Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1174 - Maintain Your Composure!

Chapter 1174: Maintain Your Composure!

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For some time after Nangong Quan’s incident, Elder Nangong surprisingly dropped off the radar. After gaining control of Springfall, he actually became…very humble.

But, no one dared to let down their guard, because no one knew if he was about to suddenly blow up and do something crazy!

Nangong Quan lay in hospital for almost an entire week. During this week, Su Youran broke down a countless number of times. In fact, there were times when she gave up hope.

The doctor said that the drug already attacked Nangong Quan’s brain, so his chances of waking up, were just as high as his chances of passing away.

Su Youran experienced numerous moments of surprise and disappointment that week, but she also experienced fear.

Every time Nangong Quan made the slightest move, she would immediately jump to attention. But, time and time again, she was dropped from the clouds back down to the bottom of the abyss.

At the beginning, Su Youran did indeed blame the Mo Family and feel hatred for Mo Ting and Tangning.

But, as time passed, she gradually calmed back down. Nangong Quan had never blamed the Mo Family, so what right did she have to do so?

In fact, her husband was extremely open-minded, so why couldn’t she be the same?

With this thought, she relaxed and let go of everything. At that moment, her biggest wish was for Nangong Quan to wake up.

Meanwhile, Little Eggshell visited her father at the hospital every single day. Whenever she saw her father lying motionless in bed, it made her very depressed.

“Mommy, is Little Eggshell going to lose Daddy?”

Everytime Su Youran heard questions like this from Little Eggshell, her heart ached like it was being pricked by needles. But, she held back her tears and answered, “No, Daddy will never leave us.”

“But, Daddy’s been asleep for so many days. Does he not want Cai Er anymore?”

“Eggshell’s so well-behaved, why would Daddy not want you? Trust Mommy, Daddy will definitely be fine!”

During this entire time, the most hateful thing was the fact that Elder Nangong hurt his own grandson so badly, but apart from the day of the accident, he was nowhere to be seen again. Not only did he not visit, he didn’t even call to check on Nangong Quan. Could a person’s heart really be so cruel?

At times, Su Youran really questioned humanity.

Meanwhile, Tangning had instructed Lu Che to secretly follow up on Nangong Quan’s condition. When she heard that Nangong Quan was still unconscious, she was also very disappointed.

But, apart from feeling sympathy, she also jumped into action by giving Tang Yichen a phone call and telling her about Nangong Quan’s situation.

“Which hospital is he at? How could they struggle with a lousy drug like that?” Tang Yichen was quite surprised.

“Do you mean that you’re​ confident you can make him recover?” Tangning felt hopeful.

“On my own, no, but with Lu Guangli, it’s a piece of cake. Of course, he could even do it on his own,” Tang Yichen replied. “Transfer him over to us. But, I must ask, why are you so concerned about your enemy?”

“Nangong Quan is innocent,” Tangning’s voice was a little sad, “He’s an honest person with an open mind and would make the perfect older brother figure.”

“OK, I’ll leave it to you guys to figure out how to transfer him to the military hospital.”

After her conversation with her sister, Tangning immediately shared her information with Mo Ting.

When he heard what Tang Yichen said, Mo Ting nodded his head, “If Elder Nangong really did this, then he would not want Nangong Quan to wake up. So, it may take some effort to transfer Nangong Quan out of his current hospital.”

“I’m aware of that,” Tangning stretched her arms out and hugged her husband. “I have never felt like I owed anyone anything, but this time, I feel like we owe Nangong Quan.”

Mo Ting placed his chin on Tangning’s head and agreed, “The Mo Family owes him…”

“We are one unit, so don’t count this as a separate incident. When the old man tried to seek revenge, did he exclude our children from his schemes?”

Originally, this was a thoughtful thing to say, but for some reason, when it came from Mo Ting’s mouth, it sounded so heart-wrenching.

“I never thought I’d make you feel so unsafe.”

“Don’t say that. No matter if we are facing the good or the bad, our hearts will always be together,” Tangning hugged her husband tightly. “Hurry and make arrangements. I’m sure Youran must be worried out of her mind.”

“You will need to notify Youran about this first…” Mo Ting reminded.

“Yes, I’ll give her a phone call after this. Don’t worry.”

The couple quickly went off to execute their own respective parts of the plan. This time, they were rescuing a person from the hospital. On the surface, Su Youran appeared like she was free, but in reality, no one knew how many spies Elder Nangong had planted around her.

So, Tangning carefully gave Su Youran a phone call. At first, Su Youran hesitated, but she eventually picked up.

“Youran, I have good news, but I need your cooperation. I’ve spoken to my sister about Nangong Quan’s condition and she is confident that she’ll be able to wake him up…”

“Really?” Su Youran suddenly felt hopeful.

“But, it will take a bit of effort to transfer Nangong Quan out of the hospital. You must not know that Elder Nangong has spies all over the hospital.”

“As long as he wakes up, I’m willing to do anything,” Su Youran cautiously lowered her voice, “Just tell me what I need to do.”

“Ting is currently making arrangements. We’re thinking that the best option is to bribe Nangong Quan’s doctor. We’re going to pretend that Nangong Quan needs urgent surgery and rush him into the emergency theater. While he’s in there, we’ll dress him up like another patient and transfer him over to the military hospital. After he’s been treated, we will bring him back.”

“If Nangong Quan successfully wakes up, you will need to tell him to put on a temporary act to ensure his safety. Understand?”

“I understand, I’ll do as you say,” Su Youran said quietly.

“Hold on for a little longer!”

Su Youran broke into tears of joy. It was lucky that she didn’t hang up on Tangning. Otherwise…

…she may have lost her chance to save her husband.

“Tangning, thank you. I’m truly grateful to both of you.”

“Try your best to maintain your composure.”

The two women did not chat for too long in case they were discovered by Elder Nangong’s spies.

Afterwards, Su Youran put on an act and returned to how she was before the phone call. But, deep down, she was screaming with joy; her husband finally had a chance to be saved.

If things continued the way they were, she would have started blaming God for being so unfair and mistreating the kind.

The next day, Su Youran received a message from Tangning: they were planning to take action that morning. There were a lot of operations scheduled for that time, so they were confident that even if they transferred a patient out, no one would be suspicious.

Su Youran simply had to help the doctor and play along with the act.

After breakfast, a nurse entered Nangong Quan’s room to do her daily checks. That was when she noticed some blood in his mouth. In response, she immediately called the doctor.

The doctor quickly rushed over and examined Nangong Quan. He then said to the nurse, “Prepare the emergency theater, I may need to perform urgent surgery on his brain!”

Su Youran burst into tears and followed Nangong Quan all the way until she was stopped at the doors of the emergency theater.

“Family members aren’t allowed in. Please wait here!”

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