Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1130 - Their Enemy's Daughter

Chapter 1130: Their Enemy’s Daughter

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So, the following two days, not only did Little Eggshell discover which classroom the twins were in, she also found out their English names.

Soon, Friday afternoon came around and it was time to finish school.

Little Eggshell deliberately followed behind the two little boys. At first, she simply wanted to steal a few extra glances of them. But, after they boarded their car, she noticed Qiu Jin’s car follow behind.

Little Eggshell immediately found her driver and yelled, “Uncle, uncle, follow Grandfather Qiu’s car!”


“Follow him. If Daddy asks, just say that it was my decision.”

As she was missing a mother since she was small, Little Eggshell was observant and good at expressing herself.

So, in the end, the driver had no choice but to follow behind and keep his eye on Qiu Jin’s car.

Qiu Jin’s​ plan was to stop Su Youran’s car as soon as it turned into a quiet area and he did just that. Just like last time when he stopped Xia Yuling’s car, there was a loud screech as the cars came to a halt…

Su Youran’s path was blocked by a black car…

Afterwards, five men stepped out of the car holding metal poles.

“We’re not after you, we simply want the two kids in the car!”

Su Youran turned to look at the kids and said in a gentle voice, “Auntie will step out to handle a small matter. You boys stay in the car and don’t make a move, OK?”

Mo Zixi and Mo Zichen stretched their necks to look out the car before they obediently nodded their heads.

Su Youran stepped confidently out of the car without an ounce of panic and put on a pair of black fighting gloves, “Just the five of you?”

When the men saw Su Youran’s expression, they guessed she had a few moves up her sleeves, so they grew cautious. However, at this time, Qiu Jin yelled, “Why are you guys just standing there? Get the kids!”

Four men immediately rushed forward, but the one leading the pack was swiftly knocked back by Su Youran’s perfect roundhouse kick. The other three immediately stopped in their tracks. With her skills…she wasn’t just a professional.


The three men and Su Youran soon broke out into a fight. At this time, Qiu Jin took the opportunity to approach the back of the car to open the door and grab the kids. But, Little Eggshell’s car arrived at this time. Before the car came to a complete stop, Little Eggshell started demanding the driver to unlock the car doors, “Uncle, save them, save them!”

“Miss!” the driver said helplessly.

“Otherwise, I’m going to tell Daddy that you bullied me!”

What could the driver do? He had no choice but to step out of the car and let Little Eggshell out. After all, he knew that Qiu Jin would never hurt her.

“Grandfather Qiu, go away, go away!” Little Eggshell immediately ran over and bit Qiu Jin’s arm. She then closed the car door and protected them.

“Cai Er, what are you doing here?” This was Little Eggshell’s real name: Nangong Cai!

Qiu Jin grabbed onto his arm in pain and looked at Little Eggshell in shock.

“Grandfather Qiu, please don’t hurt them…”

At this time, Su Youran finished dealing with the four men and grabbed onto Qiu Jin.

“Big sis, can you not hurt Grandfather Qiu?”

Su Youran turned and looked at Little Eggshell and realized that the little girl was selflessly protecting others. So, she threw Qiu Jin to the side and said, “If not for this little girl, I would have broken all the bones in your body today!”

Qiu Jin scrambled to his feet and quickly ran away with his men. At this time, Little Eggshell’s driver approached to fetch her, “Miss, let’s go. If we don’t get home soon, I’m going to be fired!”

Little Eggshell glanced at the two brothers in the car and breathed a sigh of relief. She then left with her driver. But this little girl left quite an impression in Su Youran’s heart. Of course, this was the same for the two brothers as well.

Soon, both families were aware of what Qiu Jin had done. Luckily, he did not gain anything in the end.

After all, he had never expected that Su Youran was so skilled. No wonder Tangning allowed a simple woman to take her kids to and from school.

At this time, Nangong Quan called Qiu Jin into his office and handed him a block of ice, “For your face.”


“I heard about what happened from Little Eggshell. Uncle Qiu, can’t you give up?”

“I’ve waited over 20 years. How could you tell me to give up? Nangong Quan, you may be able to forget how you lost your family, but I can’t do it! I can’t forget how my wife and unborn child died!”

“Uncle Qiu, grandfather used to live a life of bloodshed. Have you thought about the families that he ruined and the people that died because of him? In particular, Elder Mo’s good friend, the actress. Who’s going to get revenge for her?”

“I don’t care!”

“I know you’ve been disappointed in me since my return. How about this, I’ll give Springfall back to you. From now on, you can seek your revenge and I’ll continue to live my life!” Nangong Quan said. “Uncle Qiu, I’m really thankful that you waited for me all these years. But, I want to get revenge in an honest way!”

After speaking, Nangong Quan stood up and gave his seat to Qiu Jin…

“You don’t need to go. The money for this business was from the Big Boss. I’ll go instead!” Qiu Jin said before he walked out without taking a glance back.

However, it was impossible for him to give up on his revenge!

That night, Hyatt Regency.

After coaxing the kids to sleep, Tangning walked into Mo Ting’s study room and sat by his side, “Luckily Youran was there today. We should also thank Nangong Quan’s daughter. Even though, I still think that Grandfather didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I never thought that Nangong Quan’s daughter would be so understanding at such a small age. She’s a good little girl!”

“I will follow up this matter. Don’t worry,” Mo Ting replied.

“Ting, rather than sitting idly by, I think we should look for Qiu Jin and negotiate with him in person. It’s better than being secretly attacked all the time,” Tangning suggested. “I don’t like doing nothing. After all, our kids’ lives aren’t a joke.”

“I’ll arrange something,” Mo Ting nodded.

The following Monday morning, Tangning woke up nice and early and baked a cake. She then handed it to the brothers and said as she knelt down, “Give this to the little girl that saved you, OK? Don’t eat it yourselves.”

Mo Zixi nodded his head blankly while Mo Zichen didn’t say a word as usual.

“Youran, thanks.”

Su Youran held the two little boys’ hands and smiled, “It’s no trouble. I’ll take them to thank the little girl!”

Tangning stood up and watched the three leave. At times, she wondered if this was a tragic fate waiting to happen…

The little girl was their enemy’s daughter.

Yet, not only did they not fight, they were involved in such a way!

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