Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1147 - If You Continue To Insult My Brother, I'm Going To Hit You!

Chapter 1147: If You Continue To Insult My Brother, I’m Going To Hit You!

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“Let me show you a demonstration. I’ll act as Xiao Qiu!” Mo Ting said.

“Then…then do you need someone to act alongside you?”

Mo Ting shook his head before he stood up and walked over to a punching bag. At that time, Old Long picked up his script and started reading from it, “Hit me. Pretend I’m your father and hit me as hard as you can…”

Mo Ting obediently walked over to the punching bag as though it was a person. He then tried giving a punch.

“Hit me hard. Have you not eaten today?” Old Long continued to read from the script.

Mo Ting became choked up as he raised his fist; crying as he vented his anger. Without realizing it, his punches gradually became harder and harder…

…until a loud cry of release echoed through the room. At that moment, the entire world fell silent.

From the brewing of emotions to the final outburst, it only took Mo Ting a little over ten seconds to portray his transformation from weak to rebellious. In fact, the pain and anguish flowed directly from his heart…

After Luo Sheng saw Mo Ting’s demonstration, he was stunned…

The other young actors were just as stunned…

What was acting? Mo Ting gave them a shocking lesson on his first day on set.

Because of his performance, the cast and crew were truly convinced by him. They were also reminded of the way that Tangning used to act with all her emotions as though she had become the character she was trying to portray.

Old Long stood to the side and smiled. It seemed, the Fei Tian Best Actor Award was going to go to Mo Ting again!

The Mo Couple were practically born to be a part of the entertainment industry!

Not too far away, Elder Nangong quietly watched everything that happened and revealed a sneaky smile. After waiting for so long, his efforts weren’t about to go to waste. But, of course, the current scenes were mainly talking scenes, the shocking scenes were yet to come. So, the explosives technicians worked on other projects in the meantime.

However, Elder Nangong requested to stay on set. He said he enjoyed staying with the crew so he could fully understand the film.

Now that Mo Ting had joined the set, it meant, his death was nearing.

With Mo Ting’s arrival, the entire crew became more serious and hardworking. Most importantly, the other young actors quickly got into the right mindset because working with Mo Ting seriously taught them a lot.

“I truly admire President Mo. Even with his status, he still insists on being treated like a normal actor. He eats and sleeps in the same conditions without any special treatment.”

“This is how he got to his position as boss.”

“Tangning’s like that too. The two of them seem to be serious with everything they do. It’s amazing how they live each day to its full potential…”

After an entire day of filming, Tangning personally drove over to the set to pick up President Mo. The crew couldn’t help but laugh when they saw her, “Miss Tang, you’re certainly punctual. Can’t you leave President Mo on the set for a little while longer?”

Tangning also laughed, “You guys have already spent an entire day with him, I think it’s my turn now, right? Any longer and I’d be love sick!”

“Oh gosh, look at this public display of affection…”

Mo Ting could not be bothered to stick around and chat. He quickly changed and transformed back into the usual Mo Ting before he led Tangning to the car and automatically took over the driver’s seat.

“If you’re tired, get some rest. I’ll drive.”

“This is a man’s right and responsibility,” Mo Ting chuckled.

Tangning shook her head helplessly. Just as she was about to say something, she spotted Elder Nangong standing behind Luo Sheng sneaking looks at Luo Sheng’s script.

Tangning furrowed her brows; this old man did not look familiar.

“Have you seen that man before?” Tangning asked Mo Ting.

Mo Ting followed Tangning’s gaze and shook his head, “I can ask around, someone must know.”

How could a member of staff secretly look at an actor’s script? Where were the rules?

Of course, Tangning pretended she didn’t say anything and waited for Mo Ting to look into the matter first.

While ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was fully occupied with filming, ‘Parasite’ wasn’t doing bad either. Therefore, Nangong Quan was pleased with its progress.

After deciding to get married, Nangong Quan’s life experienced dramatic changes; he seemed less melancholy and more carefree.

Everyone at work began to wonder if he was in a relationship…

But, they had not heard about him getting close to anyone. In actual fact, they had simply not heard that Su Youran was already living in his house.

However, the happiest person at that moment, was none other than Little Eggshell.

Ever since Su Youran revealed her relationship with Nangong Quan, Little Eggshell immediately started calling her ‘mommy’. Each time she called her that, Su Youran’s heart would melt.

But, the fact that she had changed to driving Little Eggshell to school instead of the twins, created a bit of gossip.

This was because the kids at school were still unaware that the two boys were Mo Ting’s sons. So, all words of ridicule were directed towards them.

“That big sister doesn’t want you anymore!”

“Kevin is a freak!” The english name that Mo Zichen was known by at school was Kevin.

The kids disliked Mo Zichen because the scar on his face hadn’t completely healed.

As soon as he heard one of the kids teasing his brother, Mo Zixi immediately stood up with his hands on his hips and yelled, “If you continue to insult my brother, I’m going to hit you!”

Mo Zichen held back his brother. His expression showed that he couldn’t be bothered giving the kid a response. However, a moment later, the kid’s cries echoed through the room.

The teacher immediately approached to find the kid had tripped on the floor because he was tied to his seat with some rope.

Mo Zixi glanced at Mo Zichen, but Mo Zichen acted indifferently.

After that incident, the two brothers learned to work together.

On the surface, Mo Zixi spoke loudly to protect his brother. But, in reality, Mo Zichen secretly planted traps to save both of them.

This meant, the truly capable one was actually Mo Zichen!

The teacher investigated for an entire day but couldn’t figure out who had tied the kid to the chair. However, she refused to believe that the young children in her class would have the brains to do something like that…

Within their grade, the two brothers had no authority or power, but it didn’t make them feel inferior. They knew they had a strong background and never let the other kids bully them.

Hmmph, wait until the day you know who my parents are. You’re going to be scared to death, you little punk!

Because of what happened, Little Eggshell began to feel a little guilty. After all, she was the one that snatched Su Youran away, resulting in the other kids calling the twins names and saying that even their nanny didn’t want them.

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