Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1135 - Are You In A Rush?

Chapter 1135: Are You In A Rush?

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“I was being delusional. I thought that following Nangong Quan meant I’d be successful and be able to provide you with a good life. I thought you’d be impressed by me!”

“But, it turns out, you were completely looking down on me. What right did you have to look down on me, huh?!”

“How could you treat me like this? Do you know how tiring it was for me to live with hatred all these years? Yet, in the end, you stabbed me right in the heart…”

“How much did you hate me for you to abort our child?”

“Tell me!”

“She preferred dying over being with you, that’s how much she hated you,” Tangning answered Qiu Jin’s question. “You men think you’re amazing, righteous and impressive, but to a woman, you’re just a thug. For a woman, it’s an identity that’s embarrassing to reveal to others. That’s why your wife was​ so disgusted by you!”

“With hands covered in blood, how could you expect to have happiness? It’s impossible… Karma exists in this world. That’s why you ended up messing up your own life!”

In the end, Tangning directly struck Qiu Jin in the heart and broke down his last defenses…

After all, Qiu Jin never regretted joining the Nangong Family. This was the thing he was most proud of. Yet, the thing he was so prideful of, was the thing that his wife was most disgusted and ashamed by. So much so that she even aborted their child! Everything that Qiu Jin believed in, crumbled to pieces. Perhaps, for the rest of his life, he would dwell on this matter.

What did people fear the most? Not physical or mental pain, but having their beliefs completely torn apart…

He couldn’t believe he was actually wrong!

As Qiu Jin’s subordinates watched him turn hysterical, they immediately ran out of the cemetery. It seemed, this man was going to be of no use from now on.

Afterwards, Mo Ting’s men also retreated.

“Don’t worry, the media won’t find out about what happened here today,” Mo Ting comforted. “Let’s go…”

Tangning turned around and nodded as she glanced at Qiu Jin, “He’s a stubborn man. Too bad he focused his determination on the wrong thing!”

“President, Uncle Qiu…doesn’t look too well,” a man that Nangong Quan sent to the cemetery reported back at Springfall. “He’s been sitting at the cemetery for 3 hours and won’t respond to anyone.”

After hearing this, Nangong Quan turned around from the floor-to-ceiling window and questioned his subordinate, “Did Tangning win?”

“I don’t know what Tangning did to make him kneel down and cry without lifting a hand…”

She had psychologically attacked him.

If a person believed in something and they weren’t dealt with, then they would continue to cling on with no end. But, a psychological attack was different. If someone’s hopes got destroyed, then they would no longer pose a threat. This was the amazing thing about Tangning.

“President Mo brought roughly 100 men to support Tangning, but they left soon after they arrived… The media did not receive any news whatsoever and the entire incident was handled smoothly.”

“Go get Uncle Qiu and take good care of him,” Nangong Quan had no other instructions but this.

Since the couple had already dealt with Uncle Qiu, he no longer had to do anything that risked hurting his relationship with him. Now, he had more time to focus on Su Youran instead.

Hatred could be used as motivation for one’s growth. But, it didn’t need to be used as a weapon!

After returning home, Tangning leaned into Mo Ting’s arms, completely exhausted.

“Do you know how worried I was after you walked in there on your own?” Mo Ting asked. “I really regret letting you walk into danger.”

“You don’t need to feel that way. I’m perfectly fine. I simply need a good sleep,” Tangning buried herself in Mo Ting’s arms and yawned before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Mo Ting sat on the sofa without making a move, allowing his wife to sleep. Even when his arms and legs felt numb, he still did not wake her up.

It seemed, it had been a long time since he hugged her like this.

Soon, Su Youran arrived home with the kids. Only then did Tangning slowly wake up. When she saw Mo Ting sitting still, she realized his body was numb but he didn’t say a thing.

So, she began to massage him, “I’m going to avoid sleeping on you from now on…”

“It’s fine. You’re bound to wake up when the kids are home anyway,” Mo Ting laughed.

“I don’t know what to do about you,” Tangning sighed. Afterwards, she looked at Su Youran and noticed she was holding her luggage, so she asked curiously, “Where are you planning to go with all of that?”

“My mom kicked me out…” Su Youran laughed awkwardly. “But, don’t worry, I’ve already found a place to stay. It’s not far from here and it won’t prevent the kids from getting to school on time.”

“That’s not what I meant, I simply wanted to see if you needed any help,” Tangning giggled. “From now on, you don’t have to be so cautious with the kids. We’ve resolved the matter with the Nangong Family.”

“I’m doing fine at the moment, thank you, Miss Tang.”

On the surface, Su Youran appeared to be an open-minded person that didn’t need help from others. This was a habit created from her years in the military; before she gave her best attempt at something, she never asked for help.

Soon, she moved into the apartment that she had just found earlier that day. The location wasn’t bad and, best of all, it was very close to Hyatt Regency, so picking up the kids would be a lot more convenient.

That night, Little Eggshell finished her bath and lay in bed looking at her father as he held onto a storybook. All of a sudden, she pounced on top of him.

“Big Sis has already moved home, why haven’t you made a move yet?”

“Are you in a rush?” Nangong Quan questioned his daughter before he carried her back onto the bed.

“I want Big Sis to escort me home as well. I would be really happy if that could happen,” Little Eggshell said with a pout. “Plus, Big Sis is really cool. I think she would be a good match for Daddy.”


“Of course!” Little Eggshell said as she nodded her head.

“Wait a little longer Little Eggshell. We can’t scare the big sis.”

Nangong Quan never expected that Little Eggshell would like Su Youran so much.


Since she had now moved and he had received instructions from his future mother-in-law, it was time for him to make a move. He simply hoped that Su Youran wouldn’t reject him too harshly. After all, he wasn’t a romantic person and he didn’t know how to do fancy things, all he could do was appear in front of her when she needed him. But, did Su Youran know this?

Understanding a person and growing close to them required heart!

However, Lu Che soon heard about Nangong Quan’s investigation of Su Youran. Lu Che thought it was quite interesting, so he directly passed on the information to Mo Ting and Tangning.

Mo Ting didn’t give much of a reaction, but Tangning was quite surprised…

“Does Nangong Quan want to steal my woman? I’m not going to let that happen!”

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