Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1176 - You’re Certainly Cruel

Chapter 1176: You’re Certainly Cruel

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“I feel like I’ve been sleeping for a long time…” Nangong Quan said weakly.

“Did you know that you were asleep for 8 days? I almost thought that you were abandoning Little Eggshell and I…” Su Youran cried hysterically as she lay on Nangong Quan’s chest. “Do you know how hard it was for me to pull through these 8 days?!”

Nangong Quan had just woken up, so his mind was naturally still in a blur, but he could tell how scared and worried Su Youran had been during this time

“S-sorry for putting you through such a difficult experience.”

Tears clung to Su Youran’s face as she sat up and ran her hand across Nangong Quan’s cheek, “What would Little Eggshell and I do without you? Promise to never scare us like that again, OK?”

Nangong Quan wanted to stretch out his hand and wipe away the tears on Su Youran’s face, but he had no strength to move.

The couple ended up hugging each other until the doctor finally arrived and knocked on the door some time later.

“Mr. Nangong is finally awake.”

Su Youran stood up and wiped away her tears as she nodded her head, “Yes, doctor. Please check if there are any side effects.”

“Don’t worry, Dr. Lu’s surgery was performed perfectly. There will be no side effects,” the doctor replied. “By the way, I’ve already asked someone to check the surveillance cameras for you and we found a few suspicious individuals. From now on, you simply need to avoid them.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

“If you must thank someone, then thank President Mo,” the doctor said before he turned and left the room. He then closed the door tightly behind him. After he left, Su Youran once again lay on Nangong Quan’s chest.

“Do you still remember what happened before you fell unconscious?”

Nangong Quan thought for a second and shook his head, “I was struck from behind and didn’t see the attacker properly.”

“I’m sure you know who the culprit is. As soon as you fell into a coma, Grandfather immediately took control of Springfall. I even heard that he delayed the release of ‘Parasite’. But, that’s not the most important thing right now. The most important thing is for you to recuperate.”

“Do you know who saved you this time? It was the Mo Family!” Su Youran said as she held Nangong Quan’s hand. “The Mo Family were extremely concerned about you during this time. It was all thanks to their help that you were saved.”


“Quan…Tangning suggested that you put on an act and pretend that you are still in a coma to ensure your safety. What do you think?”

Nangong Quan thought for a second before he instructed, “Call my assistant over. I want to hold a board meeting…”

“But, if you do that, Grandfather will know that you’re awake…”

“Don’t be afraid. Just do as I say,” Nangong Quan ordered. If the old man could go to such extremes, who was to say what other evil plans he had hatching?

Su Youran placed a kiss on the back of Nangong Quan’s hand and nodded her head, “I understand. I’ll immediately make arrangements.”

Su Youran took this opportunity to notify Tangning and Mo Ting that Nangong Quan was awake. Not only did she want to thank them, she also wanted to make sure that their efforts didn’t go to waste. So, she was going to be forever grateful towards the couple for saving her husband’s life.

After Tangning heard that Nangong Quan was awake, she felt like a load had been lifted off her shoulders because they didn’t​ need to feel so guilty anymore.

But, the most​ important thing was, Elder Nangong’s plan did not succeed.

“Now that Nangong Quan’s awake, what do you think he’ll do?” Tangning asked her husband.

Mo Ting put down the documents in his hands and replied, “Nangong Quan won’t avoid the issue by pretending to remain in a coma. He has his own way of dealing with things. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Tangning nodded, “I simply hope that the old man won’t do something even more cruel to him.”

“He won’t because he’s not going to get the chance!”

Nangong Quan fell into his Grandfather’s trap once because he wasn’t cautious enough, but if he fell into it again, then he was truly stupid…

Nangong Quan was too meticulous to be that stupid.

Meanwhile, over at Springfall, Elder Nangong was invited to an urgent board meeting. As the Acting CEO, why was he notified so late?

Soon, the agency’s shareholders and higher-ups all gathered inside the meeting room. Elder Nangong stood at the doorway and stared at everyone curiously as they said to him, “Congratulations old man, your grandson’s finally awake.”

Elder Nangong’s expression changed as he watched Su Youran push Nangong Quan into the room, right in front of his eyes.


“When did you wake up?” Elder Nangong asked. “Why aren’t you resting in the hospital?”

“If I rest any longer, I’m afraid the agency won’t be mine anymore,” Nangong Quan laughed. “I called for this meeting because I wanted to ask everyone for their opinion regarding a certain matter. I think Grandfather should listen to what I have to say first.”

Elder Nangong sneered as he entered the room and sat down with everyone else.

“I’m sure everyone’s heard that I was attacked 8 days ago. It wasn’t easy for me to wake up again. You could say that my chances were slim.”

“Unfortunately, the police haven’t received any leads on who the culprit was and I’ve decided not to investigate any further.”

“I decided to call for this meeting today because there are a few things I would like to address. Firstly, I would like to ask my grandfather what his reason was, for delaying the release of ‘Parasite’? If you tell me the truth, I won’t interfere with the release date again. I’ll give you one chance.”

The old man lifted his head and looked at Nangong Quan. He had a deep look in his eyes as he tried to grasp what his grandson was thinking.

“Stop testing your limits. This film was the combined effort of everyone in the agency, we can’t possibly trust you unconditionally. You need to give us a convincing reason. As long as you give us an answer, I can promise you that this information won’t be leaked to the outside world and you can continue with your plan. I won’t interfere with it.”

“I can tell you about my plan, but every single person present here today will have to sign a confidentiality agreement,” Elder Nangong replied. “I can’t afford to take this gamble.”

Nangong Quan took a deep breath and nodded his head, “As you wish.”

Afterwards, a lawyer arrived with copies of a confidentiality agreement and asked everyone to sign it.

As soon as everyone finished signing their agreements, the old man finally revealed his plan.

He explained how he stole the plot from ‘The Ant Queen 2’ and gave it to the Americans. He then revealed that they were going to release their film before Hai Rui and that this was the reason why he insisted on releasing ‘Parasite’ at a later date. After all, if Tangning was dragged into a copyright scandal, who would benefit in the end?

Their sincere production would of course prevail!

After hearing his grandfather’s plan, Nangong Quan couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re certainly cruel.”

“You’re​ the one that said you wouldn’t​ interfere with my plan as long as I revealed it.”

“Yes, I personally promised you that and I don’t intend to go back on my word. Since you were cruel enough to drug your own grandson, what reason do I have to stop you from seeking revenge?”

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