Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 63: Being Tricked Again

Chapter 63: Being Tricked Again

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As the lift went directly to Mo Ting's office, Tangning didn't need to worry about running into any of the staff in Hai Rui. As soon as she stepped out of the lift, she saw Mo Ting's huge office; Tangning was relieved.

The office was styled very differently to the Spanish-palace-look they had at home. Mo Ting's office was minimalist with angular metal furnishing; this showed his efficient, concise and dignified approach to work, making those that entered the room to subconsciously feel a sense of respect.

At present, the man behind the office table was focused on signing the documents before him. The mole on his right earlobe made him appear reliable yet seductive; so they say, 'men are the most attractive when they are serious'. Tangning stood in the distance in a daze...until Mo Ting lifted his head and noticed her standing there...

"Go take a seat on the sofa for a bit," Mo Ting said gently as he instructed Lu Che, "Go prepare some English black tea and pastries. Also, grab a blanket on the way."

"Yes, president."

Tangning watched as Mo Ting quickly signed all the documents and walked to sit beside her, "Why didn't you bring Long Jie up?"

"She said she didn't want to be a lightbulb."

Lu Che entered the office with the pastries and handed a blanket to Mo Ting. Mo Ting immediately covered Tangning's legs with the blanket, "The air conditioner is a bit strong."

Tangning smiled before reaching out her hands to nudge Mo Ting, "Go do your work, don't disturb me from enjoying the beautiful scenery."

"Beautiful scenery?"

"The sight of you working..."

Mo Ting had no choice but to stand up and return to his table to continue working. Meanwhile, Tangning resisted her tiredness for a while before leaning against the sofa and falling asleep. Mo Ting got up to reposition her body horizontally on the sofa, placing a pillow under her head and covering her with a blanket. She actually wanted to keep him company even though she was so tired from work...

People went in and out of Mo Ting's office. Not only Lu Che, but also his secretary and a few company higher-ups. Every person that entered, would have a different expression as they walked out.

As they entered, they were calm. But upon exiting, they were so surprised their eyes almost popped out of their heads.

The Big Boss is taken!

Who was the beautiful woman in the Big Boss' office?

There's actually a person that is bold enough to fall asleep in the boss' office!

The way that Big Boss looks at that beauty is gentle like water!

My God! This is big news!

However, after leaving the office, as they weren't allowed to gossip, each person felt like they were going to explode. How amazing would this woman have to be to get the Big Boss' affection? Could she be a current famous superstar?

Tangning was resting peacefully; she slept well. She had no idea, she had already put Hai Rui into a frenzy.

8pm. Mo Ting finally finished his work and carried Tangning in his arms out of the building into his Rolls Royce. Because of the noise outside, Tangning finally awoke. She opened her eyes and gazed at Mo Ting gently, "You've finished work?"

"What would you like to eat?" Mo Ting started the engine as he gently asked her.

"You decide," Tangning tilted her head and wrapped her arm around Mo Ting's right arm as she continued to nap.

The sports car drove out of the basement carpark. At the same time, behind them, Hai Rui's curious onlookers were gathered around. Although they couldn't gossip, they wanted to at least have a look; it didn't matter if they couldn't see clearly. Who was this woman that was affectionate with Mo Ting...

Mo Ting did not take Tangning to a restaurant, instead, he decided to cook and prepare a feast for the two of them. Tangning watched Mo Ting's busy figure. She couldn't help but approach him from behind and give him a hug, "How could you be so good to me..."

"You are so easy to take care of...just a simple dinner and you are already touched..."

Tangning did not respond, instead, her hands wandered into Mo Ting's shirt and caressed his chest muscles, "Mr. Mo, I'm hungry..."

"The food is on its way."

"But, I want to eat you up."

Mo Ting stopped what he was doing. Without saying a word, he turned around and carried Tangning horizontally in his arms, out of the kitchen. What his wife requested, he, of course, had to immediately fulfill...

Late at night. The news was covering the Bright Night Gala that was to take place in 3 days time. After glancing at it quickly, Mo Ting lowered his head to question Tangning who was in his embrace, "The Bright Night Gala, I've looked at the guest list. Both you and Mo Yurou are invited."

"Bright Night Gala?" Tangning lifted her head confusedly.

"Seems like Tianyi hasn't told you about it, and probably doesn't intend to..." seeing Tangning's reaction, Mo Ting's voice lowered.

The Annual Model Awards was one of the biggest events of the year. The Top Ten Model Awards was only a part of it. The most important thing was the awards, which would definitely be taken home by some of the most famous models. Amongst them, 80% were awarded to models from Hai Rui and Star King.

Tangning straightened her body; she felt a little tense.

Mo Ting noticed her reaction and quickly stroked her hair as he gently comforted her, "Let's pretend you don't know about it. Let them think you won't attend. On the day, I will send someone to escort you down the red carpet. Ning, you have already considered all possibilities, don't let this upset you..."

Tangning slowly calmed down as she gently nodded her head, "If not for you, I would probably be tricked again!"

"But there is no 'if', you indeed have me."

Tangning tightly wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist; he was her safest harbor in the world...

The next morning. As discussed, Tangning indeed pretended she didn't know a thing as she entered Tianyi with Long Jie. Inside his office, Han Yufan was in an extremely good mood. After their multiple battles with Tangning, they had finally learned to hide their true intentions. So, in front of her they no longer flaunted or showed off - they simply pretended nothing happened.

"After the collaboration with ISN, are you going to continue working? There have been many magazines and endorsement offers for you, have you made a decision?"

"I want to work with TQ," Tangning placed TQ's collaboration plan in front of Han Yufan.

Han Yufan was surprised for a moment; he did not understand why Tangning would pick TQ. Although this was a high-end magazine, in terms of sales and reputation, it did not compare to other magazines. Why did she insist on picking this one?

"Are you sure?" Han Yufan completely did not understand what Tangning was thinking. She had just taken a step towards success, but instead of riding the wave to increase her exposure, she chose something out of the ordinary and selected a path that no one else was confident about. "I am sure..." Tangning nodded. "Mo Yurou will be receiving an award, I believe you will be using all your resources to support her. There is no reason for you to interfere with what I want to do, right?"

"Are you afraid the higher-ups will reject it?" Han Yufan asked coldly. "Tangning, you think too highly of yourself. If you want to do it, then do it. As for the higher-ups, I will convince them. However, you need to be aware of the dangerous choice you have made."

"I am completely aware..." After speaking, Tangning stood up. She had nothing else to speak to Han Yufan about.

"Tangning, you must be desperate to destroy yourself. Are you really going to make our wish come true?"

After hearing this, Tangning's footsteps stopped for a moment.

"I think you should care about you and Mo Yurou first..."

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