Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 64: The Couple Share The Stage

Chapter 64: The Couple Share The Stage

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"Tangning, you should learn to be satisfied; stop trying to climb up any further, or else, I don't know what else Mo Yurou and my sister will do to harm you. Don't tell me you want to be covered in wounds," Han Yufan said anxiously to Tangning's back, "Turn back, stop seeking revenge."

Tangning kept walking. The words that were coming out of Han Yufan's mouth sounded funny and ridiculous after all the hurtful things he had already done to her.

As she was walking out, Tangning turned her head and subconsciously looked at the bin in Han Yufan's room. The invite that belonged to her, still sat in the bin - torn to pieces.


"Han Yufan, all I want is fairness; I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Have you ever been fair to me?"

Han Yufan's reaction was slow as he tried to follow Tangning's gaze. However, Tangning had already turned around and all he could see now was the back of her head.

Han Yufan wondered whether Tangning already knew about the Bright Night Gala.

After leaving Han Yufan's room, Tangning headed for Tianyi's main entrance. However, Mo Yurou couldn't help but parade herself proudly around the building as she stopped Tangning at the entrance. She gave a proud and provoking look, "Isn't this Beijing's New Upcoming Model, Tangning? She is so popular these days."

"Move," Tangning said calmly.

"I've received an invitation from the Bright Night Gala, what about you? Miss New Upcoming Model..." Mo Yurou placed her head on Tangning's shoulder as she spoke mockingly, "So what if you shot the Oriental Trend? In the end, aren't you still unwelcome in the modeling world? I'm sure you understand how important the Bright Night Gala is to a model."

Mo Yurou pulled out her invitation and flaunted it in front of Tangning, "I have it...but you don't. Oh, that's right, not only do you not have an invitation, you don't even have a manager, who's going to discuss your contracts?"

Tangning's face remained calm as she stood in place allowing Mo Yurou to be as arrogant as she wanted. After Mo Yurou finally stopped talking, Tangning revealed a slight smile as she used a voice that could only be heard between the two of them, "The judge's it softer than Han Yufan's?"

Mo Yurou froze.

"The Bright Night Gala and whether anyone is discussing my contracts for me isn't something you should worry about. You better focus on applying more perfume, to cover up the smell on your body...the smell of cheating is so strong. How long do you think Han Yufan will remain blind to it?"

After speaking, Tangning watched as a look of guilt crossed Mo Yurou's eyes. Afterwards, she let out a laugh as she pushed Mo Yurou out of the way and walked out of Tianyi, leaving Mo Yurou standing all alone cursing.

Mo Yurou's professionalism had remained stagnant for a long time because she spent too much time scheming against others and caring about her own pride. She also spent too much time flirting with Han Yufan. Otherwise, after 4-5 years in the industry, how could she still be a B-Grade model and not someone already at the top of their game.

After exiting Tianyi, Long Jie was waiting for her in the car with a mysterious smile. Tangning looked at her curiously as she let out a laugh, "What is it?"

"I'll take you somewhere." After speaking, Long Jie started the car and drove Tangning to Beijing's most expensive downtown area and led her into one of the most expensive branded stores.

"Why did you bring me here?" Tangning looked at the open display afraid she would be seen by fans.

"Buying your battle gear..."

A deep voice, not Long Jie's, resounded from the VIP area. It was Mo Ting, who had been waiting for a while. He was wearing a dark blue suit which wrapped around his alluring body. He took confident and poised steps towards her with a bold and seductive smile; he looked like an emperor from a painting.


"The Bright Night Gala, Tianyi does not want you to attend, but I intend on making you the center of attention," Mo Ting walked around and hugged her from behind to draw attention to her perfect curves. She owned a pair of beautiful slender legs, that even the gods would be envious of.

Long Jie knowingly retreated from the store, allowing the couple to be affectionate. Tangning could feel the warmth from his body as she asked, "Aren't you busy at work?"

"No matter how busy I am, I can't forget to care about you..." Mo Ting whispered into Tangning's ear as he gently rubbed her earlobe between his lips, "Did I tell you...I am the Bright Night Gala's special guest?"

Tangning was stunned for a moment before calming down again. Hai Rui won so many awards, of course Mo Ting would attend.

"This will be the first time since we got married, that we will share a stage. The show with hf doesn't count, so this opportunity is very important to me."

"The reason I brought you to this particular store, is because they have a high degree of confidentiality. Also, they have just released a series of couple designs. In the entire world, there is only one of each."

After hearing this, Tangning finally understood Mo Ting's intention. He wanted them to wear clothes from the same series and wear matching jewelry that only they knew about. Even though they couldn't announce their relationship...

...he wanted her to know: no matter what position he was in and where he was, in the end, they were husband and wife...

...and she was the only person that could be by his side.

Even if people couldn't tell their clothes were from the same series, knowing the logo inside was the same...

...Tangning felt safe and warm. Most importantly, it symbolized they were in this together.

"From the sounds of it, you've already selected something?" Tangning's heart felt warm; she was surprised that Mo Ting's thoughtfulness would go to this extent. She had no doubt Mo Ting already prepared everything.

"Follow me," Mo Ting grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the change room. Behind the partition, she could see the dress on the mannequin's body; her eye's looked stunned.

"Go try it on."

Tangning held back the burn in her throat as she entered the change room. Her hands trembled as she removed the dress from the mannequin. She had been a model for so many years and worn so many clothes, yet...this was the first time a piece of clothing had ever made her feel like crying.

This was a champagne colored mermaid dress with transparent shoulders. The cutting was just right, making Tangning's body look even more slender and perfect. The body of the dress didn't use the usual crystals, instead, it was embellished in bright and elegant pearls. On her body, it appeared soft and graceful; she looked like she had come straight out of a painting.

Tangning stood speechless in front of the huge mirror; her heart pounded harder and harder...

...until Mo Ting changed into his suit and stepped out behind her.

At this moment, Mo Ting was wearing a grey retro handmade suit with a leopard-print tie. Out of his front pocket sat a matching handkerchief; he looked poised like an English gentleman. In fact, he looked even more calm and confident than an aristocrat.

Tangning looked at the couple in the mirror as she grabbed onto Mo Ting's hand, "We look like the perfect couple, what should we do if someone figures it out?"

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