Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1169 - I Know How To Take Care Of My Own Daughter

Chapter 1169: I Know How To Take Care Of My Own Daughter

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“Sorry…Daddy,” Little Eggshell lowered her head with guilt.

“Daddy doesn’t need your apology, Daddy needs you to tell him why you trust great-grandfather so much.”

“Daddy, I’m hungry…” Little Eggshell suddenly changed the subject.

But, it didn’t work on Nangong Quan. Instead, he said to her, “Cai Er, Daddy will make things clear for you. If you still want stick to great-grandfather, that means you no longer want Daddy. Other kids don’t need to worry about this because other kids have loving grandfathers, but your great-grandfather is not like that.”

“Daddy…Great-grandfather’s nice…” Little Eggshell immediately spoke up for her great-grandfather

“Fine, if you choose Great-grandfather, you can go live with him. Daddy will no longer be with Cai Er. To protect you, there are some things that Daddy can’t tell you, and for your own good, there are some things that Daddy can’t let you do. But, if you think Great-grandfather treats you better, then go follow him.”

As soon as Little Eggshell heard this, her eyes began to turn red, “Daddy…do you not want Little Eggshell anymore?”

“It’s Little Eggshell that doesn’t want Daddy anymore. Do you know how much Mommy worries about you every day? Yet, you don’t appreciate her efforts and you even give Mommy attitude. Cai Er, you’ve been able to understand right from wrong since a young age, but not this time. You’ve made Daddy very disappointed…”

Nangong Quan spoke to Little Eggshell slowly in a gentle and understanding tone.

“Daddy won’t blame you if you decide to choose great-grandfather, but I will be heartbroken for a very long time knowing that my own daughter doesn’t trust me…”

“Daddy, I don’t want to be separated from you. I don’t want that.”

“But you don’t trust Daddy; you don’t have faith in my decisions anymore.”

Little Eggshell began to cry and whimper, but Nangong Quan did not place any pressure on her. Only after she finished crying, did he slowly ask her to explain everything, including the ideas that the old man had been feeding her.

This included the part where he said that a stepmother was different to a real mother.

After hearing from Little Eggshell, Nangong Quan did not say a word, but…he was deeply unsettled on the inside

After their chat, Little Eggshell fell asleep on Nangong Quan’s lap all the way until he finished work and carried her home. But, when he stepped foot into the living room, Elder Nangong was waiting for them.

As soon as Elder Nangong saw Nangong Quan carrying Little Eggshell into the living room, he said, “Let me carry her…”

“I can take care of my own daughter…” Nangong Quan refused.

“But, Cai Er likes being around me.”

“That was yesterday!” Nangong Quan said coldly. “Grandfather, now that things have gotten to this point, let me make things clear for you. Stop trying to drive a wedge between Cai Er and I; she’s my daughter. Also, stop trying to manipulate Cai Er so she can be used as a chess piece. I won’t allow that unless I’m dead!”

“Interesting…” the old man laughed.

Nangong Quan ignored the man as he carried Little Eggshell back to her room and placed her on her bed.

But, Little Eggshell suddenly sat up and hugged her father, “Daddy, I already woke up while we were on our way back. I heard what you said to Great-grandfather.”

“Although I don’t understand what a chess piece is, I can tell that it’s not a good thing.”

“Daddy, I’m sorry…”

“From now on, keep your distance from Great-grandfather, OK?”


“Now, go to sleep,” Nangong Quan tucked his daughter into bed and left after she fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Elder Nangong remained seated in the living room, cold and lonely.

A pituful person was bound to have things that people disliked.

When one thought about the things that he did and the words that he said, it was impossible to feel sympathy for him.

“Grandfather, I’m going to tell you clearly now that I won’t be seeking revenge because I never felt that the Mo Family did anything wrong! I would also like to warn you that this will be the last time I tolerate your actions. If you continue to hurt my family, don’t blame me for being unfilial.”

“Aren’t I your family?”

“That’s right, you’re my family. Since you’re my family, why are you hurting my wife and daughter?” Nangong Quan asked angrily. “If you want to seek revenge, go do it yourself. If you are after a pawn, there are plenty lying around on the outside, don’t touch my wife and daughter…”

“You won’t even let go of a young child. Worst of all, she’s your own great-granddaughter!”

Elder Nangong did not respond. After all, he didn’t feel like he received any respect after rejoining the family.

Even in their own home, Nangong Quan was often wary of him.

Since they couldn’t get along with each other, what was the point of forcing it to happen?

“From now on, we are just business partners. Don’t question anything I choose to do.” After saying this, Elder Nangong turned and left the home.

Although Nangong Quan’s heart ached, there was nothing he could do.

From a fair distance away, Su Youran already heard the two men arguing. To not create any awkwardness, she specifically waited behind the front door until Elder Nangong left. She then entered the home and said to her husband, “Don’t be angry.”

Nangong Quan pulled his wife into his arms and apologized in an exhausted tone, “I’m sorry that marrying me has made things so difficult for you.”

“Don’t worry, to avoid any problems, Ning Jie has already decided to transfer the twins to another school next semester. As long as they don’t see Little Eggshell, then Grandfather will have no use for her,” Su Youran comforted.

“Besides, I should be sorry for being of no help and not taking care of Little Eggshell properly.”

“Your job is to take care of my heart and my job is to protect you and Little Eggshell.”

After hearing this, Su Youran hugged Nangong Quan tightly.

However, she was worried what extremes the old man would take after their argument today. But, of course, Mo Ting and Tangning weren’t afraid…

Originally, Elder Nangong’s plan was to use Little Eggshell against the twins. But now that his plan had failed, what else did he have left? He could only turn back to the collaboration with the American film agency.

Meanwhile, Little Eggshell drifted further and further away from the two brothers and they no longer crossed each other’s paths.

Little Eggshell was heartbroken, but she still had her Daddy and Mommy by her side, so she wasn’t completely at a loss.

A great childhood friendship came to an end, just like that…

Elder Nangong hadn’t actually given up on the twins, but he was no longer in a rush. Rather than stressing over that, it was better for him to cause trouble before ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was released.

If this last attempt failed as well, the old man would probably be out of energy to continue fighting. So, this time, he was determined to make Mo Ting suffer!

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