Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1148 - It Couldn’t Be Possible

Chapter 1148: It Couldn’t Be Possible

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Tangning soon found another capable person to take the kids to and from school. This time it was a young man who had just left the military.

This young man was simple and honest but also very crafty. With his skills, he created many little things to entertain the brothers.

Apart from being simple and honest, he also had a girlfriend of three years. To give her a stable lifestyle, he decided to accept Tangning’s offer to protect the two brothers.

After seeing that the two kids had someone new to take care of them, Su Youran felt relieved.

But, Little Eggshell still couldn’t help feeling concerned about the two boys. So, she often looked for Mo Zixi after school with some candy or an interesting toy from home.

Mo Zichen didn’t interact with people often. Even when Little Eggshell approached, he didn’t avoid her, but he didn’t talk to her either.

Yet, Little Eggshell happened to notice him the most.

Knowing that Mo Zichen wouldn’t talk to her, she chose to approach Mo Zixi instead, just so she could catch a glimpse of his brother.

Little kids were unaware of grudges; their thoughts were simple.

During this time, Su Youran began preparing for her wedding. As Nangong Quan was busy with work, Su Youran made most of the finer decisions.

At that time, news began to spread that Nangong Quan was getting married. The public were shocked when they found out.

Didn’t this bachelor just return to Beijing?

There were so many beautiful women in the entertainment industry, but no one had ever seen him interacting with any of them. Yet, he was getting married?

Afterwards, Su Youran’s identity was revealed: she was the daughter of the recently bankrupt Su Family. Although she wasn’t extremely wealthy, she wasn’t born into a poor family either.

But, the thing that everyone was most surprised about, was the fact that no one had received any prior news about them.

Could she be considered as a Cinderella? But, everyone was suspicious as to why the two were suddenly getting married when no one had ever seen them interact with each other.

Nangong Quan was worried that all the attention would cause Su Youran a lot of stress…but she was completely unaffected by it. Instead, she continued to take care of Little Eggshell while she planned her wedding and picked out the things she liked.

“I was afraid that the media and public would frighten you.”

When she heard Nangong Quan say this, Su Youran shook her head, “I was already prepared to be exposed, so the current situation isn’t actually too bad… Actually, when you have time, let’s go pick out our wedding outfits…”

Knowing that Little Eggshell and Mother Su were already asleep, Nangong Quan wrapped his arms around Su Youran’s waist, “Since our wedding day is just around the corner, why don’t you stay in my room from now on…?”

Hearing this straightforward question, Su Youran’s face flushed red. She understood what this question suggested.


“Aren’t you used to being around me yet?”

“This is different!” Su Youran said as she covered her cheeks. “I…I’ll be very nervous and I won’t know what to do.”

Seeing Su Youran’s innocent expression, Nangong Quan chuckled and held onto her hands, “Let’s just go with the flow, OK?”

Su Youran thought for a second. Although Nangong Quan was almost 40, he maintained his body well and his body had always been more burly than Mo Ting’s. With the muscles he trained from overseas, Su Youran assumed his body would look quite good.

Since she wasn’t a childish teenager, why was she acting so innocent? They were already engaged. What was wrong with sharing a room together?

So, in the end, Su Youran blushed as she nodded her head, “Don’t bully me…”

Ever since Little Eggshell’s mother passed away, Nangong Quan had not touched another woman again. Now that he thought about it, he had already been chaste for 5 years.

Su Youran never imagined how frightening a man who had resisted for so many years would be as soon as he released his desires.

That night, the couple separately washed up and climbed into bed together. Su Youran was extremely nervous, but Nangong Quan simply hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear, “Let’s sleep. You’ve worked hard all day. You must be exhausted from preparing our wedding.”

That’s when Su Youran finally relaxed and went to sleep…

Meanwhile, Lu Che returned to Mo Ting with the results of his investigation on Elder Nangong. However, he didn’t find anything, “According to his profile, this explosives technician is 50-years-old and has just returned from overseas. He has loads of experience, but apart from that, I couldn’t find any other information on him. President, is something wrong?”

“50-year-old? Does he have a family?” Mo Ting asked.

“According to his information, he’s divorced and has been living on his own. However, he does have a son in Los Angeles.”

After hearing this, Mo Ting nodded his head, “Since that’s the case, there’s no need to investigate any further.”

Mo Ting simply reminded the cast to watch what they were holding in their hands.

They couldn’t let anything go wrong with the filming of ‘The Ant Queen 2’. Tangning had already experienced enough difficulties; Mo Ting didn’t want Tangning’s every move to be met with obstacles.

But, Elder Nangong wasn’t about to let Mo Ting’s wish come true.

Lu Che’s investigation didn’t come back with any results so Elder Nangong was now free from suspicion. This meant, he could now do whatever he wanted on set.

Elder Nangong realized someone had investigated him, but his ability to intercept them was too good. However, he still had to be cautious on set.

“I never thought that this couple would be so observant. At least, they’re better than Nangong Quan, the rascal!”

It seemed, Elder Nangong was unaware that Nangong Quan was actually investigating Qiu Jin’s death.

At that time, ‘The Ant Queen 2′ began to film their climax, which meant, it was time to film the horror parts. Now that the plot was entering the scenes he had been waiting for, it was Elder Nangong’s chance to exact his revenge.

But surprisingly, at this time, Nangong Quan made an important discovery after speaking to Qiu Jin’s neighbors.

“According to the auntie living on the top floor, she saw Uncle Qiu talking to an old man when she was heading downstairs. When I checked the time, it was roughly half an hour before Uncle Qiu committed suicide.”

“Could she describe how the old man looked?”

Nangong Quan asked his assistant.

“The auntie said she couldn’t remember his face properly, but she did remember that he had a black mark on the back of his hand. She clearly saw it when she was walking past.”

A black mark…

After hearing this, Nangong Quan’s expression turned sour.

“Are you sure?”

“The auntie said she was sure because it was so unique that she couldn’t possibly forget it,” his assistant replied.

“Make a phone call to the Beijing Prison,” Nangong Quan instructed. He had a thought, but he didn’t think it could be possible…

However, a lot of things suddenly made sense. Not long ago, someone was placing photos on his car and causing trouble by forcefully reminding him of his parents’ grudge…

Was it the same person?

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