Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1177 - I Have Faith!

Chapter 1177: I Have Faith!

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“But Grandfather, even if you’ve setup a flawless trap and done all you can to ruin ‘The Ant Queen 2’, you will still lose in the end because they are both very talented people.”

“As long as you don’t expose this information, that’s all you need to do. Dear shareholders, just wait for the film to turn into a big hit!” Elder Nangong said arrogantly.

Not everyone was like Nangong Quan; they didn’t all rely on their true capabilities when aiming for success.

After all, shareholders simply wanted to see money!

As long as they received money in their accounts, not only could they keep a secret, they could even put on an act and play along if required.

“OK, now that we’ve addressed the first matter, let’s talk about the next thing. Grandfather, if you physically hurt another person, what should we do? Just because I didn’t call the police, it doesn’t mean I don’t have any evidence. If I tell the police to hold a detailed investigation, I’m sure you won’t be able to escape. If you hurt another person, I will personally send you to prison!” Nangong Quan warned.

“OK,” the old man nodded.

“Thirdly, if you don’t succeed this time, I want you to directly withdraw from Springfall. After all, there are so many people waiting to feed their families, no one wants to play your sick game!”

“I’m fine with that too.”

After coming to an agreement with the old man, Nangong Quan started to break out in a sweat. Seeing this, Su Youran immediately sensed something wasn’t right, so she quickly asked, “Do you want to return to the hospital now?”

“OK,” Nangong Quan nodded. Afterwards, he looked at Elder Nangong again and said, “Since we’ve come to an agreement, are you going to withdraw your men from the hospital?”

The old man shrugged. He naturally had no reason to disagree.

Elder Nangong never imagined that Nangong Quan would agree to his craziness and not interfere with him anymore.

From the looks of it, he still had a lot of faith in the Mo Family’s capabilities.

“Quan, are you really planning to keep this from the Mo Family? You’re not telling them about such a huge matter? They just…”

Nangong Quan held onto Su Youran’s hand, gesturing that she didn’t need to continue, “Both Tangning and Mo Ting are well experienced. In the past, when they had issues, they never received prior warning either. So, don’t worry, even if the old man does this and even if he chooses a crueler method, he will not be able to suppress Tangning and Mo Ting.”

“Do you have that much faith in them?”

“Yes,” Nangong Quan said firmly. “Just wait and see…”

“Even if I don’t give Grandfather this chance and even if I continue to argue with him, he will still go ahead with his plan. In fact, he may hurt even more people. So, rather than letting that happen, it’s better for me to let him do what he wants to do. I believe Mo Ting and Tangning will serve him his retribution!”

Although Su Youran felt a little guilty towards the Mo Couple, Nangong Quan was right.

No matter how people tried to get in his way, the stubborn old man was determined to use all his strength to hurt the Mo Family. So, instead of stopping him, it was better to lay their cards on the table and prevent him from playing other tricks.

Afterwards, Nangong Quan returned to the hospital to continue with his treatment. After all, the old man still needed to wait a few months. So, in the meantime, it made sense for Nangong Quan to recuperate and secretly investigate the killer that attacked him.

At the time of the incident, the man had indeed attacked Nangong Quan from behind. But, the reflection of the man appeared on his laptop screen. Although Nangong Quan couldn’t describe the man’s face, he knew he’d be able to point him out if he saw him again.

That night, when Little Eggshell finished school and saw that Nangong Quan was awake, she was overjoyed, “Daddy, you’re finally awake. I almost thought you didn’t want me anymore.”

“How could Daddy bear to abandon you and Mommy?” Nangong Quan stretched out his arms and hugged his wife and daughter. “For the two of you, I would come back to life even if I died.”

“Won’t you be a zombie then…?” Little Eggshell asked innocently.

Little Eggshell’s response made Su Youran laugh. After so many days of gloom, the rain had cleared and the sun was finally shining again…

As promised, Nangong Quan did not reveal Elder Nangong’s plans to Mo Ting. So, the old man now had a great opportunity to seek revenge. But, it was also an opportunity for him to realize that the Mo Family weren’t easy to deal with.

As long as the old man didn’t hurt another person!

Meanwhile, over at Hai Rui, Mo Ting had already asked Lu Che to check how Nangong Quan ended up dealing with things, but Lu Che returned with nothing, “Nangong Quan returned to his office on the day that he woke up and held a board meeting. But, the strange thing was, he didn’t do anything to Elder Nangong. Instead, he let him continue being the temporary CEO.”

“Nangong Quan already fell into his Grandfather’s trap once, so it’s natural to know that opposing him won’t lead to any good! Hence, it’s no surprise that he’s learnt to behave.”

“Yes, President,” Lu Che nodded in agreement.

“I never hoped for Nangong Quan to control his grandfather anyway. After all, a person with a bottom line can’t possibly win against a cruel and heartless person.”

“Then, following on…”

“Continue to keep an eye on the old man. If he doesn’t do anything big, then we will just ignore him,” Mo Ting instructed. Just as Tangning previously said, did they all have to stop living their lives because of the appearance of this one old man?

They would keep their eyes on him, but they were also going to let the jerk know that he wasn’t as important to Hai Rui as he thought he was.

Meanwhile, on the set of ‘The Ant Queen 2’, Mo Ting’s scenes were finally being filmed all at once. But, the closer they got towards the end of the film, the more tired he became because there were a lot of action scenes.

Just like Tangning, he had always done his own scenes because he wanted his character to be well developed. So, he never used a stunt double.

By this stage, no matter what tricks Elder Nangong had, it was impossible to slow down the progress of ‘The Ant Queen 2’. As Hai Rui’s main project for the following year, Mo Ting and Tangning both invested all their energy into this film.

Of course, Elder Nangong did not mention every single detail of his plan at the board meeting. For example, he never mentioned a single word about his intention to use the Mo Twins. After all, it wasn’t something that could be revealed in the open.

But, he was still planning to do it. Otherwise, what was the point of merely causing Hai Rui a loss? His biggest target were the twins.

The Mo Family had put him through so many years of despair in prison.

How could he settle on making them lose a bit of money? He was going to make them pay back everything they owed.

The twins were the Mo Family’s biggest hope. Only when he destroyed this hope, would he truly feel like he got revenge!

They couldn’t blame him for being ruthless. If he hadn’t held onto his hunger for revenge, he would not have survived the last 20 years in prison…

So, he was determined to make the Mo Family pay him back ten-fold!

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