Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1158 - Paving Every Single Path

Chapter 1158: Paving Every Single Path

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After the mother and daughter returned home, they ran into Elder Nangong.

When he saw the depressed look on Little Eggshell’s face, he asked Su Youran, “What’s wrong with Cai Er?”

“She must have had a misunderstanding with her classmates,” Su Youran explained.

“Then, hurry upstairs and get some rest,” Elder Nangong said as he waved his hand. He then watched as the mother and daughter returned to their rooms.

Did she have a misunderstanding with her classmate, or did she have a misunderstanding with the Mo Family?

It was hard to tell what Elder Nangong was thinking. Only after Su Youran went to the kitchen to tidy up did he knock on Little Eggshell’s room door and ask, “May great-grandfather come in?”

Little Eggshell was doing her homework at that time. When she saw the old man, she looked a bit timid, but she still nodded her head, “Yes, you may.”

“Cai Er, can you tell great-grandfather why you’re unhappy today?”

Little Eggshell thought for a second before she answered, “Great-grandfather, am I really not allowed to play with the twins? I really like them…”

“Of course you can,” Elder Nangong said as he patted Little Eggshell on the head. “I give you permission to play with them. But, this is a secret between you and me, don’t tell your Mommy and Daddy, OK? Otherwise, Great-grandfather will be very embarrassed.”

After hearing this, Little Eggshell finally smiled happily, “Great-grandfather, let’s make a pinky promise.”

At that very moment, Su Youran and Nangong Quan had no idea how much harm Elder Nangong would cause the twins by using Little Eggshell.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting had indeed discovered that Elder Nangong contacted the US, but the old man’s reaction was too fast. To prevent Mo Ting from hearing anything else about what he was doing, he used even more secretive methods to contact the American film agencies.

So, on the surface, the old man appeared cooperative, but in secret, he was paving every single path to revenge.

Filming for ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was progressing at a rapid speed, but no one had any idea that Elder Nangong had already sold ‘The Ant Queen 2’s’ story to an agency in the US and turned it into a new but similar film.

What good show was waiting for everyone in the next year? They would have to wait and see.

A little while later, Bai Junye announced that the filming for ‘Parasite’ was nearing its end and the ex-Glory team had already started on post production.

Out of everything that came from this film, the discovery of this team was the thing that Elder Nangong was most pleased with. After all, Tangning had personally trained and nurtured them, so stealing them from right under her nose was a deeply satisfying thing.

Afterwards, the team for ‘Parasite’ began their next round of promotions. When they looked at the behind-the-scenes​ footage from the film, the public had reason to believe that Springfall was Hai Rui’s biggest threat in the sci-fi market. Of course, for film fans, this was extremely good news.

At this time, one of Hai Rui’s top singers was exposed as being a mistress, accompanied by a sea of indecent photos that spread all over the internet. In one night, the scandal soared to the top of the entertainment headlines.

This singer, Song Linlin, was a senior in the industry. She had always kept a low profile, but this time, the wife of the man she was involved in, ruined her by exposing this scandal.

Hai Rui quickly utilized their PR, but unfortunately, too many photos had already been released and most netizens had seen at least one of them. So, it was impossible to clear the matter.

At that moment, Hai Rui’s shareholders held a board meeting.

Of course, the meeting wasn’t simply about Song Linlin, but also the fact that she was involved with the son-in-law of a famous world-class wrestling champion. Because of what happened, the son-in-law was sent to hospital on the night that the scandal was released.

The wrestler’s daughter was the man’s wife and she was known for being bad-tempered and vengeful. This time, for example, she wasn’t about to settle unless she personally destroyed Song Linlin.

But, exposing Song Linlin didn’t make her feel any better. After all, Hai Rui’s PR focused their efforts on Song Linlin and helped her redeem a lot of her image.

Firstly, Hai Rui explained that they weren’t going to be bias towards their artist and that Song Linlin was going to resolve the matter on her own.

Afterwards, Song Linlin revealed her chat records to the public to prove that she had been tricked into believing that the man was already divorced. In fact, he even showed her divorce papers.

She then explained that the photos were taken in private. She admitted that she was unlucky that it got revealed, but she didn’t believe that invading another person’s privacy was something to be proud of.

In the end, she generously donated all her savings to charity and used all her money to exchange for everyone’s forgiveness. As a result, her criticism was immediately reduced by half.

“Hai Rui is a rubbish dump. How could scum like this be considered as a respected singer? Hmmph…”

Although Song Linlin’s matter was like a small wave in the ocean, it deeply aggravated the man’s wife, Bai Qingyi.

As the daughter of a world-class wrestling champion, her background was solid and she was already a billionaire.

Now that Hai Rui provoked her, she was going to remember this grudge forever.

Because of this matter, Miss Bai personally made a phone call to Mo Ting’s secretary.

“President, the wrestling champion’s daughter, Miss Bai, is on the phone. She wants to invite you to dinner.”

As soon as Mo Ting heard this, he knew it was regarding Song Linlin. But, whether it was before he was married or after, he did not enjoy meeting with women on his own. So, now that Tangning was around, he was even more wary.

“Please ask Miss Bai what’s the matter. Tell her that I don’t have spare time to meet with her, if there’s anything she wants to say, she can tell you and you can pass it on to me.”

“Yes, President!”

But, this response from Mo Ting made Bai Qingyi even more mad. She simply wanted Hai Rui to not get involved with Song Linlin’s scandal, but she was met with such a cold reception from Mo Ting. As someone that was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, how could she stand such humiliation?

So, Bai Qingyi said to Mo Ting’s secretary, “President Mo is going to regret this!”

Song Linlin was already paying the price for what she had done. Although she had redeemed herself a little, she had already fallen from her perch. From now on, if she wanted to partake in any activities, she was simply making things difficult for herself.

But, Bai Qingyi believed that without Hai Rui’s protection, Song Linlin would already be scolded and tread on like a disgusting street rat.

Since other’s were making her unhappy, what reason did she have to let them be happy?

Afterwards, Mo Ting returned home and told Tangning about Bai Qingyi’s phone call. In response, Tangning laughed, “Aren’t you afraid that the wrestler’s daughter will hold a grudge against us?”

“We already have a lot of people that have grudges against us. One extra person isn’t much.”

Since Song Linlin was Hai Rui’s artist, he naturally had to protect her. If he handed her over, then his authority would mean nothing.

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