Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1159 - You’re Doing It For President Mo’s Sake

Chapter 1159: You’re Doing It For President Mo’s Sake

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After hearing Mo Ting’s response, Tangning nodded her head, “No matter what you do, you can’t betray your own artist.”

Of course, she said this after confirming that Song Linlin was indeed tricked…

Just like how they protected Huo Jingjing in the past.

“But, we can’t offend the daughter of a wrestling champion for no reason!”

This time, Tangning was taking Mo Ting into consideration, “You may not care because you’re used to it, but Song Linlin didn’t offend an average person this time. He is an authoritative figure in athletics and Bai Qingyi is well known for being bad-tempered and full of schemes.”

“If it’s not convenient for you to meet with her, why don’t I go in your stead?”

Mo Ting opened his eyes and looked at Tangning, “Knowing that you care about me is already enough.”

As Tangning was a woman, women were often sensitive and thoughtful. Now that Elder Nangong had his eye on them, they needed to avoid attracting more enemies in case they decided to join forces.

“Hai Rui has already survived in Beijing for many years, so they’re naturally not afraid of any threats. You need to trust that everyone in Hai Rui is experienced in overcoming adversities. But, if you want to go, then go…If you get bullied, I won’t let them go!”

“Do you think I would be in that position?” Tangning laughed.

Because of what happened, Song Linlin was practically in a half-retired state and her career was pretty much over. As a victim, she suffered even more than the lying cheater. But, Bai Qingyi continued to cling to her and wouldn’t let go.

Lu Che specifically went to the Bai Family Home on behalf of Tangning. As he entered the maze-like estate, he saw Bai Qingyi playing golf on her lawn.

“Assistant Lu, go back and tell your madam that if President Mo had accepted my invite from the beginning, I would not feel so dejected. I will deal with Song Linlin’s matter in my own way, she doesn’t need to worry about it. I doubt Hai Rui has the ability to keep an eye on others 24/7.”

“Miss Bai…Song Linlin has already paid a hefty price…”

“She seduced a married man. Do you think she’s suffering enough?” Bai Qingyi humphed. “Go home and ask your madam how she treated Han Yufan and Mo Yurou!”

“I’m her fan. I know everything about her!”

“Now that I mention it, I learned all my tricks from your madam!”

But, the problem with what she was doing was Song Linlin was also a victim!

Either way, Lu Che’s invite was a failure. He couldn’t get Bai Qingyi to budge.

“I can understand how she feels, but…her situation is a little different. Forget it, rather than wasting my time on Bai Qingyi, I might as well arrange a place for Song Linlin to live in so she can, at least, be safe.”

“OK, Madam,” Lu Che replied with respect.

“Go home more often and take good care of Long Jie…”

With the mention of Long Jie’s name, a smile appeared on Lu Che’s face, “Don’t worry, my father is helping with my daughter so Xiao Man’s not too overworked.”

Tangning nodded her head in satisfaction, “I’ll go visit her when I have time.”

The thing that Tangning couldn’t understand about the entire incident with Song Linlin, was that Bai Qingyi was relatively forgiving towards her husband. Although she exposed his cheating photos, she took his pride into consideration and blurred out his face. And, even though her father beat him up and sent him to hospital, Bai Qingyi never once blamed her husband and instead clung to Song Linlin.

As a result, Tangning started to suspect that Song Linlin was lying.

Although it wasn’t necessary for her to get involved with a mere artist’s matters, she had been implicated, so she wanted to resolve it properly.

Hence, while she had some spare time, Tangning went to see Song Linlin again.

The top singer was now locked up at home surrounded by an air of smoke, completely ignoring her image.

“I’m sorry, Madam President, I didn’t expect you to show up.”

After speaking, Song Linlin sat on the sofa and continued to drown her sorrows by smoking.

“Why are you treating yourself like this?” Tangning asked.

“I heard that Bai Qingyi contacted the President, but the President didn’t hand me over. I feel really bad, Tangning, I’d honestly prefer it if you guys handed me over.” At this point, Song Linlin could no longer contain her tears.

“After being with Hai Rui for so many years, I’m truly satisfied…”

“Since you’ve been in Hai Rui for so many years, you should know that Ting wouldn’t allow anyone within his scope of influence to act recklessly. If he can’t even protect an artist under his management, how is he supposed to lead Hai Rui?”

“But, I don’t think I deserve it; I’m so dirty…”

Song Linlin was referring to the photos that had been exposed…

“I really don’t know how those photos exist. I had no idea that the jerk was still married. To trick me, he even showed me fake divorce papers!”

“I’m so stupid…”

“You may be stupid, but don’t forget that Huo Jingjing was once even more stupid than you, yet look how well she’s doing,” Tangning comforted. “What you need to do now, is not sit around blaming yourself. Instead, you should be finding a way to make the jerk pay. You may feel ashamed for being the third party in a relationship, but everyone’s life is precious, don’t make yourself seem so worthless!”

“I never expected that you’d be concerned about a mere artist like me,” Song Linlin laughed at herself. “Aren’t you afraid of making enemies with the Bai Family?”

“I came today to confirm that you weren’t lying to us…” Tangning said as she stood up. “Since you’re not in the wrong, then that’s all I needed…”

“By the way, it’s not that I’m concerned about a mere artist. Elder Nangong had his eyes on us, I simply don’t want to create another enemy because of your matter.”

“You’re doing it for President Mo’s sake…”

“Tidy yourself up,” Tangning said before she left.

Song Linlin did not listen to Tangning. Not long after Tangning left, her doorbell rang again. She originally thought Tangning had returned, but, to her surprise, someone covered her head and began beating her up.

“This is for seducing a man; a married man!”

Song Linlin didn’t know how she survived for ten or so minutes. It wasn’t until after her attackers left that she realized she was covered in blood.

She had a miscarriage…

Yes, no one cared about her life and death. In other’s eyes, she was just a mistress that everyone wanted to die. Who cared whether she was tricked or not?

But then, there was Hai Rui….

When she thought of this big family, she still felt a sense of warmth. If she created another piece of news, Hai Rui would step out again to clarify it for her.

Knowing this, she quickly called her doctor and asked her to secretly treat her without anyone knowing…

Tangning was right, even if she was to die, she couldn’t create more trouble for Hai Rui! After all, as the leader of the family at Hai Rui, Mo Ting had never done anything wrong by her!

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