Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1139 - Has Your Anger Been Dissolved?

Chapter 1139: Has Your Anger Been Dissolved?

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Nangong Quan did not reply as he handed over his business card and returned to Su Youran’s side.

“It seems, your luggage has already been packed. I guess, that’s one less thing for us to worry about. Thank you, Mr. Su,” Nangong Quan said politely to Father Su.

As soon as Father Su looked at Nangong Quan’s business card, he realized he was the man that had been appearing on the newspapers a lot recently: the CEO of Springfall Film and Television. On top of that, he was also the founder of a technology company in the US.

“Mr. Nangong and my daughter…”

“Youran is my fiancee. I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, but I didn’t expect to encounter this on my first visit,” Nangong Quan laughed before he wrapped his arm around Su Youran and turned to leave, “Let’s go…”

“Mr. Nangong, please stay a moment…”

“Oh, that’s right, sir. You should get ready to receive a letter from my lawyer. You too, ma’am. The two of you had an affair and have been treating Auntie Su with violence. I guess someone needs to take care of that. I know that Youran’s auntie is a famous lawyer. But, no matter how famous you are, I doubt you can compete my legal team.”

“From now on, Youran has nothing to do with the Su Family. Mr. Su, if I discover that you’ve contacted Youran or Auntie Su again, then I’m sorry, I’m going to make you suffer.”

“Originally, I was planning to offer some help when I discovered that the Su Family was having a bit of difficulty. But, judging by the current situation, I think it’s better that I give it to Youran as pocket money…don’t you think, Youran?”

Su Youran was currently wrapped in Nangong Quan’s arms. Although she didn’t know why Nangong Quan was helping her, she was extremely thankful for his help.

At this moment, Father Su suddenly changed his attitude towards Su Youran and became very polite, “Youran, can you lend the money to your father…? I guarantee I’ll pay you back.”

But, Su Youran simply smiled, “If I actually had that much money, I would use it to pay my mother’s legal fees, so she could take you to court and at least take half your assets! Even though I’m not interested in it…”

As soon as Father Su heard this, his face turned pale in fear.

“Youran, don’t do this to your father…Youran.”

“Do you really want me to help you? Fine. Do you know what I want?!” Su Youran asked her father as she stared at her auntie.

Father Su understood what she was referring to. So, he immediately raised his hand and made an oath, “I will kick her out of here. I’ll make her disappear from my sight, right now and never let her back into the family home.”

“Is that enough? She owes my mother more than that?”

“Qizhong, how could you treat me like this?” Su Youran’s auntie asked as she stared at Father Su in shock. “Are you sacrificing me for the sake of money?”

“Right now, nothing is more important than my business. If I have nothing, I doubt you’d be with me anyway!” Father Su humphed.

“I am truly in love with you. For you, I even got a divorce. Where do you want me to go now?”

“I don’t care where you go. As long as it satisfies Youran’s anger!” Father Su suddenly acted righteously. “Now, get out of here. Leave right away!” Father Su didn’t just respond with words, he also responded with actions as he began to push the woman towards the door.

Had the tables turned too quickly?

Auntie Su couldn’t believe that after putting in so many years of effort and almost reaching the finish line, Su Youran’s fiance would suddenly appear and ruin everything.

“Qizhong…don’t kick me out, please.”

As she watched the two put on an act, Su Youran simply had one thought, “How disgusting!”

“Let’s go,” Nangong Quan was no longer interested in watching the two pushing each other back and forth. So, he helped Su Youran pick up her luggage.

“No, Youran, you can’t leave. Look, Mr. Nangong…”

“Do you want me to help you? Sure, but I need to see how you treat my mother…” Su Youran said before she turned and followed Nangong Quan out without taking a glance back.

Nangong Quan had undeniably helped her today.

After all, from the moment she was born, she had never stood up against her father.

“Has your anger been dissolved?”

After hearing this question from Nangong Quan, Su Youran shook her head, “All the suffering my mother’s been through cannot be forgotten even if those two are slashed by a thousand knives.”

“If I was to tell you that I can continue to help you get justice, will you make what I just said to your father true?” Nangong Quan asked. He had obviously told himself to resist, but for some reason, he didn’t realize he was being too abrupt until he heard himself say these words.

When Su Youran didn’t respond, Nangong Quan immediately said, “I’m sorry, I must have scared you…”

“No, I actually wanted to ask which part you were referring to.

“The part where I said you’re my fiancee…” Nangong Quan replied. “Don’t be mistaken, it’s not an impulsive decision, I’ve already been considering this for months.”


“I know you’re not familiar with me, but…”

As she looked at Nangong Quan’s nervous expression, Su Youran suddenly began to laugh, “Haha…”

“Is this funny?” Nangong Quan felt a little dejected. If he knew this would happen, he would not have said a thing.

“Mr. Nangong, I can tell that you’re good person and I’m very thankful for your help today. But, you appear to be taking advantage of me while I’m at my weakest.”

“Really? But I’m serious,” Nangong Quan reaffirmed.

“I don’t mind being friends with you, but it’s a bit strange to jump straight to engagement.”

“Tangning and Mo Ting got married the first time they met.”

After hearing this, Su Youran realized how serious Nangong Quan was. So, with a smile she looked into his eyes.

She actually felt a sense of impulse. She was tempted to drag Nangong Quan straight over to the Civil Affairs Office, but logic told her otherwise…

Because, she understood that she was simply mesmerized by his charms from a moment ago.

But, she didn’t want to miss out on such a great man, so she laughed and said, “Let’s consider today as a blind date. From today onwards, let’s get to know each other, what do you say?”

After hearing this, Nangong Quan let out a sigh of relief, “As long as you’re willing.”

There was a man with so much money that was willing to help her time and time again. As a woman, how could Su Youran not be moved. After all, everyone woman dreamed of a fairytale.

But, Su Youran understood herself well. Nangong Quan was rich and powerful, couldn’t he find whatever woman he wanted?

So, she needed to confirm whether he was acting on impulse, or whether he truly wanted to be with her, because everything happened too suddenly…

But, she had no idea that Nangong Quan had been watching her for a few months already.

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