Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1170 - Break Ties

Chapter 1170: Break Ties

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To prepare for the worst, the two Mo brothers finally changed schools.

But, even when the kids left the school, none of their classmates knew who their parents were.

The two kids ended up transferring to a rich prestigious school near Hyatt Regency. In schools like this, the teachers didn’t care who their students’ parents were. Any kid that was sent there, was automatically given the best education and treatment.

On his first few days at the new school, Mo Zixi was relatively depressed. But, after he got used to the new environment, he returned to his usual cute and cheerful self.

After all, no one at the school cared about the scar on Mo Zichen’s face and no one tried to cause trouble; the kids were all very polite and well-behaved. This made Mo Zixi realize the benefits of a rich prestigious school. At least, he could get along with his classmates more comfortably.

Of course, their departure from their previous school made Little Eggshell quite upset. As soon as she found out, she jumped into Su Youran’s arms and burst into tears.


Su Youran, bent down and hugged Little Eggshell as she comforted, “Don’t be sad, Little Eggshell, you will make a lot of new friends in the future.”

“Huhu…Little Eggshell is never making friends again, huhu…”

Little Eggshell was heartbroken, but it didn’t change the fact that the Mo Family and the Nangong Family were enemies.

They had to break ties as soon as possible so they wouldn’t be even more heartbroken later.

Little Eggshell couldn’t tell if she liked​ Mo Zixi or Mo Zichen more. All she knew was, this would probably be the last time she’d see two of her favorite boys from her childhood.

After her sons were safe, Tangning returned her focus to ‘The Ant Queen 2’. No matter which phase of production she was up to, Tangning had strict expectations. She did not put in any less effort than the first film.

Meanwhile, after Elder Nangong and Nangong Quan had a huge argument, they no longer spoke to each other in private or met in private. They only interacted when it came to business.

As an important project for Springfall, the filming phase was managed by Nangong Quan, but all the marketing and distribution decisions were snatched away by Elder Nangong.

Firstly, Elder Nangong felt that Nangong Quan was too honest and would make a loss when negotiating with theaters. Secondly, he needed a way to meet with the American film agency without anyone noticing.

Thanks to the script provided by Elder Nangong, the American film agency actually ended up investing in a new film called ‘The Wild Dog Crisis’ and a portion of the plot was stitched together with the information that Elder Nangong stole from ‘The Ant Queen 2’.

Moreover, they constantly kept an eye on the progress of ‘The Ant Queen 2’ so they could stay ahead of them.

Elder Nangong anticipated what was to come. How spectacular would the scene be when Tangning clashed with a Hollywood film?

But, the more important matter at hand was the fact that ‘Parasite’ was supposed to be released before the ‘The Ant Queen 2’. Nangong Quan’s plan was not to compete with ‘The Ant Queen 2’ using ‘Parasite’, his intent was to use it to increase his fame. So, Elder Nangong was unhappy with his arrangement.

Instead, Elder Nangong insisted that ‘Parasite’ had to be released after ‘The Ant Queen 2’.

This made the higher-ups very unhappy.

After all, the old man couldn’t give a reason for his decision.

“Why do we need to push it back? You need to give us a reason,” Nangong Quan asked his grandfather during a meeting. “According to our current abilities, we aren’t at the stage where we can compete with Hai Rui head on. We aren’t as professional nor influential as them. Plus, would people come watch our film after they’ve already acknowledged​ Tangning’s film?”

“What advantage do we have?”

“There are some things I can’t tell you right now. You simply have to do as I say. If ‘Parasite’ doesn’t hit its original target, I’ll take full responsibility!”

Nangong Quan held back his anger as he stood up from his desk.

As expected, the old man had moved his battlefield into the office.

When Nangong Quan’s assistant saw his stressed expression, he immediately approached and asked, “President, would you like to speak to the shareholders?”

Nangong Quan waved his hand and refused, “That’s not necessary…”

“So, are you going to let Elder Nangong continue causing trouble?”

Nangong Quan didn’t like that Elder Nangong couldn’t separate his personal grudges from business matters. But, he was more concerned about the thing that Elder Nangong couldn’t tell him about.

Couldn’t he relax for even a minute? Did he have to plot against the Mo Family all the time?

“This is the entire agency’s efforts.”

“I understand. Let’s just watch and act accordingly,” Nangong Quan instructed coldly.

He wanted to win against Mo Ting in an honest way, but Elder Nangong insisted on using dirty methods. He spent almost every waking minute regretting his decision to let this wolf into his home. Why did this wolf have to be his grandfather?!

The old man had now decided to use another method to seek revenge, but why did he have to gamble with the efforts of all the staff. The more Nangong Quan thought about it, the more he felt it wasn’t right.

Because of this, he looked around the office for Elder Nangong and the two of them headed to the rooftop.

“Give me a reason to delay the release date. You need to at least convince me and my staff to do this!”

“I’m simply asking you to release it a little later. What effect does that have on you?” Elder Nangong said stubbornly. “Besides, I’ve already guaranteed that the film will definitely be a hit. So, what else do I need to explain?”

“Who are you trying to fool?” Nangong Quan asked. “We don’t want to use dirty methods against our competitors. We simply want to move forward in an honest manner. Why is it so difficult for you to do that?”

“What trick are you planning to play this time? Have you thought about the cost of moving our release date? Even if you damage Hai Rui and hurt the Mo Family, we will also be left hanging by a thread. Grandfather, I don’t want you to treat my efforts like a toy.”

“If you insist on doing this, I will have no choice but to dismiss you from your role!”

“You rascal! I am currently the biggest shareholder!”

“Don’t forget that I am still the CEO. I call the shots here!” Nangong Quan said before he turned around and left the rooftop. He wasn’t about to let his efforts turn into a tool for the old man’s revenge.

Of course, the fact that Nangong Quan kept trying to stop Elder Nangong, only made the old man more angry.

Especially as he watched his grandson leave, he wondered if there’d be nothing to restrict him if this obstruction didn’t exist.

He only had this one chance. Why couldn’t Nangong Quan just let him do it?

He was his grandson! Why couldn’t he understand him – even just once!

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