Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1142 - Not As Handsome As The Father Of The Twins

Chapter 1142: Not As Handsome As The Father Of The Twins



Elder Nangong made a lot of friends in prison, so when he left prison, he received a lot of help from his friends and recuperated in the US for quite some time.

Now that he was back in the country, he adopted the surname of Tseng and obtained a certificate for the handling of explosives just so he could prepare to sneak into Tangning's team.

As for Nangong Quan, he was going to pretend that he didn't have that grandson!


After watching a film, Nangong Quan and Su Youran grew slightly closer to each other. After all, their intentions were elsewhere to begin with.

While Su Youran was simply happy to have Nangong Quan by her side, Nangong Quan didn't actually enjoy watching films, he just wanted to accompany Su Youran.

That night, the two of them returned home together, but as they reached the front door, Su Youran said to Nangong Quan, "I'll go in first, you can come in later..."

"Little Eggshell should be asleep by now..."

"But, my mom might not be," Su Youran said as she peeked out of the car and looked up at Mother Su's room. Only when she saw the room light turn off did she let down her guard, "OK, let me get out of the car first."

As Nangong Quan watched her acting cautiously, he was not upset, he simply hoped that Su Youran enjoyed the experience of dating instead of jumping straight into an engaged relationship like he originally suggested. Even though he was more than happy to be engaged.

The two walked into the living room one after the other and separately returned to their rooms.

But, before entering their rooms, Nangong Quan suddenly hugged Su Youran and gave her a fright, "What's the matter?"

Nangong Quan held on for a few seconds before he finally let go, "Let's go to sleep..."

Su Youran's heart raced so hard it almost jumped out of her chest...

This was a feeling that she hadn't experienced for a long time.

It's not that she never admired anyone in the military, but it was just a pure admiration, she never expected to actually get close to anyone. But, now that she received a hug from Nangong Quan, she truly felt like she was actually dating someone...

She was dating...

Nangong Quan's hug was very reassuring.

That night, the two lay in their respective beds, rolling around unable to sleep. They were both afraid of their own urges, so they tried their best to control themselves...

Due to her lack of sleep, Su Youran woke up the next day with a cold.

Even though she still insisted on driving Little Eggshell to school and even planned to pick up the Mo Twins, Nangong Quan stopped her, "Go get Little Eggshell, I'll drive both of you."

"But...I still need to go to Hyatt Regency..."

"I'll take you..." Nangong Quan replied swiftly before he pushed Su Youran into the car. Only after his daughter and girlfriend were seated comfortably in the car, did he start the engine, "I've met Mo Ting before and I don't want to go against him."

It's not that Nangong Quan didn't feel hatred, but he knew that the true culprits weren't the Mo Family.

Su Youran looked at Nangong Quan and felt that he was a very open-minded person. At least, if she was in his position, she wouldn't be able to let go of everything so easily.

"Little Eggshell, Daddy's really impressive, isn't he?" Su Youran asked.

"But, I'm annoyed that my Daddy isn't handsome enough!" Little Eggshell said with her head in her hands. "He's not as handsome as the father of the twins!"

"Who says?" Su Youran started arguing with Little Eggshell.

Nangong Quan was quiet, introverted and looked like a man with a story. On top of that, his appearance was slightly wild and charming like a mature man. This was very different to Mo Ting's prestigious presence.

"Does Big Sis think my Daddy is more handsome?"

"Your Daddy is more manly!"

At her age, Little Eggshell didn't understand what manly meant. But, these words pleased Nangong Quan. This woman was obviously provoking him. If Little Eggshell wasn't around, he would have made a move on her.

Soon, the three of them arrived at Hyatt Regency.

Tangning walked out with the two little rascals and saw Su Youran personally step out of her car. She could guess that there was another person on board.

"Is Little Eggshell in the car today?"

"Yes, I have a slight cold, so..." Su Youran explained.

"It's fine, go ahead," Tangning handed her two kids to Su Youran.

Su Youran looked at Tangning thankfully; this was the reason why she liked and respected Tangning. With her current status in Beijing, Tangning could easily treat the people that worked for her arrogantly, but she never mistreated nor looked down on any of the people around her.

This was the most elegant example of a woman!

Little Eggshell was really well-behaved as she moved aside and gave the two twins some space in the car.

As soon as Mo Zixi boarded the car, he began to chat to Little Eggshell while Mo Zichen stared at Nangong Quan like an old man.

Nangong Quan was surprised that a little kid could have a gaze like that, so he turned around, glanced at Mo Zichen and said to Su Youran, "This kid is very special."

"Yes, he is indeed very special," Su Youran nodded. "Zichen doesn't like to talk, but everyone believes he understands what adults are thinking..."

"How amazing!"

At that time, Mo Zixi and Little Eggshell started arguing about something little. All of a sudden, Mo Zichen hid his brother behind his back and looked at Little Eggshell cautiously.

Mo Zixi was the older brother, but...Mo Zichen often protected him instead.

Obviously, the scar on his cheek was the biggest example.

Soon, the three kids walked into school together and Nangong Quan escorted Su Youran home. But, just as they reached home, Nangong Quan suddenly held onto Su Youran's seatbelt.

"What...what now?"

"Remember to take your medication," Nangong Quan reminded.

"Understood. You should get to work," Su Youran nodded as she took a deep breath. "I'm going to go home, take some medicine and go to sleep. I should be fine after that."

Nangong Quan reached out his hand and touched Su Youran's forehead before he stepped out of the car and walked around to carry her out, "You have a fever..."

"I'm honestly fine," Su Youran explained. "I used to catch the cold a lot. I should be better soon."

"That was in the past, but you have me now," Nangong Quan said before he carried Su Youran into the living room. Luckily, Mother Su wasn't home at the time, so Nangong Quan continued upstairs and laid Su Youran down on his bed.

"Have you forgotten that I sleep opposite you?"

"You don't need to say anything. You should focus on recovering from your fever."

Nangong Quan ignored Su Youran's resistance as he pulled out a thermometer.

"You're going to be late for work..."

"Only now have I realized that relationships could make a person lazy." Nangong Quan pulled out his phone and called his assistant, "I'll be late to work."

All he wanted to do now was take care of Su Youran!

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