Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1145 - You Are My Only Hope

Chapter 1145: You Are My Only Hope

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“Look, you’re about to marry into a wealthy family and you no longer need to worry about food and clothing, but what about your father? I don’t even have a place to sleep…” Father Su cried. “Youran, I admit that I mistreated you and your mother, but you can’t just watch me die and do nothing…”

“So, you’re allowed to wrong us, but we’re not allowed to wrong you?” Su Youran asked as her eyes turned red. “Dad, this is the last time I’ll call you by this greeting.” Afterwards, Su Youran pulled out a few hundred dollar bills and placed them in front of her father, “This is my last bit of mercy.”

After speaking, Su Youran turned her attention elsewhere.

Seeing that he didn’t achieve the result that he wanted, Father Su turned and started pleading Mother Su instead, “Honey…save me.”

“Don’t forget that we’ve already signed our divorce papers,” Mother Su pointed out the truth. “I suggest you go look for my sister instead. After all, the two of you have been secretly doing things behind my back for so many years, I’m sure she’ll save you.”


“Don’t ever come looking for me or Youran again. Even if I was about to die, I wouldn’t spare a cent for you, so there’s no use pleading me!” Mother Su suddenly yelled. “It’s true that Youran has a decent partner, but it has nothing to do with you. Don’t you remember how you’ve treated Youran over the years?”

Father Su was speechless as he kneeled in front of the mother and daughter, unsure of what to do next.

“The two of you are my only hope…”

“When you were acting affectionate with the sl*t, right before my eyes, why didn’t you treat me like your only hope then? If you had even the slightest bit of conscience, things would not have reached this point!”

“Hope? Hope has long been absent between you and I.”

After hearing the conversation between her parents, Su Youran suddenly regretted giving Father Su a few hundred dollars. She had never seen her mother lose her temper or speak up about her sufferings like this before.

On what grounds did the jerk think he could get help from others?

“Youran, honey, if you don’t help me, then I will have to die…”

Father Su shamelessly threatened his wife and daughter with death.

But, at this time, Nangong Quan entered the cafe dressed smartly in a suit and approached the mother and daughter, “Have you not finished yet?”

Su Youran pointed at Father Su with her chin and humphed, “He said, without us, he will die.”

Nangong Quan could see a sense of mercy on Su Youran’s eyes, so he patted her on the shoulder and said, “Take auntie out first, I’ll speak to Mr. Su.”

Su Youran glanced at Father Su and nodded her head, “I’ll leave it with you then.”

After speaking, Su Youran nudged Mother Su out of the cafe with her.

As soon as the mother and daughter were gone, Nangong Quan sat down in front of Father Su, “I know Youran is very kindhearted, but I’m not… Mr. Su, I’m sure you must have heard by now that I killed someone in the US.”

Nangong Quan deliberately used this incident to scare Father Su.

As soon as Father Su heard what Nangong Quan said, his hands began to sweat.

“So, paying off your debt is already my bottom line. Did you still think that I would give you millions to live the rest of your life in luxury? I’m sorry, that’s not possible.”

“I’m only helping you out of debt because of Youran… If you cling to her and her mother again, don’t dream of getting anything from me. Understood? Mr. Su?”

“But, how am I going to live the rest of my life…?” Father Su was still hoping to live a comfortable life.

“That depends if you work or busk on the streets!”

After speaking, Nangong Quan stood up, not wanting to waste another word on the man.

Hopefully, the jerk would now keep his distance from the mother and daughter.

Father Su sat dispirited on the ground, but there was nothing he could do.

At least, Nangong Quan helped him pay his debts and he no longer had to hide. As for how he was to live the rest of his life, it seemed, he would have to go look for his old mistress. Either way, she was a lawyer. However, he had no idea that Su Youran’s auntie had already locked herself up at home for three days straight.

It was simple: she was too embarrassed!

She seduced her brother-in-law and beat her sister. She had done all the most disgusting things imaginable.

Of course, trash had to be heaped together so they wouldn’t ruin others…

However, even after the matter with Father Su was resolved, Su Youran did not feel happy.

When Nangong Quan saw her return home without saying a word, he began to tell her about his past, “When I was roughly 10, my family was flipped upside down. My parents ended up dying and I had to run away to the US to save my life.”

“I worked all by myself in a poor part of town and became an apprentice inside a store. But, I ended up accidentally hitting a local tyrant to death. As soon as I stepped foot into prison, I thought my life was over.”

“The first 30 years of my life went by in a blur. It was not until Little Eggshell was born that I finally understood myself and decided to take care of this child. She became my motivation to continue living.”

“So, Youran, you’ve been a lot more fortunate than me. At least, Auntie treats you wholeheartedly.”

After hearing what Nangong Quan said, Su Youran suddenly hugged him from behind, “After what you said, I’m beginning to feel the Mo Family are to blame.”

“I sometimes admire you for having the ability to let go of your grudges.”

“That’s because, I believe that no one can control another person’s fate. If you want to live a good life, then you should work hard. There’s no point blaming others.”

“The Mo Family weren’t wrong…even though my family fell apart because of their actions.”

“Let’s not talk about that anymore,” Su Youran hugged Nangong Quan even tighter. “Stop talking, it’s making my heart break! From now on, you don’t just have Little Eggshell – you also have me. We will be by your side…”

That day, Nangong Quan revealed his deep and dark past calmly to Su Youran. He even included the part where he went to prison. He did it because he wanted Su Youran to understand everything about him.

Su Youran admired his thoughtfulness.

Because of this admiration, she felt like she understood him on a deeper level and appreciated him even more.

“I will definitely protect Little Eggshell with you and make sure she grows up healthy and happy.”

“In that case, you need to give her a complete family first!” Nangong Quan said suggestively.

“Youran, marry me. We can develop our love after we get married. I can give you everything you’ve been missing. I’m almost 40, you must understand the worries of an old man.”

“But, what if I regret it?”

“If one day, you decide that I’m not treating you well enough and you want to leave…you can leave at any time. I will not force you to stay,” Nangong Quan guaranteed, “But, I won’t let that day happen.”

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