Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1138 - It's Not Worth It!

Chapter 1138: It’s Not Worth It!

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That night, Nangong Quan instructed his assistant to prepare a room in his home for the mother and daughter. As soon as Little Eggshell found out, she was so excited that she clung onto her father and asked, “Is Big Sis coming to be my mom? Is she living with us?”

After hearing these questions, Nangong Quan lifted Little Eggshell onto his lap and explained, “Eggshell, Daddy is simply helping Big Sis at the moment by preventing her and her mommy from getting bullied. She’s not coming to be your mommy. At least, not right now. So, be good, behave and don’t talk recklessly in front of her, OK?”

Little Eggshell thought for a moment before she placed her hands on her hips and replied, “For the sake of Daddy’s happiness, I will be patient.”

As he looked at his daughter’s cheeky actions, Nangong Quan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

But, it was because she was such a precious little gem that he couldn’t bare to leave her side. If he had to pick between revenge and his daughter…he would pick his daughter without any hesitation.

Afterwards, Nangong Quan tucked his daughter into bed.

But, when he headed back to his bedroom to wash up and go to bed, the events that day, continuously played over in his head.

Su Youran’s situation, her reactions, her emotions…

He saw her clearly in his mind and couldn’t erase it…

In fact, he was even worried that she was currently upset at the hospital.

“Youran…are you still angry?” Mother Su asked after noticing her daughter’s silence. “Are you?”

“Mom, how could you tolerate it?” Su Youran asked with a choked up voice as she lifted her head. “How could you stand being tormented in this way?”

“How many years has it been since I became paralyzed? What haven’t I experienced? There’s nothing to be angry about. After all, there’s nothing I can do,” Mother Su said in self-ridicule. “I simply need to protect you and ensure your safety. Everything else is not important.”

“Mom, I’ll definitely get revenge for you.”

Mother Su smiled, but she did not respond. Everything she did, was simply to make her daughter’s life better.

At present, Nangong Quan seemed like he fit her criteria for a son-in-law. So, all she hoped for now, was for the two to naturally end up together.

The next morning, Su Youran woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. It was a phone call from her auntie. Su Youran immediately woke up and walked out into the hospital corridor to answer it, “Youran…your father told you to come back for a bit.”

“I’ll be right there,” Su Youran replied unhappily as she hung up and returned to the room.

“Who called?” Mother Su asked.

“Mom, I’m going to go to work. I need to drive Tangning’s kids to school. After I’m done, I’ll come back to take care of you,” Su Youran explained as though nothing had happened.

“Go ahead,” Mother Su said as she waved her hand. “If I have any problems, I’ll call the nurse.”

As soon as Su Youran stepped out of the hospital, she flagged down a taxi and headed straight over to the Su Family Home. But, Nangong Quan had been waiting outside the hospital since early in the morning. So, as soon as he saw Su Youran rush out, he immediately followed behind.

As soon as she stepped into the family home, Su Youran saw her and her mother’s luggage sitting in the middle of the living room.

Father Su and her auntie were seated on the sofa, drinking tea indifferently.

“Since you’re back, take your stuff and leave,” Father Su said. “Mine and your mother’s divorce papers are on the dining table. Take them with you.”

“Youran, don’t hesitate. Before your father regrets his decision, get out of here!” Youran’s auntie said with urgency. “This is your last chance…”

“I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say, Auntie.”

“Your father’s business has recently faced some problems and he is currently in need of money. Your father’s business partner offered to give him money to get past the obstacle if he let you marry him. But, the man is in his fifties! I couldn’t watch you being pushed into something like that, so I begged your father…”

“It wasn’t easy to convince him to let you go…”

In other words, she had already fulfilled her duty as Su Youran’s auntie and it was time for her and her mother to leave!

“Does that mean, my father almost sold me for money?”

“Youran, you can’t say that. The Su Family hasn’t been bad to you…”

“Shut up,” Su Youran growled at her auntie. “You may be shameless, but I’m not. I know you want to be famous in your industry and I know you want to snatch away your brother-in-law and takeover this household.”

“Do you think anyone would believe that?”

“Does auntie not know who I work for?” Su Youran laughed. “Don’t you know that I’m Tangning’s nanny?”

Su Youran’s face turned pale as she looked at Father Su.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“I wouldn’t dare?” Su Youran stormed over to her auntie as her eyes turned red. She then grabbed her by the collar and pulled her to the top of the stairs, “I can push you down these stairs right now so you’d become paralyzed. I would like to see if the man downstairs would still be interested in you.”

“Su Youran, how dare you?” Father Su yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“Youran…don’t act recklessly.” How could Auntie Su go up against the martial arts trained Su Youran?

“Su Youran, do you want to go to prison? If you get admitted, I’m going to torture your mother!”

These words successfully triggered Su Youran’s anger, as well as her fear. After all, her weakness was knowing there’d be no one to care for her mother if something happened to her.

“Let go! Let go of me!”

As Su Youran had gone in for too long, Nangong Quan became worried about her. So, he ignored the possibility of gossip and rushed into the Su Family Home.

The front door wasn’t locked, so as soon as he pushed it open, he saw Su Youran standing at the top of the stairs with her auntie, while her father yelled at her angrily from the bottom.

“Youran…let go. It’s not worth it.”

As soon as she heard these words, Su Youran looked towards Nangong Quan in surprise.

“Listen to me. I can get you anything you want. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself. It’s not worth it!”

In the end, Su Youran pulled her auntie back and let go as she shoved her to the side

She then walked down the stairs to Nangong Quan’s side, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to take you away from here!” Nangong Quan replied as he placed his arm over her shoulder. “Since you’re leaving the Su Family, let’s draw a fine line.”

“Who are you?”

Father Su finally questioned Nangong Quan’s identity.

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