Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1133 - Did You Think I'd Fall For Your Trap?

Chapter 1133: Did You Think I’d Fall For Your Trap?

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On the morning of Tangning and Qiu Jin’s meeting, Mother Su also met with Nangong Quan.

At first glance, Mother Su felt that Nangong Quan was really built and tall; just like a giant. So, she believed that he would be able to protect her daughter without any problems. On second glance, she thought he appeared reliable. These were the first two impressions that she had of the man.

“Auntie, hello.”

“To be honest, I’m quite surprised that you want to start a family with Youran when you don’t even know her,” Mother Su queried. “Be honest with me, do you have some kind of hidden disease?”

“Auntie, you don’t need to worry about that, I’m very healthy,” Nangong Quan replied. “I want to marry her because my daughter really likes her. I’m sorry, but I have a daughter that’s almost 5-years-old. But, apart from her, I don’t have any other woman in my life. If Youran marries me, I can at least guarantee that I will be very faithful to her!”

“As for my background, you must already be aware of it. If she marries into the Nangong Family, I’ll make sure she doesn’t suffer at all.”

Mother Su understood this well.

“I heard you’ve been to prison?”

“I was saving someone. Even if I turn back time and know I would go to prison for my actions, I would still do the same thing without hesitation,” Nangong Quan replied genuinely.

“I’ve understood you well from my research, but I don’t think you understand how much pain my daughter has lived through. Just two days ago, her father cursed me in front of her face and told me to die,” Mother Su gave a bitter smile. “I know that Youran wants me to leave the Su Family. She thinks she can take care of me and give me a good life, but she has no idea how difficult and depressing life would be for an unmarried woman to drag around a paralyzed mother.”

“While other young women get dressed up and go out on dates, she will have to go home and worry about feeding and dressing me. While other young women date, she will need to work multiple jobs to pay for my medical fees and daily expenses as well as her own. She has no idea how difficult it will be.”

“I don’t want her to live such a torturous life. Mr. Nangong, I’m not afraid of being treated like a joke. Right now, I simply want to find a worthy man that can save my daughter from her current life. Only then can I be free of my worries.”

“I can agree to the two of you being together, under one condition, she needs to like you. Otherwise, she will end up just like me.”

“Following on, this is what you need to work hard towards.”

“I will make her move out of the Su Family Home so you can find an opportunity to get to know her.”

“But, of course, I will continue to keep an eye on you. If you don’t treat my daughter well, then let’s forget that we ever met!”

“I can do it,” Nangong Quan nodded, “Don’t worry.”

Nangong Quan could sense how much suffering Mother Su had gone through.

But, it was because of this suffering, that her love stood out more.

As a result of their meeting, Mother Su returned home and gave Su Youran a phone call, “When you get home, pack your bags and move out on your own!”

“No, mom, what happened?”

“You don’t need to worry about me. Your auntie will be coming over to take care of me, so I need to clear your room for her to stay in. You know how capable your auntie is. So, move out and find your own place.”

Although moving out was Su Youran’s dream, she had always wanted to take her mother with her. But, right now, she was being kicked out by her own mother.

If Su Youran was forced to leave her mother with someone else, she may have still been worried, but her auntie was indeed an impressive woman; she was a lawyer that specialized in divorce cases. It was because of her auntie, that Su Youran’s father was kept at bay.

If he continued to treat Su Youran’s mother unfairly, her auntie was going to make him suffer.

Her auntie definitely served a better purpose living at the Su Family Home than she did.

Besides, her auntie was now on her own. So, moving over to live with Su Youran’s mother meant they could watch out for each other.

Because of this reason, Su Youran agreed to move out…

That afternoon, the sun was shining brightly.

Tangning headed towards the cemetery with her bodyguards for her meeting with Qiu Jin.

Although she sensed danger as soon as she arrived, she had faith in her husband…

Qiu Jin already had control over all the entries and exits; this was obvious from the small amount of people that were inside the cemetery, but Tangning didn’t care as she continued towards Qiu Jin with her bodyguards following closely behind.

At that very moment, Qiu Jin was sweeping his wife and child’s tombstone. When he saw Tangning approach, he stood up and smiled, “I never thought you’d actually come.”

“I’m sincere about resolving our matter,” Tangning said as she removed her sunglasses. She then turned towards the tombstone beside them and gave three bows.

“Resolving our matter? Did you know, without the Mo Family, my son would already be married and settled down by now?” Qiu Jin glared at Tangning.

“In that case, let me tell you a story about a famous female celebrity who had a mentally ill father and a 13-year-old illegitimate son. Because of her death, her father was beaten to death and her son was sent to a social welfare home. Fifteen years later, the son was sent to prison for theft and has been locked up since.”

“I’m sure you’re more familiar with this female celebrity than anyone.”

“So, who’s going to get revenge for her? Is her father and son not considered people?”

“Your wife and son merely suffered the karma of your actions because this world does not accept darkness.”

“How far do you think you would have gotten without the Mo Family? Without the Mo Family, how long would you have lived? Qiu Jin, you don’t need to be so vengeful. If you chose the honest path from the start, your wife and child would not have been implicated by the Nangong Family.”

“Isn’t it obvious who truly caused their deaths?”

“It’s bad enough that you implicated your wife and child, are you trying to implicate someone else’s wife and children too?”

“Shut up!” Qiu Jin roared. “Who gave you the courage to insult me in this way?”

“Qiu Jin, give me your conditions. How can I make you stop?”

“Stop? When you walked in here today, did you think you’d be able to walk back out?” Qiu Jin sneered. “I don’t care who implicated my wife and son. All I know is, the Mo Family are the cause! The Mo Family must pay the price. Otherwise, I endured all these years in vain!”

Tangning laughed; her expression calm. She then pulled out a yellow diary from her handbag, “This was found from the home that you used to live in. Apparently, it was hidden inside the walls. The home has been in disrepair for many years, so it wasn’t easy for me to get a hold of this.”

“Do you want to know what your wife wrote in her diary?”

“Did you think I’d fall for your trap? The Mo Family has always been tricky!” Qiu Jin yelled as he pointed to Tangning.

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