Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1156 - Rich, Huh?

Chapter 1156: Rich, Huh?

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“After your meeting tomorrow, I’ll tell Lu Che to help the kids change schools.”

“There’s no need,” Tangning laughed. “I’ll visit when everyone’s in class. Not many people will know about it. If I keep a low profile, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“As my sons, are they only capable of fighting?”

“They’re still small…”

After hearing Tangning’s response, Mo Ting gently ran his hand through her hair. His wife was always right, “Show them some power tomorrow…”

“Understood, President Mo!” Tangning said as she planted a kiss on Mo Ting’s lips.

The next day, the principal and the chubby kid’s mother waited inside the principal’s office for the Mo Twins’ parents to arrive. From the looks on their faces, they had no intention of letting the two brothers off.

Especially when the kids all went to class and they still didn’t see Tangning, it made them extra furious.

“Principal, as you can see, the kids’ parents still haven’t arrived. How am I supposed to take this?”

The principal rubbed his chin, gesturing that he was in a difficult position, “Director Yuan, don’t be angry, we’ll wait a little longer…”

“What are we waiting for? My son is still in the hospital, yet I’m forced to sit here and wait for the culprits? I’ve already said what I wanted to. If those two rascals don’t leave this school, I’m going to withdraw my investments!”

“Director Yuan, calm down…” the principal struggled. “How about this? I’ll tell the two brothers to go home first…”

“Go home? Just expel them and give them a bad reference! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, do they really think they did nothing wrong?”

The woman was in her thirties, but she looked relatively mature for her age. Perhaps, it was because she was often angry, so she appeared particularly old and ugly.

A short while later, the principal received a phone call from the grade advisor, notifying him that the twins’ mother was about to arrive and to ask the chubby kid’s mother if she had any requests.

“Requests? My request is to hit her kids in return. Is that possible?”

“Doesn’t she know how precious my son is? Can she afford to compensate for my child?”

“Without $2-$3 million, I’m not going to settle!”

At that time, the grade advisor was instructed to wait for the twins’ mother at the school gates. Of course, she wasn’t happy with this arrangement. The twins often caused trouble, but their parents had never responded with any monetary gestures. So, how could she be happy?

A moment later, the grade advisor saw Tangning’s car pull up outside the school.

It appeared like an average black car. From the looks of it, she didn’t seem like she had much money. No wonder…

The grade advisor humphed as she watched a long-legged woman step out of the car wearing sunglasses.

“Are you Kevin’s grade advisor?” Tangning asked.

“Yes, are you the mother of the twins? Follow me!” the grade advisor said in an extremely unfriendly tone. She would have never imagined that a superstar like Tangning would drive such an average car.

Tangning’s lips curved upwards slightly as she followed the grade advisor towards the principal’s office without a word.

“Ma’am, Director Yuan has requested that the school expel the two brothers because they’ve made too big of an impact on the school. This bad record may follow the kids for the rest of their lives. My suggestion is to not blow up the situation any further…”

“So, what are you saying?” Tangning asked curiously.

“We can settle this matter in private…but you will need to compromise a little.”

As soon as the grade advisor said this, Tangning understood what she was trying to say…She was openly asking for a bribe. The school’s staff were certainly hardworking. But, of course, Tangning knew she couldn’t generalize.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” Tangning laughed.

The woman was directly rejected by Tangning, so she did not look pleased, “In that case…I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to save the twins when you meet with the principal.”

“You don’t need to trouble yourself with that.”

The grade advisor humphed, but Tangning didn’t mind.

A moment later, the two women arrived outside the principal’s office. From the doorway, Tangning could already hear the chubby kid’s mother threatening the school to expel the twins or compensate her $2 million…

When she heard this, Tangning laughed and opened the door, “I’m sorry for being late.”

As soon as the chubby kid’s mother saw the woman with the sunglasses, her eyes almost rolled to the back of her head while the principal politely approached to shake Tangning’s hand.

“Hello, welcome…”

Tangning stretched out her right hand to shake the principal’s hand as she removed her sunglasses with her left hand, “Hello, I’m Tangning, nice to meet you.”


As soon as they heard this name, everyone in the office was stunned. The grade advisor even turned around to look at Tangning in surprise. After confirming that it was the woman she had seen on television, she became speechless.

“I never thought that Miss Tang would be so beautiful in real life.”

“Thank you,” Tangning replied as she sat down and looked at the chubby kid’s mother. At this moment, the woman’s eyes were wide in shock.

“Miss Yuan, I would like to apologize on behalf of my son, but don’t you think you’ve gone too far by demanding to expel my children? I’m not going to deny that my child hit your kid, but your kid knocked a cake out of my child’s hands first, didn’t he?”

Tangning asked straightforwardly.

So, she was on the school board, huh?

She was rich, huh?

Tangning had specifically arrived in a limited edition car today, but the common grade advisor didn’t recognize it.

She also carried a limited edition handbag and her whole body was covered in luxurious goods. So…who was more rich?

Director Yuan looked Tangning up and down. One glance was enough to make her feel self conscious. Tangning looked too prestigious; she was like the queen of an almighty king. How did she look in comparison? She looked like an uneducated housewife.

“Principal, I brought my children here because of the high quality teaching standards, but they were bullied twice because a certain kid has a strong background.”

“I’m sure you know my identity. We simply wanted to keep a low profile…” Tangning said as she glared threateningly at the principal.

The principal quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, Miss Tang…there’s no need to publicize this matter. Let’s resolve it in private.”

“It’s OK, since I came today, I was prepared for this matter to go public…”

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