Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1137 - Perhaps, This Will Help Change Her Destiny

Chapter 1137: Perhaps, This Will Help Change Her Destiny

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“How…do you know my mother?”

“I’m quite well acquainted with her,” Nangong Quan replied. “By the way, I need to warn you not to place so much trust on your auntie.”

Su Youran couldn’t say a word. She was simply worried about her mother. Sensing her anxiety, Nangong Quan sped up his car and rushed over to the Su Family Home.

To avoid suspicion, Nangong Quan did not accompany Su Youran into the house; he simply waited outside in case Su Youran needed his help. He never imagined that after watching over her for so long, their first conversation was because of her mother.

Su Youran had no time to question Nangong Quan as she rushed straight to her mother’s bedroom. As she pushed open the bedroom door, she found her mother lying on the floor and her lawyer aunt treading on her.

“What are you doing?” Su Youran yelled angrily at her auntie.

The woman did not expect Su Youran to return at that time, so a look of panic appeared on her face.

“Youran, why are you back?”

“If I didn’t come home, I wouldn’t have known how ‘great’ my auntie was!” Su Youran rushed over to her mother and helped her back onto her wheelchair. “Mom, are you OK?”

Mother Su held onto her chest. Originally, she wanted to respond, but instead, blood flowed out of her mouth. Su Youran was so shocked that she immediately called the ambulance.

But, just as she carried her mother out the front door to wait for the ambulance, she noticed Nangong Quan’s car still parked outside.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Youran tried her best to control her emotions, but she almost cried, “My mother’s seriously injured. I need to take her to the hospital.”

“Get in the car!”

“OK,” Su Youran immediately boarded the car. At this time, her auntie came running out.

Su Youran glared at her auntie with hatred and said, “I’ll make you pay when I get back!” After saying this, Su Youran sat back in Nangong Quan’s car and allowed him to drive them to the hospital.

After the doctor examined Mother Su, he confirmed that she had received multiple beatings and almost broke a rib…

And, the person that did this, was Su Youran’s auntie!

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, Su Youran would not have believed it.

“Why did you tell me to be careful of my auntie?” Su Youran asked Nangong Quan while her mother was being treated. “Do you know something?”

“Earlier, when your mother called me, I heard other noises in the background, including the voice of a woman yelling at her and referring to her as her sister.”

So that was what happened!

Su Youran understood.

“Thank you for today, Mr. Nangong. I’ll treat you to a meal on another day, but for now, I need to figure out this situation.”

“I can stay here. I am seriously well acquainted with your mother, you can ask her when she wakes up,” Nangong Quan insisted on staying at the hospital. He had to make sure that Su Youran’s father didn’t turn up to cause trouble.

Su Youran also worried about that, so she nodded her head, “Thank you.”

The two adults sat quietly for an entire hour, but Su Youran somehow felt relieved to have this added man by her side…

She had never felt this sense of security before, but this time, she actually felt a sense of stability…simply because Nangong Quan was sitting next to her.

Soon, Mother Su woke up and Su Youran ran into the hospital room to look at her mother. Tears began to fall from her eyes, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? What exactly happened? Why did auntie treat you like that?”

“Your auntie is also on your father’s side,” Mother Su revealed. “They’ve been colluding for a long time…”

“Why didn’t you tell me about that before?” Su Youran said as she hit herself on the chest. “I was treating her as a good person all this time. I thought…”

“Youran, this world doesn’t have many good people. Every adult has their own interests to consider, this is something I’ve understood for a long time, so I don’t care how others treat me.”

“But I care,” Su Youran responded. “I care a lot. From today onwards, if someone else bullies you, I will kill them.”

“It’s no longer safe for auntie to return to the Su Family Home. She can temporarily stay at my place,” Nangong Quan offered as he stood behind the two women. “There aren’t many people at my place: just me and my daughter.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be very appropriate.”

“There’s nothing inappropriate about it,” Nangong Quan replied. “You guys need a safe place…”

“But, we aren’t related to you in any way.”

“To be honest, my daughter really likes you,” Nangong Quan used his daughter as an excuse. If he was to mention anything about marriage or dating at a time like this, he would be taking advantage of her at a time of weakness. So, he did not want to pressure Su Youran into being with him. “If possible, I would like to ask Miss Youran to be my daughter’s nanny. I simply need you to keep my daughter company on weekends. If you can do that, it will resolve all your problems as well.”

“But…you know I’m also a nanny for the Mo Family, right?” Su Youran questioned.

“Yes, I know,” Nangong Quan nodded.

“Then, how could you…”

“You are you and the Mo Family is the Mo Family,” Nangong Quan replied straightforwardly. “Stop resisting. With your current situation, you should put aside your pride. I’m not your enemy.”

“In that case, thank you, Mr. Nangong,” Mother Su agreed while her daughter was still hesitating.

Of course, Nangong Quan knew that Su Youran was actually stressing about how to deal with the Su Family. Especially her vile father and auntie!

Due to her mother’s injury, Su Youran called Tangning to take the afternoon off from work.

After understanding the situation, Tangning told Su Youran to take good care of her mother and assured that she’d find someone else to pick up the two devils.

“Ting…do you think Nangong Quan is with Youran right at this moment?”

“Are you actually interested in their matter?” Mo Ting asked helplessly.

“Don’t you find it interesting? Nangong Quan has no interest in anyone, yet he has an interest in my nanny. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Youran, I simply find it interesting that Nangong Quan’s tastes aren’t in favor of the superficial makeup-clad women in the entertainment industry…” Tangning laughed. “It’s so interesting that he’s actually involving himself with a woman that’s highly skilled in fighting.”

“Will you stop them?”

“I don’t have the leisure to do that…” Tangning chuckled. “Actually, Nangong Quan’s a man of integrity. I think I’d be quite happy to see him end up with Youran.”

“I’ve heard that Youran’s had a tough life. Perhaps, being with Nangong Quan will help change her destiny. Just like what happened when I married you!”

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