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Chapter 1152 - The Mo Family Owes Me!

Chapter 1152: The Mo Family Owes Me!

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It was reasonable for Elder Nangong to return to the Nangong Family Home.

Those involved all knew what had actually happened with the explosion at Hai Rui’s film studio, but no one was killed, so Elder Nangong’s​ efforts went to waste. He never expected that Mo Ting’s woman was different to the typical bimbo socialite wife because she was extremely cautious.

After the incident, Qiao Man asked Tangning at their new film studio, “Did you call me to cancel the explosion scene because you sensed danger?”

Tangning gently nodded her head, “To be honest, we’ve recently come across a small problem. Fortunately, no one was hurt.”

After hearing Tangning’s response, Qiao Man smiled, “Can you guarantee that the crew is safe now?”

Tangning remained silent for a few seconds before she nodded her head, “Don’t worry, every single person that enters or exits this studio has to go through a security check now. Even our extras have to go through a thorough selection process. There won’t be a safety risk like this again.”

“Since it came from your mouth, I’ll trust you. As for any personal grudges, I trust you guys can resolve it on your own. By the way, the explosives technician was the problem, wasn’t he?”

Tangning once again nodded her head.

“I can’t believe that competition in the industry has reached this extent.”

Qiao Man thought it was just a matter of competition, but Tangning did not further elaborate on her explanation. Since Elder Nangong had been brought into the light, the matter was now easier to handle.

After what happened, Mo Ting became more strict towards his staff at Hai Rui. So, it didn’t take long before Fang Yu’s report arrived on Mo Ting’s desk, “President Mo, this is what you asked for.”

“You must have heard that Elder Nangong was released from prison. Utilize our network of contacts to keep him under surveillance; don’t let him find another chance to make a move,” Mo Ting instructed. “Fang Yu, this is very important. You should understand that it concerns the Mo Family’s safety.”

Fang Yu nodded his head and crossed his arms in seriousness, “From the moment you skipped Lu Che and came straight to me, I already sensed the seriousness.”

“If anything looks suspicious, attack, don’t hold back.”

“Understood,” Fang Yu replied seriously.

Mo Ting didn’t want Lu Che to get involved because he knew that Elder Nangong had his eye on Lu Che’s every move and he wouldn’t be able to do a thing.

More importantly, Lu Che was a relatively ‘honest’ person. In other words, he didn’t react as quickly as Fang Yu.

That’s why Fang Yu was a PR manager for so many years and the public believed there was no news he couldn’t smooth over.

Fang Yu was now the vice president of Hai Rui, but at important times, Mo Ting would leave him with huge responsibilities.

After Fang Yu left, Mo Ting walked over to his floor-to-ceiling window and looked into the distance. He didn’t know how he had become so merciful. If this was in the past, he would have already destroyed Elder Nangong.

Because of Tangning, he held back too much…

Soon after, Hai Rui released an investigation report from the police and confirmed that the explosion was intentional. They also explained how the explosives technician had used a fake ID to get into Hai Rui’s film crew.

The police continued their investigation, but the public already had some brave speculations.

Who would hold such a huge grudge against the Mo Family?

Who else but the Nangong Family?

“If the Nangong Family actually did this, then they’ve really stooped too low.”

“How could they blow up a film studio? Luckily, no lives were lost…”

“I guess, when a Big Boss goes up against another Big Boss, explosives are used.”

The netizens began to criticize the incident and pointed their fingers directly at Nangong Quan from Springfall.

But, Springfall did not step forward to provide an explanation. This was because Mo Ting and Nangong Quan understood each other. They knew that if the public’s eyes were placed on the Nangong Family, then Elder Nangong would have to behave.

Nangong Quan had once imagined multiple scenarios under which he’d see his grandfather again, but this wasn’t one of them.

Holding onto a cigarette, Nangong Quan looked scornful as he sat in his office.

Of course, without his disguise, Elder Nangong’s hair was white and the black mark on the back of his hand was apparent. At this moment, he appeared more like a person from the underworld.

“My dear grandson, grandfather’s back, but judging by your reaction, you don’t look very happy.”

Nangong Quan put down the documents in his hands and looked at the old man before he got straight to the point, “Grandfather, you’re already in your seventies, you should sit back and enjoy your older years…”

“But, too bad, my joints are not bad, I can still move around,” the old man laughed. “I’m aware that my dear grandson is planning to get married and he has an adorable daughter. Are you complaining that I’m annoying and telling me that I shouldn’t have left prison?”

“Grandfather, apart from Little Eggshell, you are my only relative. But, I can’t agree to you seeking the Mo Family for revenge. Are you still planning to do something?”

“The Mo Family owes me! They deserve pay back…”

“No one owes you anything. This world does not have a place for evil. Aren’t you aware of what you did in the past? Even without the Mo Family, there would still be the Zhang Family and the Li Family. Your only way out was to be destroyed,” Nangong Quan said coldly.

“You have no control over what I do.”

“Yes, my abilities are limited, but I won’t sit idly by…” Nangong Quan said confidently as he glared at his grandfather. “Don’t force me to betray my own family!”

After hearing this, Nangong Quan let out a cold laugh, “What an angel…Aren’t you afraid that I’d do something to your fiancee?”

“I won’t surrender to what I know is wrong. Many years ago, I stabbed someone in the US and went to prison for it. Even today, I am no different. I’m not a coward, but you are, because you can’t admit to your faults.”

“Great, this is great.”

The two men glared at each other with fire in their eyes. In the end, the old man gave up, “You’re not the one that went to prison. You will never understand how I feel…”

Nangong Quan felt there was no point talking to his grandfather anymore, so he called his assistant, “Take Elder Nangong to the villa. I’ve already made arrangements.”

“No need. I feel more comfortable on my own.”

After speaking, the old man turned to leave, but Nangong Quan spoke up and held him back, “Did Uncle Qiu die because of you?”

“It’s his own fault for being mentally weak.”

“Twenty years ago, you couldn’t win honestly against Elder Mo, now, twenty years later, you’re still trying to use shady methods to win against the Mo Family. Grandfather, only rats and cockroaches do such disgusting things. Can you really live up to yourself by doing this?”

The old man laughed and waved his hand.

He had already expected that their meeting would not end well.

After all, their values were very different…

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