Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 65: Careful Preparations

Chapter 65: Careful Preparations

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Hearing her say that they looked like a perfect couple, Mo Ting's heart warmed up. However, deep down he understood, according to her current status in the industry, Tangning still had a long way to go before she was on the same level as him. Even top superstars found, the closest they could get to Mo Ting was a simple tinkering of wine glasses; everyone in the industry knew, he did not like people that rode on other's coattails.

As for announcing their marriage, he could do it anytime, but he had promised Tangning he would give her time to prove herself; he would wait until the day they were on the same level. He gently stroked Tangning's hair; the palm of his hands emitted a sense of encouragement. He believed Tangning had the ability to climb to the top, so he didn't want her to spend the rest of her life merely being a pretty face by his side.

"I forgot to tell you, TQ magazine's front cover has been finalized."

Tangning looked up sweetly and teased, "The people from TQ must have no idea they were chatting to the infamous President Mo."

"I also had a rare experience of the joys of being a small assistant. Most importantly, I have invited the editor of TQ to escort you down the red carpet and protect you."

Escort and protect...

After hearing this, Tangning turned around and wrapped her arm around Mo Ting's neck. Her eyes contained a touch of warmth, "You've given me so much, what can I do for you in return? Everything I have, you have...and everything I don't have, you already have the ability to obtain."

Mo Ting gently returned her embrace and answered her in a simple manner, "All I need is you..."

Tangning buried her head into Mo Ting's shoulder as tears flowed from her eyes. Mo Ting helplessly patted her back; he realized the woman in his embrace was so easily touched and satisfied.


The next day, Tangning met up with the photographer sent from the US by Mina and started work on the front cover of Secret's October Issue. Afterwards, all she had left to do with ISN was a stage event. Whereas, TQ's front cover, was to be shot after the Bright Night Gala.

Regarding the Bright Night Gala, Tianyi handled it with a low-profile. After all, there were so many big shots and superstars attending, they had to remain modest; unlike last time when Mo Yurou shamelessly compared herself to someone famous. Above all, they didn't want Tangning to pick up on any clues. So this time around, they decided not to speak about it openly...

"If it wasn't because you broke up with Tangning, according to her current fame and popularity, it wouldn't be hard to make her into an international supermodel. As a result, Tianyi would also go up in value. However, look what happened now," Han Ruoxue looked at the comments about Tangning online. Fans were contacting Tianyi through all different methods, asking them about Tangning's current state; Han Ruoxue honestly felt it was a waste.

Worst of all, Tangning was always up against Tianyi...

...and always seemed to get in the way.

"Jie, I have a plan. After the awards ceremony, Yurou will be going overseas to study. When that time comes, I'm not sure how long Tangning will stick around. So, I want to train a newcomer. Let's look for someone that resembles Tangning and we will utilize her fame to debut our newcomer. After all, Tangning is already 26 years old, whereas the newcomer we find will have unlimited possibilities..."

Han Ruoxue looked at Han Yufan; she suddenly realized her younger brother still had some use. At least at this important moment, he managed to suggest something useful.

"In that case, I'll instruct my staff to prepare a newcomer," Han Ruxue responded. "Since Tangning is still one of our models, we should make use of her."


"Tomorrow will be the Bright Night Gala, hopefully, nothing goes wrong. According to Tangning's current status, if she was to appear at the event, she will definitely gain even more fans. That will definitely be unfavorable for us," Han Ruoxue's eyes looked full of schemes. "Tangning, is indeed hard to control."

Han Yufan didn't know how to respond. But, to be exact, the thing he really didn't know, was the true Tangning.

After all, in the past few years, to him, Tangning appeared to be like a sheep that allowed others to tell her what to do. On top of that, everything she did, revolved around him. But, he noticed...ever since the relationship between him and Mo Yurou was revealed...Tangning was no longer the same Tangning.

"Jie, I'm still not sure. I need to ask Long Jie about Tangning's schedule tomorrow night and make sure she won't make an appearance at the Bright Night Gala."

Han Yufan couldn't stop thinking about the words Tangning had said the previous day...words that seemed to have a hidden meaning...

He wasn't certain if Tangning knew they had torn her invitation.

"Ring her then," Han Ruoxue nodded.

Han Yufan pulled out his phone and dialed a number he hadn't dialed for a long time, it was Long Jie's number, "What does Tangning have planned for tomorrow night?"

"She will be shooting Secret's October front cover," Long Jie responded calmly. "As she needs to shoot a night scene, the shoot will take place at 8pm. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Take good care of her in case she is affected by not being invited to the Bright Night Gala."

Hearing these words through the phone, Long Jie felt disgusted. It was obvious he wanted to know Tangning's whereabouts tomorrow night, yet he pretended he cared about her.

So fake...

"What did Han Yufan say?"

At this moment, Tangning was currently applying her makeup in the waiting room as Secret's shoot had already begun. As Mina was aware of Tangning's situation, she instructed her team to cooperate accordingly and make sure to help Tangning.

"He's asking what you are doing tomorrow night," Long Jie put away her phone and smiled. "Tangning, from what I see, the jerks are extremely cautious of you...ha, they would never imagine, you won't be simply attending tomorrow night, you'll even be attending with TQ's editor."

Everyone knew, although TQ wasn't a best-selling magazine, it was still a high-end magazine. As for the founder, Lin Weisen, he was born into a finance family; he had a rich financial background. So, he didn't rely on the magazine to make money, he was in the entertainment industry simply because he enjoyed it.

"Tangning, tomorrow night, you will definitely grab everyone's attention."

Tangning didn't tell Long Jie, Mo Ting was the Bright Night Gala's special guest; she wanted to give Long Jie a surprise. Tomorrow night...she not only wanted to destroy Han Yufan and the other's dreams, she also thought of it as the perfect opportunity for her to gather extra fashion resources.

Meanwhile, at this time, Mo Yurou was carefully making preparations. She knew the event would determine whether she could make a comeback.

She had already decided, if she managed to secure extra connections and resources after the awards ceremony, then her child...she would abort it. If she was to give birth to Han Yufan's child, it would waste at least 8 months of her life. What would she get out of it?

Love? Compared to fame and fortune, this word was worth nothing...

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