Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 62: The Torn Invitation Letter

Chapter 62: The Torn Invitation Letter

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Now that Mo Yurou had revived, the happiest person to hear this news, was none other than Han Ruoxue, since she wanted so badly to control Tangning and see her completely destroyed. Originally, she had already given up on Mo Yurou, but who would have thought, while swords were drawn between Tianyi and Tangning, she managed to turn the tables; qualifying for the Top Ten Model Awards and becoming an award winner.

"Congratulations Yurou! As you are one of the award winners, you have also been invited to the 'Model Elections Bright Night Gala'. There will be famous artists from all different companies attending and plenty of fashion resources; you need to make the most of this opportunity. There are also rumors going around that there will be a special guest on the night. Of course, Tangning is also invited...but..." Han Ruoxue held up Tangning's invitation letter in front of Han Yufan and Mo Yurou and tore it in half, "...she shouldn't dream of going."

"Jie, do you think this is a good idea?" Han Yufan was sitting on the table. He laughed mockingly at Tangning.

"I don't know anything...On the night of the ball, if the organizers ask, we will just say Tangning is putting on a front and deliberately didn't show up. She was only Tianyi's guard dog once, even if she transforms from a low-class breed to a high-class one, she is still - just a dog," Han Ruoxue looked at the two firmly and sinisterly. Needless to say, even though Tangning didn't allow them to interfere with her jobs, it didn't mean they couldn't scheme against her in other ways. After all, she still belonged to the company and organizers of events would always contact the company; not the artist directly.

After Han Ruoxue left the room with a victorious expression, silence fell between Han Yufan and Mo Yurou. Finally, Han Yufan spoke up, "Yurou, don't you think the judges of the Top Ten Model Awards are a bit strange?"

Mo Yurou froze as an uneasy look swept across her face. Holding back her uneasiness, she replied, "Did Tangning say something to you?"

"Don't throw the focus onto Tangning everytime something happens to you. All I'm asking is, did you do anything behind the scenes with the judges?" Han Yufan looked at Mo Yurou with a disheartened expression. He lifted her jaw and looked straight into her eyes, "The darkness in this industry, do you think I'm not more familiar with it than you? For you...I almost involved my mother. If you betray me...then our relationship - is over."

"Yufan, I'm also surprised I got an award," Mo Yurou forced herself to remain calm and act like she normally did.

"Don't let me find out you've done something dirty. For you, I've gotten to this point with Tangning; don't you dare stab me in the back."

"I still have your child in my stomach, as if I would do anything reckless."

The child was Mo Yurou's ultimate guarantee. Han Yufan analyzed Mo Yurou for a while. In the end, he decided to trust her, "Fine, fine, I trust you."

If God wanted to destroy a person, he would first make them do crazy things, and right now, Mo Yurou was amongst this craziness...

She had no idea she was playing with fire. All she was dreaming about was...standing on the awards stage.

As Mo Yurou was notified to receive an award, changes were made to Tianyi's upcoming jobs. Han Yufan gathered all the company's higher-ups for a meeting. He told them about the incident where Tangning threatened Han Ruoxue with canceling her contract; he wanted them to give up on Tangning and focus on Mo Yurou, as well as support newcomers. Upon finding out Tangning would leave sooner or later, the higher-ups had no choice but to accept Han Yufan's suggestion.

At this time, Tangning was still shooting the ISN commercial. After work was done, Long Jie quickly approached her with a jacket and covered her up, "Now your work is done, do you want to return to Tianyi to discuss the TQ contract with him?"

"Let's not talk about TQ for now," Tangning replied. She was certain, now that Mo Yurou was to receive an award, there was no way Tianyi would be lenient towards her. At the same time, Tianyi's higher-ups were focused on profits; TQ posed too much of a risk. If she was to present it now, it would definitely be rejected straight away.

"Tangning, during this time, you have to be careful. Han Ruoxue and the other two are now working together to go against you; it's hard to tell what they would do behind your back." Long Jie helped her remove her makeup and change into her own clothing. She then escorted her out of the studio as she interacted with the fans waiting outside.

"I just need to stay out of their way before the awards ceremony..." Tangning smiled.

"Should we find evidence of Mo Yurou bribing the judges?"

"Long Jie, it's not beneficial for us to offend the judges. It's probably what Mo Yurou wants us to do, as it's so easy to burn ourselves by doing that. Let's not risk it. We already have her life and death in our hands, we don't need to do anything extra," Tangning had thought everything over carefully. Since Mo Yurou was brave enough to do something like this, she was definitely prepared.

She was even brave enough to betray Han Yufan...

What else wouldn't she do?

They would let her go ahead and receive the award, there was no need to stop her. After the end, she would still...fall down into the depths of the abyss.

"Where should we go now?"

"To Hai Rui...let's pick Mo Ting up from work," Tangning lifted her twinkling eyes. Since she had finished work now, all she wanted to do was be a wife.

Long Jie smiled slightly; the relationship between Tangning and Big Boss were improving day by day and she couldn't help but feel happy for her.

5pm. The entire Beijing was still busy at work. Tangning arrived at the cafe opposite Hai Rui Entertainment and sat herself down as she sent Mo Ting a message, "After work, please go directly to the hotel opposite your building. I want to share a dinner with President Mo."

Mo Ting just finished an extremely long meeting. Upon seeing Tangning's message, he immediately replied, "Do you want to come keep me company at the office?"

"If I come, it will grab everyone's attention, it's best if I don't." Tangning actually wanted to go; she wanted to see how grand the office of the entertainment industry's Big Boss was.

"Come to the basement carpark, I will get Lu Che to bring you up through the secret entry." If Hai Rui didn't have arrangements for confidentiality, how could they be known as an entertainment empire?

"In that case, wait for me." After typing, Tangning wrapped herself up and headed to the basement carpark with Long Jie; Lu Che was already waiting. He escorted her through the secret entry straight up to the 42nd floor - The CEO's Office.

"Madam, as long as you want to come, just let the president know and I will come down to get you. At Hai Rui, you don't need to worry about confidentiality," Lu Che explained, "All the staff in the company have already signed an agreement; if any gossip is spread through the company, they will have to compensate 1 billion dollars for breaching their contracts. So, even if they see anything, you don't need to worry about them saying anything..."

As expected, Mo Ting had his own way of ruling his empire...

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