Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1153 - Battling Face-To-Face

Chapter 1153: Battling Face-To-Face

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Not long after Elder Nangong left prison, he headed straight over to the US. Then, as soon as he returned to Beijing, he snuck into the crew of ‘The Ant Queen 2’. So, even at this point, he had not truly realized the scale of Hai Rui.

As the leader of the industry, Mo Ting was an authoritative figure in entertainment. Under his reign, Hai Rui was a conscientious agency that had nurtured multiple big name superstars and best actors/actresses. During this time, Elder Mo had already retired.

Elder Nangong, on the other hand, was only capable of doing shady things. How else could he go up against the Mo Family? After all, he had already wasted 20 years of his life. However, Nangong Quan was naive enough to believe that he could choose the honest path and compete with Hai Rui…

Soon, Elder Nangong returned to the accommodation that his friend had helped him prepare and began to chat to him about the explosion at Hai Rui’s film studio. His friend sighed and said, “Old man, let me be honest with you, I was released a few years before you and it took me ages to reintegrate back into society.”

“We are no longer in our era of fighting and violence, everything is about the law. Besides, the police are very capable these days. I don’t think your path is viable,” the man said wholeheartedly as he puffed a ring of smoke.

“I can’t blame your grandson for wanting to stay out of trouble. It wasn’t easy for him to get to his current position. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but if your grandson gets implicated by you again, then everything he’s done will go to waste. Besides, he’s right, old man, if you can’t beat the Mo Family out in the open, then your victory is not worth cheering over.”

“So, what are you trying to say?”

“Old friend, you’re smart. Go home and help your grandson expand Springfall. You can openly steal the Mo Family’s artists. Isn’t that more meaningful than lurking in the shadows?”

Elder Nangong took a puff of his cigarette and thought long and hard.

“To be honest, old man, since you failed to blow up Mo Ting this time, I don’t think you’ll ever get the chance again.”

Was he asking a sneaky person to suddenly step out into the open?

“Moreover, old man, you have experience in the industry. A lot of dirty methods are used within the entertainment industry, isn’t it easier for you to strike there? These past few years, I’ve earned a decent amount of money thanks to your support from prison. If you need me to, I can invest money into your plans.”

Elder Nangong took a deep puff of his cigarette. In the end, he nodded his head, “Let me think for a second.”

Although Elder Nangong didn’t want to admit it, over 20 years had already passed and the world had changed dramatically. Where else could he release his evil ambitions apart from the slightly familiar entertainment industry.

Just as his friend said, rather than lurking in the shadows, why not oppose the Mo Family in the open? He was going to latch onto them forever.

By then, it was almost time for Nangong Quan’s wedding. For safety reasons, Nangong Quan did not invite many people. Besides, he and Su Youran did not have many friends anyway.

Apart from Little Eggshell and Mother Su, they didn’t really have anyone else to invite.

Because of this, Nangong Quan felt bad for Su Youran, “I’m sorry to make you marry me like this.”

“We don’t have many relatives; it’s not something that we can decide. So what if we only have a few guests and so what if we have a few hundred? I’m marrying you, not our guests.”

Nangong Quan took a deep breath and finally relaxed, “I will treat you even nicer…”

“I’m already very satisfied, OK? At least, I can be known as Mrs. Nangong and not merely some rich socialite wife,” Su Youran joked. “Besides, times are tough, as long as I get to be with you, I don’t care about anything else.”

“I’m already satisfied.”

“I am so lucky to have met you,” Nangong Quan said as he hugged Su Youran tightly.

SuYouran felt the same. She deeply appreciated Nangong Quan; she appreciated his open mindedness and his ability to remain neutral even though he was stuck between two competing parties.

A little while later, Su Youran received an anonymous gift. Although there was no name written on it, Su Youran could guess that it came from Tangning.

“Accept it!” Nangong Quan said, afraid that Su Youran would feel uncomfortable. “The two of them are quite thoughtful.”

At times, the Mo Couple (who were meant to be ‘enemies’) were better than her own relatives. For example, her father and her auntie.

The next day, Nangong Quan walked into his office to find his grandfather waiting for him.

He thought, after the argument the other day, the old man would never see him again. Who would have thought…

“Don’t look at me like that. You may have said a whole heap of crap the other day, but you didn’t completely make no sense,” Elder Nangong said as he sat down. “That’s why I’m planning to come back and invest in your business.”

Nangong Quan looked at his grandfather cautiously, not quite understanding his intent. Plus, he was afraid that the old man’s money came from illegal sources.

“Don’t worry, it’s all clean money. From now on, I won’t oppose the Mo Family outside of the business. Are you happy?” Elder Nangong said in seriousness.

“Are you sure?”

“Do you think I would still lie to you?” the old man humphed. “You’re about to get married. You need someone to witness it. Are you seriously treating the Nangong Family like we’ve got no one left?”

“But, I won’t be holding back against the Mo Family. After all, the entertainment industry is a place of mutual suspicion and deception. So, you need to promise me that you won’t stand in my way.”

“Grandfather, as long as what you’re doing is legal, no one will oppose you?” Nangong Quan replied.

“Rascal…it’s time I go say hello to an old friend.”

Seeing his grandfather’s sincerity, Nangong Quan let down half his guard, but he still needed to wait and see if the old man would follow through with his word.

It seemed, in this world, he was the only person that would worry about his enemy so much.

But, of course, Elder Nangong’s return meant that Nangong Quan and Mo Ting would never be able to sit down for a chat like ordinary friends.

After all, their grudge still existed…

After hearing about Elder Nangong’s decision, Su Youran felt a little unsettled. But, he was still Nangong Quan’s grandfather, so she needed to accept him.

As for how his fight with the Mo Family would end up, that was something she didn’t want to think about in the meantime.

In reality, she knew how much Nangong Quan actually wanted a true friend by his side.

Mo Ting was a person that Nangong Quan had acknowledged since he was small. Unfortunately, they were destined to be enemies…

Soon, Elder Nangong officially returned to the Nangong Family Home and invested his money into Springfall. He also announced that he wanted to help the business grow and expand. As a result, Springfall became one of the top three agencies in the industry.

In other words, Springfall was rich and powerful!

Seeing the news, Tangning said to Mo Ting worriedly, “Both of us saw Elder Nangong look at the script of ‘The Ant Queen 2’. If he wants to play dirty again, we might have trouble on our hands.”

“But, hasn’t it become more interesting now that we’re battling face-to-face?” Mo Ting asked calmly.

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