Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1163 - No Way In Hell

Chapter 1163: No Way In Hell

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So, when the kind and understanding​ Song Linlin fell uncontrollably in love with him, he decided that, regardless of what he had to do, he had to be with her.

But, he never imagined that he’d make her so pitiful.

If he could turn back time, he would have never gotten involved with Song Linlin. After all, if not for him, Song Linlin would still be a top singer with a promising future.

With this thought, his determination to leave Bai Qingyi grew even stronger.

Halfway through the night, Bai Qingyi was still watching over her husband, not moving a step. But, the man lying in bed was already covered in a layer of sweat.

A little while after she left, sounds of chatter echoed from the doorway. Bai Qingyi’s husband sat up and saw two tall black-suited men walk towards him. They then helped him onto a wheelchair.

“In a moment, help me fetch my laptop from under my bed.”

“There are a lot of videos that show how I was subjected to domestic violence.”

One of the black-suited men did as told and grabbed the laptop. He then placed it in the man’s hands. Afterwards, the trio left the hospital. At this time, Bai Qingyi’s subordinate ran out after them, “What are you doing?”

However, the black-suited men simply turned around and glanced at Bai Qingyi’s subordinate. Just one glance was enough to realise that he shouldn’t mess with them.

They had a deadly vibe to them.

Seeing this, Bai Qingyi’s husband finally let out a sigh of relief. This meant, he was about to finally leave the woman. At that moment, he could sacrifice anything as long as he got his freedom.

“In a moment, when you leave the hospital, President Mo has arranged for you to have an interview with the media to prevent complications. You can tell them all about your sufferings and show them your evidence.”

The man held onto his laptop and nodded, “I understand…”

Mo Ting was afraid he would go back on his word. But, there was another reason for his arrangement: he was afraid the situation would change. Bai Qingyi was bound to do something as soon as she found out her husband escaped.

Soon, the trio reached the entrance of the hospital. As soon as the reporters saw them, they immediately rushed over, “Mr. Rong, we heard you had big news to expose tonight…”

“Mr. Rong, why are you running away from the hospital in the middle of the night?”

“Calm down everyone, I will explain everything to you in detail,” the man said as he held onto his laptop. After the media backed off a little and were orderly, he began to explain, “Everything that I, Rong Xiuyuan, told the media in the interview this morning, including my accusations against Song Linlin, were forced upon me by Bai Qingyi. From the start, Song Linlin had no idea that I was still married because I admit that I showed her fake divorce papers.”

“Song Linlin was innocently implicated from the start; in both her relationship with me and the revenge from Bai Qingyi.”

“You guys have no idea, from the moment I married Bai Qingyi, this woman has never treated me like a normal man. She does whatever she wants and if I don’t follow her orders, she complains to her father and I end up getting beaten.”

“I know, when it comes to having an affair, there’s nothing I can say to fix the matter. But, you guys mustn’t know how much I wanted to get a divorce; I simply lacked the courage to suggest it. I knew if I mentioned it, I would end up being beaten. The injuries I received when I visited the hospital this time was relatively light.”

“So, you’re accusing your wife and father-in-law of domestic violence?” the media began to help steer him to the main point.

“Yes,” the man nodded. “In fact, it’s been happening over many years.”

“So, Song Linlin​ never made any fake chat records, you had actually tricked her?”

“Yes, Song Linlin was clueless from beginning to end…”

“In that case, do you have any evidence to prove that the Bai Family has been enforcing domestic violence on you? Do you know the consequences of slandering a wrestling champion?”

“Evidence? Of course I have evidence!”

After speaking, Rong Xiuyuan lifted the laptop in his hands.

“I have a lot of evidence in my laptop. I will distribute it to the media later so you can reveal the truth to the public.”

The media snapped furiously at the laptop. After all, this matter didn’t just involve Song Linlin’s​ innocence, it also involved a national representative that everyone was proud of. Had the champion, Bai Shaoyu actually committed such violence?

Rong Xiuyuan was brave. After all, he sacrificed everything to oppose the Bai Family. But, at that moment, Bai Qingyi arrived at the hospital after being notified, pushed through the crowd of reporters and smashed the laptop in her husband’s hands onto the floor.

Everyone watched the scene unfold.

Wasn’t Bai Qingyi meant to be a weak and gentle woman?

Why did she suddenly seem like a completely different person?

As she stood in front of the reporters, she didn’t say a word to them. Instead, she laughed and said to her husband, “Hubby, I think it’s time to take your medicine, you must be seriously ill…”

Obviously, the evidence he supposedly had, was now destroyed, what could he do now?

“Bai Qingyi, you would honestly go to any lengths just to hide the truth.”

“Hubby, this is a family matter, you shouldn’t talk about it in the open and embarrass the family. Besides, who can prove that you actually had evidence?”

“Of course there’s none left, now that you’ve smashed it on the ground…”

“Oh, please excuse me, then…”

Rong Xiuyuan glared at Bai Qingyi. In the end, he could only hold back his emotions as he said to the bodyguards behind him, “Let’s go…”

Of course, Bai Qingyi couldn’t forcefully restrain her husband in front of the media. But, at least, the evidence had already been destroyed. What other tricks could Hai Rui play now?

The reporters looked at the smashed laptop and then looked at Bai Qingyi in surprise.

If she didn’t have something to hide, why was she so afraid of the videos her husband wanted to expose? The way she smashed the laptop only proved to the media that Rong Xiuyuan was telling the truth.

The situation had once again changed.

Originally, everyone thought Song Linlin broke up a marriage, but then Song Linlin said she had been tricked. Afterwards, the jerk accused Song Linlin of lying, but then a moment ago, he took back all his accusations and said that his wife and father-in-law beat him up.

What was the truth? The public were enjoying this show.

However, there was a problem, the jerk’s evidence was now destroyed. Did that mean there was no way of proving what he said?

At least, that’s what Bai Qingyi assumed.

She had already dug up every single camera in the house and destroyed them. So, she was sure her weak husband had no way of winning against her.

Did he want to get a divorce and live happily with the sl*t? There was no way in hell!

But, was that really the case?

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