Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1172 - Mommy, What’s Wrong?

Chapter 1172: Mommy, What’s Wrong?

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‘Parasite’ was progressing at a relatively stable rate and Springfall successfully launched their first round of promotions. But, the thing that film fans were most curious about, was the release date.

Nangong Quan did not take Elder Nangong’s advice. Instead, he decided to release the film as soon as it was ready.

But, the old man persistently stood in his way.

The two men had always disagreed with each other. Even during meetings, they often left on a sour note. So, not many people within the agency respected the old man. After all, they knew he had ulterior motives.

But, Elder Nangong insisted that if they waited a little bit, he would be able to defeat the enemy and make their film a hit. What was wrong with that? The business world had always been a place of suspicion and deception where the winner took all. Who cared about righteousness?

Up until that point, the two men were simply in the disagreement phase. However, the thing that made Elder Nangong come to a decision, was when ‘Parasite’ held an investor’s meeting and he wasn’t invited! He was completely excluded.

After Elder Nangong found out about this, he completely lost his mind.

He realized that he and Nangong Quan were beyond negotiation!

It was impossible to come to an agreement with him!

So, to prevent Nangong Quan from officially announcing the release date, he had no choice but to take action on his own grandson.

As he was previously involved with the underworld, it wasn’t hard for him to contact people from that side of the tracks.

He successfully found some help and decided to poison Nangong Quan. The dirty tricks he learned from his days within the underworld were about to be used on his own grandson.

Nangong Quan had always been wary of his grandfather, but, when a person truly wanted to be evil, it was impossible to completely guard against them!

“Let’s strike tomorrow. I’ll help you to get into Nangong Quan’s office before he does and arrange for you to escape through the emergency exit,” Elder Nangong said to the assassin that was helping him.

“Are you sure? Do you really want to do this to your own grandson?”

“I’m simply putting him to sleep for a little while…After everything’s passed, he’ll naturally wake back up and be fine,” the old man said as he took a puff of his cigarette.

“But, this anaesthetic also has the risk of death!”

“Don’t worry too much. If I tell you to take action, then you simply need to do as you’re told,” Elder Nangong was certain.

“Then, I’ll really do it.” This man was a trained killer and, at his age, was well experienced, so he knew how to strike with speed and accuracy.

As long as he was given enough cover, even taking a life was child’s play.

Elder Nangong’s plan was to inject Nangong Quan with an anaesthetic that would put him into a coma. This drug was not sold on the legal market; it was something that had to be bought through special channels.

That night, Nangong Quan did as he usually did. After coaxing Little Eggshell to sleep, he returned to his bedroom and affectionately hugged his wife to bed. Then, the next morning, he arrived in his office to sign some papers as usual, but, to his surprise, a shadow pounced on him from behind and stuck a syringe straight into his neck before he could even give a reaction. Within minutes, he lost all consciousness.

The killer had already been waiting a good few hours for this chance…

How could he give him a chance to make a sound?

After lying unconscious for quite some time, Nangong Quan was finally discovered by his assistant and immediately sent to the hospital.

After a thorough examination, the doctor’s confirmed that he had been poisoned, but they couldn’t identify the drug. Moreover, the drug had already traveled to his brain and he needed some time to recover.

A detailed diagnosis would not be available until the doctor’s ran further tests.

In a panic, the assistant immediately called Su Youran. When Su Youran heard what happened, her mind went blank as she quickly rushed to the hospital.

Not long after, the media somehow heard of the news and assumed that Nangong Quan was seriously ill and had fallen into a coma.

But, Elder Nangong and Su Youran both knew what the truth was.

As she paced back and forth outside the emergency room, Su Youran was both anxious and angry. She couldn’t believe that, in this day and age, there was still someone who would use such despicable methods. Worst of all, this person was her husband’s grandfather.

She had never been involved with the underworld, so she didn’t know that it was such a dirty place. However, she knew one thing for sure – this incident definitely had something to do with Elder Nangong.

At this time, Elder Nangong arrived at the hospital with a few higher-ups from the agency.

Su Youran’s eyes turned red as she glared at Elder Nangong angrily, “Was this your intention, Grandfather?”

“Youran, what happened to Quan Er? What did the doctors say?”

“You sure know how to put on an act,” Su Youran humphed. “Shouldn’t I be asking you what happened to Quan?”

“Youran, I’m Nangong Quan’s grandfather. Are you suspecting me of plotting against my own grandson?”

“Am I wrong?”

“Of course,” Elder Nangong denied, “I only have this one grandson.”

Su Youran gave a cold laugh and did not say another word. After quite some time in silence, she finally said to the old man, “If getting revenge is the only way to make you stop and give everyone some peace, then go ahead and seek your revenge. Go look for the Mo Family.”

“I don’t know what you want, but no matter what it is and what Quan has prevented you from doing, I’ll agree to all of it!”

“Madam!” Nangong Quan’s assistant cut in. However, Su Youran brushed him aside, “If we don’t let Grandfather achieve his motive, he will simply hurt another person. That person might be you, or it might be me!”

After hearing this, the assistant obediently shut his mouth.

“Grandfather, please let us go. We don’t want revenge and we don’t want to get involved in your mess. If you want something, then just take it!”

The public was told that Nangong Quan was seriously ill, but they all knew what the truth was.

Afterwards, Elder Nangong successfully took over the role of Acting CEO after Su Youran agreed to give him whatever he wanted. He was the biggest shareholder anyway, so it was only right for him to take control while Nangong Quan was unwell.

But, that afternoon, when Little Eggshell finished school, she did not see her father like she had hoped. Instead, she was taken directly to the hospital.

“Mommy, what’s wrong with Daddy? Does he have the flu?”

Su Youran had remained strong up until that point. But, when she heard Little Eggshell’s question, she could no longer hold back her tears anymore as she pulled Little Eggshell into her arms and began to cry.

“Mommy…Mommy, what’s wrong?”

“If only I was more alert. If only I was more careful. If only…”

“Mommy, what is it?”

Little Eggshell was frightened and worried because Su Youran did not explain anything; she simply cried.

Finally, Su Youran stopped crying and remembered she was with Little Eggshell. So, she wiped away her tears and said to Little Eggshell, “Daddy’s sick and hasn’t woken up yet. So, Little Eggshell will have to behave until he wakes up, OK?”

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