Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1141 - Forever Irreplaceable

Chapter 1141: Forever Irreplaceable



Although Tangning already made the suggestion, Su Youran still did not do as told. She was actually more concerned about Nangong Quan's feelings.

No, to be exact, she had subconsciously started to care about Nangong Quan's feelings. Hence, she continued to pick up Little Eggshell and the twins separately.

After living in the Nangong Family Home for a few days, she barely had the chance to see Nangong Quan because he was relatively busy.

Since he had only returned to Beijing not long ago, he didn't have the foundation that Mo Ting had. So, he was required to handle all matters personally. Besides, he now had someone to take care of Little Eggshell for him, so he had more time to focus on his work.

This made Su Youran a little uncertain about their relationship; perhaps Nangong Quan had really acted on impulse that day and didn't mean what he said.

But, that night, just as she was heading back to her bedroom, she ran into Nangong Quan on the stairs just as he returned home.

As their eyes met, Su Youran gave a gentle smile as she continued towards her room. However, Nangong Quan called her back, "Do you have some time tomorrow night?"


"Would you like to go catch a film together?" Nangong Quan asked in seriousness.

Su Youran was stunned for a second before she nodded her head, "OK...let's meet outside the theater at 9pm."

Since they had to keep it a secret from Little Eggshell and Mother Su, they naturally had to leave the house separately. So, Nangong Quan nodded his head and returned to his room.

They were watching a film together...

Nangong Quan made Su Youran a little confused and frustrated. That man had agreed to treat her like a blind date, but after that day, he was consistently busy and didn't really pay much attention to her, yet he was now inviting her to the theater. Was this a man's trick? Was he playing hard-to-get?

Regardless of what he thought, Su Youran still decided to dress up a little. She put on a little black dress and even attempted to wear heels. Although it was a little difficult to walk, she still arrived at the theater, right on time. Nangong Quan had arrived early and was already waiting for her.

When he saw the way she dressed up, he didn't say anything, but it was obvious that he was more used to seeing her in T-shirts and jeans; they made her look more fresh and cheerful.

"From now on, you can be casual. It's not necessary to dress like this..."

Su Youran nodded her head, "OK." She also disliked dressing like that.

"Let's go inside..."

After speaking, Nangong Quan stretched out his hand towards Su Youran.

Originally, he had the option of booking a private VIP screening and watching the film with just Su Youran, but, he had a feeling that Su Youran enjoyed getting to know each other like normal people.

So, even though he was at risk of being recognized, he still insisted on taking Su Youran to the public theater.

At that time, a black car pulled up outside the theater. Inside the car sat a 67-year-old man with a head of white hair. As he watched Nangong Quan and Su Youran disappear into the theater, he complained, "Useless trash."

There was revenge to seek, yet he was wasting his time on flirting and dating!

"Sir, we need to leave."

"Let's go then," the old man instructed the driver as he stomped his walking stick on the floor. "Help me investigate this woman's background later..."


"My grandson's grown up now and forgotten how the Nangong Family fell apart..."

"...but I will never forget!"

"Luckily, I am still capable. If I had to wait for the Nangong Family to help me get revenge, I don't think it would ever happen in my lifetime..."

Looking at the way that Nangong Quan was, the old man realized why Qiu Jin was so hopeless that he deserved to die!


Meanwhile, Tangning and Mo Ting did not receive news that Elder Nangong had been released from prison yet. After all, everyone thought the old man would ultimately die in prison.

Even Nangong Quan had no idea of his grandfather's latest situation. In reality, the old man had racked up a load of good credit inside the prison and received four sentence reductions. On top of that, he also made a bunch of new friends. So, as soon as he was released, he changed his name without telling anyone; he didn't trust anyone and he was afraid of revenge from his enemies.

First of all, it took him some time to receive treatment for his illnesses in the US. After he recuperated, he heard his grandson was returning to China. Initially, he thought his grandson would get revenge for him, but to his surprise, he found Nangong Quan flirting around instead!

What a disappointment!

It seemed, he had to rely on himself.

He wanted to see how solid and impenetrable the Mo Family were.

By this time, Tangning's 'The Ant Queen 2' was already good to go. All they were waiting for was a start date to be confirmed so they could get the cameras rolling. The newly selected actors appreciated their rare opportunity to work with Tangning, so they were particularly modest and hardworking - especially Luo Sheng. He had dreamed of acting in one of Tangning's films for a long time. Although he was discovered by Tangning, she never selected her actors based on her relationship with them.

So, even though she had discovered him, she would never consider him unless he was truly suitable.

Of course, Tangning was involved with selecting the main cast and crew, but what about everyone else?

Elder Nangong had been gathering updates through small channels on the progress of Tangning's film. He had one simple motive: he wanted to sneak into the explosives team.

If he still had the opportunity to personally make a move, his dream was to enter this unnoticed but important team... All he had to do, was create an accident and Mo Ting could lose his life.

Because of this intention, the old man had to hide his identity. So, he was happy to not meet with his grandson.

He simply followed him every now and then and discovered he was distracted by flirting...


"Let's choose a good date to start shooting 'The Ant Queen 2'."

It was late at night as Tangning lay in Mo Ting's arms. Just before going to sleep, she said in a drowsy tone, "I can't wait to see you act as a villain."

Mo Ting stroked Tangning's back as his lips curved upwards slightly. As long as it was his wife's wish, he would naturally fulfill it, "Get some rest first. We'll discuss the schedule tomorrow."

"Ting...I know you're really tired, but I'm selfish, I want you to appear in every single one of my films."

"You need to be exclusive to me. You can only appear in my films."

"Just like how you're my exclusive manager..."

This possessiveness was quite effective on Mo Ting; it meant, he was forever irreplaceable in her heart.

"As you wish."

After hearing this, Tangning's eyes suddenly opened as she looked up at Mo Ting with a slightly mesmerized and desirous expression...

Mo Ting was deeply attracted by this look...

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