Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1164 - The CEO Has A Good Wife

Chapter 1164: The CEO Has A Good Wife

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The wrestling champion praised his daughter for what she did, “You dealt with the matter beautifully. He’s just a lousy, insignificant man, my daughter can find someone much better.”

The wrestling champion was still a wrestling champion. Even though he was old and didn’t compete anymore, he was still in charge of training the national team.

So, his body was still in very good shape. Hence, the weak Rong Xiuyuan was just a punching bag for him.

Moreover, the wrestling champion had nowhere to vent his daily frustration, so the useless son-in-law was the perfect outlet.

But, he would never let others know about it.

Because of what happened, the father and daughter celebrated with a bottle of red wine…

“Let’s just pretend the jerk is dead. My daughter will have no trouble finding another man.”

Bai Qingyi smiled and replied, “Father, I’m actually still seeing my first love. I simply married Rong Xiuyuan because you were against me being with that man. But, I think it’s time I be honest with you.”

“So, you’ve actually been cheating all these years?”

“I had no choice. I had to be conspicuous, so Rong Xiuyuan was my best cover!”

Because of this, the wrestler couldn’t help but sigh as he put down the glass in his hands, “What can I say at this point? Be careful with what you do and handle Rong Xiuyuan’s matter properly.”

“I understand, Father!”

Handle it properly? Bai Qingyi probably thought she understood Rong Xiuyuan well after all the years they had spent together, so without any cares, she went straight over to her first love’s home and quickly lost control of her desires.

But, just as the two were immersed in their flames of love and the media thought they’d never see the evidence that Rong Xiuyuan spoke of, one video after another started appearing online.

And, every single video was extremely clear.

Bai Qingyi’s father appeared front on in every single shot, allowing the entire world to see his ferocious expression, while Bai Qingyi stood to the side, cheering him on.

As soon as the videos​ were released, those that were following the story were in shock…

“Oh God, is he an animal? How could he kick his son-in-law like a soccer ball?”

“I even treated him like an idol. I never expected him to be so cruel behind-the-scenes.”

“Bai Qingyi’s pretty disgusting. Her husband was beaten so badly, yet she knelt on the ground laughing. God, this father and daughter are monsters!”

“No wonder Rong Xiuyuan had to cheat. If I was him, I wouldn’t be able to withstand this father and daughter.”

Soon, Bai Qingyi received a phone call. But, when she heard her father roar on the phone, she was dumbfounded, “This can’t be, this is impossible…”

So, she stood up, grabbed her phone and looked up the hottest news.

The video of her father’s violence was already going viral.

“I was sure I smashed Rong Xiuyuan’s laptop. How’s this possible?”

This was all thanks to Mo Ting’s meticulous nature. That night, when Rong Xiuyuan first mentioned the importance of his laptop, the bodyguards notified Mo Ting about it.

As soon as Mo Ting heard from the bodyguards, he immediately replied, “Give him another laptop to hold onto. Send the one with the evidence straight over to Hai Rui, just in case.”

“Let him use a temporary laptop to gain the trust of the media.”

The way that Bai Qingyi tried to destroy the evidence was actually unexpected. She had pretty much dug her own grave because Mo Ting took precautionary action based on general risks and she just so happened to get implicated.

So, the videos were eventually released and the truth was revealed. Song Linlin was proven to be innocent and the violent father and daughter’s future looked bleak.

On the day that the video was released, the wrestling champion was temporarily laid off work. He was badly impacted by the incident and it seemed he would have to bid farewell to the wrestling world altogether.

Bai Qingyi never expected that the incident would cause her father to lose everything!

But, no, it wasn’t just her father – it was her entire family!

“No, I learnt all this from Tangning. I can’t have gone wrong…This is impossible!”

Because of everything that happened, the Bai Family were surrounded by reporters. Someone even spotted Bai Qingyi leaving another man’s apartment. It appeared as though she was cheating too. So, the Bai Family were in a whole heap of trouble and no longer had time to deal with Song Linlin and Rong Xiuyuan. After all, they couldn’t even deal with their own matters first!

In the end, Song Linlin proved her innocence, but she was also taught a tough lesson.

When a woman met a bad partner and couldn’t differentiate between good and bad, she would cause herself a lot of pain and suffering.

As she lay in the hospital, Song Linlin saw the news. She was extremely thankful to Mo Ting and Tangning because she never thought she’d be able to get back on her feet.

She was proven to be innocent and she was now seen as a victim!

On top of that, Lu Che checked the surveillance cameras near her home and identified the people that had attacked her. He then proved that Bai Qingyi had paid for the attack. So, a lot of people now sympathized with her.

Meanwhile, as soon as Rong Xiuyuan received his freedom, he rushed straight over to the hospital to see Song Linlin. But, after the lesson she learned this time, Song Linlin now understood how cold the world could be.

The only warmth she had left in her heart was from Mo Ting and Tangning.

So, she directly rejected Rong Xiuyuan and told the nurse, “Please tell him to never appear in front of me again. I will never forgive him.”

At that moment, Tangning arrived at the hospital. After she heard what Song Linlin said, she laughed, “You’ve realized what you should do?”

“After what happened, I simply want to focus on song writing. I am honestly tired…”

“It’s your choice. Hai Rui has officially resumed your work and your manager will plan out what you should do next. Your status will not be impacted.”

After hearing this, Song Linlin’s tears began rolling from her eyes, “Tangning, I really don’t know how to thank you.”

“Is this how you thank me? By crying?”

“I’ve never cried like this in front of anyone. You are the first!” Song Linlin explained. “You and President Mo gave me a second chance at life.”

“Enjoy the life that’s ahead of you.”

Song Linlin nodded her head, “After I recover, I’m going to officially make a comeback.”

In the end, Rong Xiuyuan did not get to see Song Linlin as he hoped. However, Song Linlin completely recovered in this time and returned to work as she promised. As soon as she was healthy, she immediately attended events again. Of course, she knew that the media would have a lot of questions for her, but she was no longer afraid of the cameras.

At the scene of the event, the reporters started asking, “Linlin, how do you feel about your comeback?”

“I feel that Hai Rui has a great CEO and the CEO has a great wife! Without them, there would be no me!” After saying this, she turned to the cameras and gave three sincere bows.

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