Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1157 - Kindness Before Force

Chapter 1157: Kindness Before Force



"Miss Tang, this was just a small argument amongst kids, you don't need to make such a big fuss out of it."

"I don't want to make a big fuss, but my sons are being threatened with expulsion just because they fought back against a bully. How could I let that happen?" Tangning asked. "To be honest, my husband wanted to come today, but I told him that children's matters are small matters."


The principal understood what Tangning was trying to say. If Mo Ting had come, no one would have had the chance to explain anything. He would have destroyed them first before asking anything!

"Miss Tang, thank you, we are truly thankful that you didn't bother President Mo with this matter. It's just a small matter between kids, who said the twins are getting expelled? There's no such thing..."

"Really? But I heard something about compensating $2 million," Tangning laughed. "I was about to say, even if one of my artists needed to reshape their entire nose, it wouldn't cost that amount, let alone fixing the small scratch that Director Yuan's son received."

"Director Yuan was just joking, Miss Tang. Please don't take it to heart," the principal tried to be the mediator between the two mothers.

"I didn't come today to bully anyone. I'm simply here to apologize on behalf of my son. Firstly, I admit he did the wrong thing - I won't deny that - but, shouldn't Director Yuan also reflect on the way her son had acted? Shouldn't he be disciplined for acting like a bully?"

"Secondly, Director Yuan's son was indeed hurt. The Mo Family has already contacted the hospital and covered all medical costs, including any follow-up checks. If there's something you're still unhappy with, then please speak up, Director Yuan. It's not that I can't afford $2 million, if you're still brave enough to demand for it, I can give it to you!"

After hearing what Tangning said, who would still dare to ask her for anything?

Director Yuan could take the $2 million if she really wanted to, but Tangning could also bring her to ruins...

This was not a smart deal.

So, even though Director Yuan couldn't accept it, she still nodded her head, "You've already done enough."

"You said it, Director Yuan!"

Director Yuan did not gain anything from the encounter, so she simply wanted to leave without a word, but Tangning suddenly spoke up and held her back, "Please stay for a moment, Director Yuan. My son's made up for what he's done, but what about your son?"

Director Yuan looked at Tangning in surprise, not quite understanding what she was trying to say. Didn't Tangning always choose kindness before force?

"If I find out that your son bullies another child at school, I won't take his age into consideration and show him mercy. When everything gets exposed to the public, don't blame me for not warning you."

Tangning's gaze was cold and sharp, not allowing anyone to have a chance to retaliate.

What else could Director Yuan do? She could only leave in frustration...

No matter how uncomfortable she felt, what could she do about Tangning?

Seeing this, the principal and the grade advisor standing near the door, felt chills down their spines. If they had known that the twins had such a strong background, they wouldn't have made such a fuss. Now, they understood how it felt to shoot themselves in the foot.

Most embarrassing of all, the grade advisor even tried to threaten Tangning earlier that day.

When Tangning remembered this, she said to the principal, "Principal, your staff tried to ask me for a bribe earlier, claiming that she could settle this matter in private..."

After the principal heard this, his face turned red.

"I'm so sorry, Miss Tang, I will deal with this seriously..."

"How could a mere teacher do something so embarrassing? Do you think the school is a market place. I wonder what else she's done in secret. I suggest the school investigate this in detail!"

As soon as Tangning finished talking, the grade advisor fell to her knees and pleaded, "Miss Tang, I honestly had no idea that Kevin was your son."

"But, we're not talking about my son right now. We're talking about your moral integrity as a teacher!" Tangning humphed.

"Don't worry, Miss Tang, I'll definitely deal with this matter properly and give you a satisfactory response!"

"Principal, I hope you don't forget the school's standards. Also, I hope you can keep my identity a secret. I hope my kids can continue to keep a low profile," Tangning said before she got up and left the school. She had taught the principal a good lesson that day.

A person should not have any bias. Just because someone was keeping a low profile, it didn't mean that they didn't have a strong background...

In the end, the principal announced to everyone that Mo Zixi's mother came to a compromise with the chubby kid's mother and he was no longer getting expelled.

Everyone was surprised, including all the teachers. After all, Director Yuan was the most hated person on the school board. Whenever things didn't work out in favor of her son, she would complain. Even when she knew her son was playing pranks on other kids, she never apologized and forced other's to appease her instead. It seemed, she had finally met her match.

Otherwise, according to her personality, she would never come to a compromise.

Most surprising of all, the school also released a notice of dismissal; a particular grade advisor tried to take bribes for her own personal profit and the evidence was undeniable. So, she had no choice but to pack her things and leave. This woman was the twins' grade advisor.

The teachers originally expected that the twins would be expelled for sure. After all, Director Yuan was honestly difficult to deal with.

Who would have thought that the result would be completely different to what they had expected.

Of course, the principal had promised Tangning that he wouldn't reveal the identity of the twins, so everyone thought the brothers had some kind of mystical force protecting them.

No one expected that their parents were Tangning and Mo Ting and their lives would continue to move forward comfortably.


After everything was resolved, the two brothers experienced the capability of their mother and were really happy. But, at the end of the day, when the brothers saw Little Eggshell at the school gates, Mo Zixi's originally cheerful mood was ruined.

Why was she suddenly ignoring them?

Mo Zixi looked at his brother, but Mo Zichen looked back at him with an annoyed expression.

Why was he being so useless?

If she was ignoring him, then he should just ignore her back!

From a distance, Little Eggshell noticed the two brothers. She had heard that they were almost expelled from the school. But, to prevent her mother from feeling troubled, Little Eggshell resisted the urge to run over and comfort them. Instead, she directly boarded her car and left...

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