Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1149 - I Will Definitely Protect You With All My Life

Chapter 1149: I Will Definitely Protect You With All My Life

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There was a huge possibility that his grandfather had left prison without notifying him because he decided to seek revenge on his own. After all, Nangong Quan could be considered as an unfilial grandchild.

Nangong Quan urgently contacted the prison. In the end, he was told that his grandfather had already left prison a long time ago.

He simply didn’t know about it.

Since Qiu Jin was dead, where was his grandfather right now?

Nangong Quan began to feel a little worried. If Elder Nangong wanted to seek revenge, he would definitely look for the Mo Family. But, he had not made a move yet. What was he planning?

Nangong Quan was about to marry Su Youran and didn’t want to get involved with an old grudge; he didn’t want be dragged back into the mess. But, in the end, his grandfather was still family.

Apart from Little Eggshell, he only had this other relative…

Because of this, Nangong Quan was left in quite a predicament. At that point, the only thing he could do was find the old man first.

He had a feeling that Elder Nangong had already placed himself within reach of the Mo Family so he could strike at any time, but he had no idea that Elder Nangong had snuck into the crew of ‘The Ant Queen 2’!

That night, after returning home, Nangong Quan immediately pulled Su Youran into his embrace.

Su Youran sensed that he was unhappy, so she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“My grandfather’s​ already been released from prison. I’m not sure where he is now, but I’m sure Uncle Qiu’s death had something to do with him…Right now, the thing I’m most worried about is if he goes to seek revenge on the Mo Family.”

Elder Nangong wasn’t a mere gangster. Nangong Quan understood that his grandfather was cruel and ruthless.

If he actually found the chance to go against the Mo Family, the Mo Family would definitely be seriously injured.

After hearing what Nangong Quan said, Su Youran fell silent. She understood how Nangong Quan felt; he didn’t want his grandfather to cause another death but he didn’t know how to stop him.

“Quan, I know you’re in a difficult position, but you need to step out and stop him. The least you can do is prevent another innocent person from being implicated. As you’re aware, the Mo Family has three kids. If anything happens to either Tangning or Mo Ting, what are the three kids going to do?”

“Think about how difficult it was for Little Eggshell to grow up without a mother.”

Nangong Quan took a deep breath and nodded his head, “I will find a chance to warn the Mo Family.”

“You need to be careful too. Weren’t you receiving a lot of photos recently? From the looks of it, I don’t think your grandfather will let you off the hook either. If he discovers you ruining his plan, I’m afraid to imagine the consequences…”

“Won’t you protect me if that happens? Huh?” Nangong Quan did not forget that Su Youran was a skilled fighter.

“I will definitely protect you with all my life…”

Nangong Quan laughed, “Silly, I don’t need you to protect me. As long as you protect yourself and Little Eggshell, then I won’t have any weaknesses to hold me back.”

Su Youran hugged her man tightly; the more she understood him, the more she loved him.

A huge grudge was thrown upon him at a young age, yet he never blamed anyone. His open mindedness wasn’t something that others could compare to. Even Mo Ting couldn’t compare.

In the end, Nangong Quan invited Mo Ting to a meeting the next day.

Just like last time, the two men met inside Dynasty Hotel. By now, Mo Ting had completely let down his guard around Nangong Quan.

“I invited you out to tell you that my grandfather has been released from prison. I only just found out.”

After hearing this, Mo Ting’s lips curved upwards slightly, “Why are you telling me? You should be hoping that I don’t know a thing.”

“I’m not sure what he might do to get close to you. Both you and your wife should be cautious. This is all I can help you with,” Nangong Quan said. “Mo Ting, I’ve said it before, I didn’t come back to Beijing to seek revenge. I don’t hate you; I just don’t know how to face the Mo Family so I subconsciously oppose you at times.”

“You should be careful too. If your grandfather hasn’t contacted​ you, then you may be one of his targets as well.”

“Nangong Quan, I truly admire you. If I was in your position, I wouldn’t be able to let go of everything.”

“In that case, let’s swap places in our next lives.”

The two men quickly ate their lunch and went their separate ways. Afterwards, Mo Ting notified Tangning of what he was told, “Nangong Quan told me that Elder Nangong has already been released from prison and his whereabouts are unknown. He must be preparing to attack us.”

“Nangong Quan told you that?”

Mo Ting nodded.

“He’s very open minded,” Tangning smiled. “If you weren’t enemies, he would probably be a good brother to you. Look at how I punished Han Yufan and Mo Yurou just because I couldn’t let go of my grudges. Neither of us can compare to Nangong Quan.”

“The most important thing for us to do now, is to take note of any abnormalities around us,” Mo Ting instructed. “We need to be alert, but we can’t let our enemy notice, in case he goes after Nangong Quan.”

“I understand!”

Tangning nodded her head. From that moment on, she was going to be extra cautious. Unfortunately, neither of them noticed their film crew.

It was hard not to applaud Elder Nangong for his patience. Even after so long, there was still no movement from him.

At that time, ‘The Ant Queen 2’ started to film its fighting and special effects scenes. In other words…

…the time to utilize explosives…

…had arrived.

The first few scenes didn’t involve Mo Ting, so Elder Nangong completed his task properly. As a result, no one suspected him. But, Mo Ting and Old Long were scheduled for a huge scene in two days time. That would be his chance.

After waiting so long…his efforts weren’t about to go to waste.

During this time, the Mo Family weren’t the only ones that searched for Elder Nangong. Nangong Quan was also on the hunt. Seeing his urgency, Su Youran began to analyze the situation for him, “Isn’t President Mo currently filming ‘The Ant Queen 2’? Do you think Grandfather may be hiding on set?”

After hearing Su Youran’s suggestion, Nangong Quan suddenly realized the possibility, “But, Mo Ting will never recognize the old man. Even though he has a black mark on the back of his hand, he can always cover it up.”

“So, you must go. I’m sure Mo Ting won’t object. Even though appearing on set with your identity is a little awkward, it’s for the sake of his safety.”

“Thank you for coming up with this, Youran,” Nangong Quan said before he got up and called Mo Ting.

As expected, Mo Ting had no reason to reject him.

By that time, there was only one day left until the scheduled explosion…

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