Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1167 - Letting A Wolf Into The House

Chapter 1167: Letting A Wolf Into The House

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Whenever Little Eggshell wanted to buy something, Su Youran would try to teach her self control by not buying it for her, but Elder Nangong would be extremely generous and buy it for her.

Little Eggshell wanted to play with the Mo Twins without any cares, but Su Youran did not allow it. Yet, Elder Nangong helped her find an opportunity to interact with them.

Gradually things began to change. On the surface, Little Eggshell appeared like she still had a good bond with her mother, but in reality, she kept all her secrets from Su Youran and only shared them with Elder Nangong. After all, her great-grandfather was the one that doted on her and gave her everything she wanted.

Nangong Quan slowly noticed the change in Little Eggshell, so he tried to speak to his daughter, but she simply evaded his questions.

“Daddy, you’re so annoying!”

In the past, the father and daughter only had each other, so Little Eggshell cared a lot about her father, but now, there was more than one person that doted on her. As a girl, she naturally experienced some changes.

The biggest change, was that she was now closest to Elder Nangong.

Su Youran was meant to be the mother that she picked out herself.

But, Su Youran began to feel a little stressed. She could tell that Little Eggshell was slowly building a wall between them, but she had no idea how to communicate with her.

Was Little Eggshell unhappy that she had asked her not to play with the Mo Twins?

So, Su Youran told Nangong Quan about her concerns, “I feel like our daughter is slowly drifting away from us. Have you noticed it?”

After Nangong Quan heard this question, he smiled helplessly, “I’ve tried to speak to Little Eggshell about it, but she refused to talk to me.”

“How did things change so much in such a short period of time?”

Su Youran felt she was to blame. If she didn’t say the things that she did to Little Eggshell, they would not have grown so apart.

“Don’t think too much. I’ll speak to Little Eggshell again later tonight.”

Little Eggshell continued to be obsessed with the twins, but when she returned home, she completely refused to speak to her parents.

Because of this, Nangong Quan waited until Little Eggshell returned home and called her into the study room.

“Daddy, I’ve still got a lot of homework to do.”

“Stand right there, who said you could leave?” Nangong Quan asked furiously. “Nangong Cai, have you not noticed how much you’ve changed lately? You’re no longer close to Mommy and Daddy. Are we your enemies now?”

After hearing this, Little Eggshell turned around and looked unhappily at her father, “That’s because Daddy’s no longer the same Daddy!”

“You’re still young, you wouldn’t understand.”

“You assume I don’t understand, but I understand everything!” Little Eggshell yelled before she threw open the study room door and stormed out.

Su Youran was standing right outside. As soon as she saw Little Eggshell, she instinctively stopped her, but Little Eggshell ended up biting her on the arm, “It’s all your fault! You’re the one that made my Daddy not like me anymore.”

Su Youran was a little confused and flustered. She had no idea why Little Eggshell would suddenly say this to her.

At this time, Nangong Quan hurried out and said to Su Youran, “Let her go.”


“Youran, my Little Eggshell isn’t like this. She has too many people that dote on her now, so she’s no longer the Little Eggshell that I went through thick and thin with.”

After hearing this, Little Eggshell wiggled out of Su Youran’s arms and returned to her room without looking back.

At that time, Elder Nangong had just arrived upstairs and saw the scene unfold, “When you have time, show your child more love, not blame.”

“If Grandfather wasn’t playing tricks in secret, I’m sure my Little Eggshell wouldn’t have changed so much,” Nangong Quan said. “Grandfather, Little Eggshell is my daughter; your great-granddaughter. You can’t turn my daughter into a chess piece to use as a tool for revenge.”

“This is what you owe me!” Elder Nangong said before he turned around to walk back down the stairs. However, Nangong Quan stopped him.

“You can take other things, but you can’t take Little Eggshell!”

“You’re hopeless around your daughter now, aren’t you?” Elder Nangong snickered as he brushed away Nangong Quan’s hand. “When you have time, you should focus on making a few more kids with your wife. From now on, I’ll take care of Little Eggshell for you.”

Nangong Quan grabbed onto Elder Nangong’s shirt, but Su Youran stopped him, “Quan, you can’t do that…”

The old man smirked and walked away. There was nothing that Nangong Quan could do, “It was my fault for letting a wolf into this house…”

“If I knew this day would come, I would have never let him back into this family!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll think of another way.”

Little Eggshell had completely lost trust in her parents, but there was nothing they could do, it wasn’t like they could forcefully lock her up…

Moreover, Little Eggshell was completely converted by her great-grandfather now. She only allowed the old man to take her to and from school and cried and screamed whenever So Youran offered.

As this became a regular thing, the little genius, Mo Zichen, began to get suspicious. Elder Nangong was coming to the school more and more, and whenever he did, he often stared at him and his brother.

Mo Zichen was naturally cautious, so he notified Tangning when he got home.

This time, it was Tangning’s turn to restrict her kids from getting too close to Little Eggshell.

After all, Elder Nangong was a ticking time bomb.

Mo Zixi was cheerful and carefree, just like a typical child, but Mo Zichen was different.

So, Tangning specifically instructed Mo Zichen, “Zichen, Mommy doesn’t dislike Little Eggshell, but I can’t let anything that may threaten your safety exist. So, keep an eye on your brother and don’t let him get too close to Little Eggshell, OK?”

Mo Zichen nodded his head.

He seemed to understand everything.


Because of his discussion with his mother, Mo Zichen deliberately woke up earlier than usual the next day, so he could arrive at school at a different time to Little Eggshell. Then, during their recess and lunch break, he played with other kids and dragged his brother along with him so he couldn’t go to look for Little Eggshell. Finally, after school, he decided to stay an extra half an hour to learn how to paint from his teacher. He did all this to avoid seeing Little Eggshell.

As a result, Little Eggshell gradually saw the brothers less and less.

In the end, she went to look for the brothers in their classroom with candy. However, Mo Zichen dragged his brother away and said to Little Eggshell, “From now on, stop looking for my brother. You’re annoying!”

Little Eggshell’s smile froze as she held back her tears.

“Also, the cakes you keep giving us, they don’t taste good!”

“I don’t want to be friends with you. Please stay away from us.”

Not many kids could express themselves as clearly as Mo Zichen; it was completely unexpected of his age.

But, he managed to say what he wanted in an extremely cold and fierce tone.

As a result, Little Eggshell burst into tears and left…

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