Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1154 - From What I See, You've Already Done Enough

Chapter 1154: From What I See, You've Already Done Enough



Each person in the industry had their own opinion regarding Elder Nangong's return. After all, there had never been a worthy competitor for Hai Rui. So, Springfall's development aimed to create a level playing field.

After sitting on the throne for so many years, it was time for someone to challenge Mo Ting's authority.

However, Elder Nangong happened to announce his investment into Springfall and his return to the entertainment industry, right after Hai Rui's explosion had just happened. So, it was hard for the public not to have some ideas.

The Mo Family and the Nangong Family were ultimate enemies and they were now competitors in the entertainment industry. It seemed the competition was about to become even more spectacular than just an explosion...

Either way, the public simply had to sit back and enjoy the show!

Elder Nangong had indeed seen a part of 'The Ant Queen 2's' script. But, it was merely a particular actor's part of the script. If someone else was in his position, they wouldn't know what to do with such disjointed information. But, Elder Nangong was different.

Although he agreed not to oppose the Mo Family outside of the business world, he was still very good at making his opponents suffer.

'The Ant Queen 2' was Hai Rui's most important project for the following year. After all, Tangning skyrocketed 'The Ant Queen' onto the international market because of its good reputation. So, apart from making 'Parasite' into a hit, Elder Nangong's other aim was to make 'The Ant Queen 2' a failure.

Of course, he couldn't copy them by himself; it wasn't necessary either. He simply needed to flaunt some money, contact an international team, tell them what he had learnt about 'The Ant Queen 2's' plot and use Hollywood's post production to create a new film. If Tangning's film clashed with a Hollywood film the next year, the scene would be spectacular.

Would people think that Tangning plagiarized Hollywood?

Or would they think Hollywood plagiarized Tangning?

As long as the American's kept denying any claims, then Tangning would forever be considered as the thief. After all, would people believe that a producer from Beijing created something that even Hollywood would copy? No one would believe it!

Of course, Elder Nangong planned all this in secret. After all, it was a huge project that required a lot of convincing to be done.

But, the American's worked for profits. As long as he offered enough money, he was sure that he could negotiate anything.

Nangong Quan was completely unaware of Elder Nangong's plan because Elder Nangong was indeed behaving well after joining Springfall. He did not do anything reckless nor tricky and appeared like he was seriously trying to reintegrate into the world. Who would have thought that he was digging such a huge hole for the Mo Family to fall into?

Soon, it was time for Nangong Quan and Su Youran's wedding. As they didn't have many guests, the couple held a private ceremony inside a small church.

Elder Nangong acted as their witness and his first words to Su Youran were, "Hurry and help the Nangong Family give birth to another child!"

Su Youran smiled. Although she happily greeted the old man, 'grandfather', she was still unsure about him.

From a distance, Mother Su sat in her wheelchair and looked at Elder Nangong. Before he appeared, everything was perfect. But, now that Elder Nangong had entered their lives, she had a feeling that the young couples' lives were about to be messed up.

So, she was afraid that her daughter would be dragged into the dramas of the socialite world.

Meanwhile, Little Eggshell was extremely happy; she finally had a mother! As the flower girl, she twirled around Su Youran excitedly!

After the couple made their vows, the ceremony was completed and they confirmed their relationship with a family photo. And the photo was discovered by the media after everything was done and dusted.

On the night of their wedding...

Mother Su tucked Little Eggshell into bed and gave the couple some time on their own.

As he looked at Su Youran in her white dress, Nangong Quan wrapped his arms around her apologetically, "I feel bad for marrying you in such a simply way."

"I understand," Su Youran hugged him back. "I know that grandfather's presence makes you a little paranoid and uncomfortable."

"I promise I'll make up for it with a grand wedding someday..."

"It's not that important. A wedding is just a ritual. Look at Mo Ting and Tangning, they didn't even have a wedding, but aren't they just as happy?" Su Youran shook her head, gesturing that she didn't mind. "Quan, do you know why I was willing to marry you so soon?"

Nangong Quan looked at Su Youran; at her eyes that twinkled like an expanse of stars.

"Because I don't want you to face all of this on your own. Even if I can't help you, I hope I can be by your side. At least, I can share your stress and be a good wife. I will take good care of myself and Little Eggshell..."

"That's enough...from what I see, you've already done enough," Nangong Quan felt his heart warm up.

He knew he didn't marry the wrong person and he was confident that Little Eggshell didn't pick the wrong person either. The woman in front of him was brave enough to even enter a tiger's lair...

...simply because of persistence and love...

Nangong Quan could no longer control his feelings, so he stretched out his hands and undid Su Youran's zipper, "May...I?"

Su Youran's cheeks flushed red as she nodded her head.

After her white dress fell to the floor, Nangong Quan lifted Su Youran in his arms and placed her on the soft bed. This was officially their wedding night...


That night, Tangning lay in Mo Ting's arms sipping red wine. The couple had never been this relaxed before; they were simply leaning against each other drinking wine and chatting.

"Ting...Nangong Quan and Su Youran got married today. I never thought they'd be so quick."

"As long as two people need each other, they won't be able to resist being together."

Mo Ting stretched out his hand and stroked Tangning's chin before he closed his eyes lazily, "I heard from Fang Yu that Elder Nangong is trying to contact Hollywood."

After hearing this, Tangning immediately flipped over, "What is he planning to do?"

"We're not sure yet. All we know is he definitely has some tricks up his sleeves."

"But, no matter what he wants to do, I will remind him that this isn't the same entertainment industry from 20 years ago. He is no longer in charge - I am!"

Tangning flipped back over, wrapped Mo Ting's arm around her neck and held onto it, "Since he wants to play, then let's play with him. It's rare to be so unyielding."

"Are you tired?" Mo Ting asked after noticing that Tangning wasn't moving for a while. When she didn't respond, he grabbed the blanket and covered her with it.

He then allowed his wife to continue lying on him. Even when his entire body felt numb, he didn't mind. After all, he couldn't dare to wake her up.

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