when I watch a thriller and there’s always a hero and a damsel in distress!”

“We really need to cheer for Tangning and President Mo! Especially President Mo; he’s handsome as hell! I can’t believe he’s the villain in this film. He’s so cool!”

In an instant, a sci-fi craze swept through Beijing.

A scene like this could only be created by the Mo Couple…

At this time, Superstar Media also delivered some good news. The old singer, Qin Xue, who Lin Qian personally discovered, was successfully relaunched on stage in Vienna after a huge battle with her old agency.

At the lowest point in her life, Qin Xue relied on scavenging to survive.

This was a huge story in the entertainment industry. An old woman, who had already experienced half a century, was successfully relaunched onto the music scene. On top of that, she got to return to her dream stage.

Everyone in the industry began to say that Lin Qian inherited Tangning’s abilities and that she could now support Superstar Media on her own.

Afterwards, many hopeful artists began to contact Lin Qian and her desk quickly piled up with portfolios. It seemed, Superstar Media had returned to how it used to be when Tangning was still around.

So, for Hai Rui’s annual celebration banquet, Tangning gave Mo Ting a suggestion, “I hope you can assign a few more professionals to work with Lin Qian. At least, give her less to worry about while she’s trying to scout for new talent.”

“Lin Qian’s already spoken to me. But, Hai Rui has no intention of getting involved with Superstar Media’s operations. Lin Qian has her own plans.”

“I never thought she’d be quicker than me,” Tangning laughed as she folded her kids’ clothes.

After hearing Tangning’s response, Mo Ting pulled her into his arms and sat her on his lap, “‘The Ant Queen 2’ will be released at the beginning of next year.”

“Why so soon?”

“Have you forgotten? The old man looked at our script. No matter what he has planned, I think it’s best for us to release our film as soon as possible.”

“Then, how about this? If we truly want to make the old man flustered, we should pick a date and release it without promoting the date.”

“Are you that confident?” Mo Ting asked as he hugged his wife. “I’m sure you know that a film could fail if it isn’t marketed properly.”

“I have faith in the film, I have faith in the audience and, most importantly, I have faith in the market. If it’s a bad film, then no amount of promoting will be able to save it. But, if it’s a good film, then word-of-mouth is already the best form of promotion.”

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