Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1131 - I'm Sorry, I Said The Wrong Thing!

Chapter 1131: I’m Sorry, I Said The Wrong Thing!

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Soon, the three arrived at the school gates. Coincidentally, at this time, Little Eggshell was just getting out of her car. But, this time, she was escorted by Nangong Quan!

Su Youran didn’t think too much of it. Of course, she had no idea about the grudge between the two families either. So, she grabbed the two kids and headed straight over to the father and daughter. She then instructed the kids to hand over the cake, “What do you do when you see the person that saved you? Go ahead, my two little gentlemen…”

Mo Zichen did not move while Mo Zixi sincerely handed the cake to Little Eggshell.

Nangong Quan was confused as his daughter looked at him, unsure of what to do.

A few seconds later, Nangong Quan finally said, “Accept it…”

“Sir, you’ve taught your daughter well.”

Nangong Quan glanced at Su Youran and guessed that she was the woman with the impressive fighting skills. After giving her a meaningful look, he grabbed the cake-holding Little Eggshell and left.

Su Youran was confused by the encounter. So, while she drove the twins home, she gave Tangning a phone call and mentioned what had happened. After hearing from Su Youran, Tangning laughed, “You probably haven’t noticed him or realized who he is. He’s been appearing on the cameras a lot lately, he’s the CEO of Springfall, Nangong Quan.”

“He’s the Mo Family’s enemy.”

“No wonder,” Su Youran finally understood. “In that case, I won’t greet him next time to avoid awkwardness.”

“That’s not necessary. We are the ones that have a grudge with him, not you,” Tangning laughed.

“He doesn’t look like he’s easy to get along with.”

This was Su Youran’s first impression of Nangong Quan: a dark and depressing man that was hard to talk to.

But, what did it matter? It wasn’t like they had anything to do with each other…

Of course, Su Youran wasn’t the only one that felt awkward. That night, after returning home, Nangong Quan lifted Little Eggshell onto his lap and asked, “Little Eggshell, be honest with Daddy, do you like those two little boys?”

“Daddy…” Little Eggshell humphed.

“Eggshell, Daddy doesn’t want to interfere with you making friends, but you can’t be too easy around boys. You need to learn how to protect yourself.”

“OK,” Little Eggshell nodded.

If not for the incident 20 years ago, he may have actually selected one of the twins to be his future son-in-law.

But, now…

“Daddy, didn’t you say you’d find me a new mommy? Why haven’t I seen a mommy yet?”

“What kind of mommy does my Little Eggshell like? What style? Do you want her to be pretty? Or do you want someone that can play with you?” Nangong Quan asked thoughtfully.

The only reason he wanted to remarry, was to give Little Eggshell a complete family. So, he didn’t expect to actually find someone he liked, he simply wanted someone that Little Eggshell was satisfied with.

“Someone like that big sister. When she smiles, it feels really warm.”

“Which big sister?”

“You know, that one…”

At that moment, Nangong Quan realized that Little Eggshell had her eyes on the twins’ nanny. The one with the good fighting skills and clean and cheerful appearance.

“It can’t be someone else?”

“I think that big sister is very nice! I like her!”

Since Little Eggshell liked her, what could he do? Hence, that very night, Nangong Quan asked his men to look into Su Youran’s background. It seemed, this time, he had no choice but to snatch one of Mo Ting’s people.

Meanwhile, Su Youran lay at home with absolutely no idea that she had been selected…

After Tangning decided that she wanted to chat to Qiu Jin, Mo Ting made arrangements for it to happen. However Qiu Jin had one condition. He was happy to meet with Tangning, but Mo Ting couldn’t accompany her. Otherwise, everything was out of the question.

“President, you need to be careful!” Lu Che reminded. “It’s too dangerous for the Madam to go on her own.”

“Qiu Jin simply said that I couldn’t be there, but he never said that Tangning had to go alone,” Mo Ting played with Qiu Jin’s words. “When the time comes, take a dozen or so men along to protect her.”

“What location did Qiu Jin pick?”

“The cemetery!”

As his wife and child’s death anniversary was coming up, the only place that Qiu Jin was willing to meet at was the cemetery. Otherwise, there would be no end to their battle.

In the end, Tangning decided to come to a compromise. After all, she was already the mother of three children and, in comparison to Mo Ting, she didn’t have to hold onto as much pride. So, it made sense for her to meet with Qiu Jin.

However, news of the meeting quickly traveled to Nangong Quan’s ears.

“The Mo Family wants to negotiate with Uncle Qiu and resolve an old grudge, but they don’t know Uncle Qiu like I do. There’s one word to describe him: tormented!”

“Do you think Mo Ting actually wants to negotiate because he’s coming to a compromise?” Nangong Quan asked. “He and his wife are simply being courteous before they use force!”

“Then, let’s sit back and watch the show,” Nangong Quan’s assistant replied.

“Have you done what I asked you to do?” Nangong Quan lifted his head and checked. “Have you sent a card to the Su Family already notifying them of my visit?”

“President, will they be uncomfortable because of your identity?”

“What identity?” Nangong Quan asked.

“I’m sorry, I said the wrong thing!”

“You’ve looked at Su Youran’s family background. Her family treats her as a sacrifice. So, do you think they would reject me?”

The assistant shook his head and laughed awkwardly.

“You better handle this matter properly, or get lost.”

Su Youran’s mother sent her to the military because she didn’t want her daughter to be bullied. Her mother was paralyzed and was often ignored by the Su Family, but she refused to get a divorce. As a result, she stuck to Su Youran’s father until now.

Meanwhile, her father didn’t want to spend his life watching over a paralyzed woman, so he hired someone to take care of her while he played around on the outside.

Su Youran’s life was so tough, yet she managed to smile so brightly. Who gave her the warmth to do so?

Nangong Quan was probably helpless around warm people. So, apart from it being Little Eggshell’s idea, he himself became quite involved with Su Youran’s matters. The reason he decided to visit the Su Family without Su Youran knowing, was so her family would know of his existence and he’d be able to convince Su Youran easier.

Previously, to please Little Eggshell, he had prepared a list of different female celebrities, but the only person that Little Eggshell liked was still the plain and cheerful woman.

So, he cleared his schedule at work and decided to take Little Eggshell to and from school every day – just so he could see Su Youran.

“Daddy, have you been really free at work lately?”

“Eggshell, didn’t you say that you wanted a mommy? If Daddy’s always working, how am I supposed to find you a mommy?” Nangong Quan asked as he held onto his daughter’s hand.

Little Eggshell laughed and understood her father’s intent, “Go Daddy! Daddy, you’re great!”

At that moment, Su Youran walked past the father and daughter with the twins…

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