Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1134 - I Don’t Need To Dirty My Hands Because Of You!

Chapter 1134: I Don’t Need To Dirty My Hands Because Of You!

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“September 11th. Rainy day. Today, Qinghong spoke to me and said that Qiu Jin’s been working for Mr. Nangong. I suddenly felt a little scared. I realized, I’m about to marry this man, yet I have no idea what his true profession is. To protect him, I even yelled at Qinghong and sent her away. But, tonight, I found out, Qinghong died…”

“I asked Qiu Jin what happened to Qinghong and he told me it was an accident…”

“I sat in the darkness trembling. I really wanted​ to call the police. I was so scared…”

Tangning did not respond to Qiu Jin, instead she started reading from the diary.

“October 13th. Light rain. Today, I decided to lay the cards on the table with Qiu Jin again, but I discovered he has no fear. I was really disappointed. I wanted to leave him, but the doctor told me I’m pregnant… I’m suddenly unsure of what to do. If my parents were to hear about this in heaven, they would definitely hate me for being with such scum! I also hate myself!”

“November 6th, I’m determined to leave him; Qiu Jin is a complete monster. Why doesn’t he feel any remorse for what he’s done? I can no longer forgive him…I hate scum, especially scum that’s tricked me of my love!”

“Shut up!” Qiu Jin suddenly roared when he heard this last line. “What do you know?”

Tangning stopped and closed up the diary. She then smiled, “You’re trying to get revenge for your beloved woman and unborn child? If I was your dead woman and knew you were using such methods to get revenge, I would only hate you more!”

“Shut your mouth!”

Qiu Jin took a couple of steps forward, obviously furious. He then yelled loudly, alerting his men that were scattered throughout the cemetery to reveal themselves.

Tangning’s bodyguards sensed danger, so they rushed over to surround her. However, faced with Qiu Jin’s 20-or-so people, they were obviously outnumbered!

“I want the Mo Family to join my wife and child in their grave today.”

“Actually, you are the person that should die! If you had walked an honest path, your woman would not have died because of revenge from an enemy! You are the one that caused her death!”

“You’re making things up!” Qiu Jin refuted.

Tangning stopped provoking him and flipped to the last page of the diary. On the page were two sentences, “Dear God, please help me leave this monster or I’d rather die. I hate gangsters!”

“Kill her!” Qiu Jin’s eyes turned red. For him to give such orders in public, it seemed, he was truly angered by Tangning.

As the 20-or-so men approached, the scene was certainly intimidating and scary.


Tangning didn’t panic as she stood her ground, “Did you really think you could lay a finger on me?”

“You killed your own wife and child, yet you’re trying to throw the blame on someone else. You’re not a man. I have no reason to be afraid of you.”

“What are you guys waiting for? Go!”

The men moved towards Tangning and her bodyguards menacingly and completely surrounded them.

“Sorry, Miss Superstar!”

“Who told you to be Mo Ting’s woman?”

“Kill her!”

Qiu Jin’s voice trembled as it echoed through the cemetery. However, at this time, roughly a hundred men in black suits entered the grounds, forcing Qiu Jin’s men to retreat. After all, who had ever seen a sight like this?

Afterwards, Mo Ting appeared from the crowd and walked over to Tangning. He then wrapped his arm around her, “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine,” Tangning nodded. “However, this jerk is too stubborn. He won’t admit to his mistakes,” Tangning said as she pointed to Qiu Jin with her chin. “He’s a piece of trash that caused his own wife and child to die, yet he keeps trying to throw the blame on others. Are you that much in denial?”

Mo Ting looked at Qiu Jin and said in a dull voice, “Who did you say to kill a moment ago?”

“What’s the glory in beating me with numbers?”

“When facing trash, I don’t mind using ruthless methods,” Mo Ting replied. “Besides, I don’t need to be fair when it comes to you.”

“Qiu Jin, don’t talk about 20 years, even if you trained for another 100 years, you wouldn’t be able to do anything to me. Since you want to use underworld methods, then let me show you the underworld style.”

“If you want to make a move, go ahead, but I can guarantee that you won’t be able to hurt a hair on my body. In fact, you’ll have to pay using the lives of everyone here!”

“Mo Ting, if you’re that great, why don’t you fight me one-on-one!”

“I don’t need to dirty my hands because of you!” Mo Ting replied.

Afterwards, Tangning threw the diary at Qiu Jin, “Since you don’t believe me, slowly read through this on your own and see who killed your wife.”

Qiu Jin did not believe Tangning. He thought it was a lie that she created. But, after he picked up the diary and looked at it, he noticed the familiar handwriting and felt like he’d been struck by lightning.

It was true: his wife didn’t like being with a gangster. Back then, he thought she liked it; he thought he was cool and brave.

But, he had no idea that she had been planning to leave him all along…

No, this couldn’t be possible. Tangning must have made it up. He refused to believe it.

So, he began to tear apart the diary. But, to his suprise, a photo of him and his wife dropped out…

Along with the photo was an examination report. On the report, he clearly saw his wife’s name. She had agreed to an abortion!

Did that mean, she had secretly had an abortion before she died?

Did she hate him that much?

As Qiu Jin looked at the yellowed report, he fell to his knees in a mess. He didn’t know how to accept this truth.

“Qiu Jin, do you want us to make a move? Say something…”

“Uncle Qiu…”

At this time, Mo Ting gestured to the men behind him and, within minutes, the 20-or-so men were restrained while Qiu Jin remained kneeling in front of his wife’s tombstone.

Tangning lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting, but Mo Ting shook his head. No one knew what Qiu Jin was thinking. What if he suddenly went crazy?

Mo Ting’s prediction was correct. Because, a moment later, Qiu Jin actually went crazy. But, he didn’t attack others, instead he grabbed a knife and stabbed himself in the back of his hand.

“What have I been doing all these years? I’m so stupid! I actually thought you were with me willingly. It turns out…you already had an abortion long ago!”

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