Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1129 - Look How Tricky The Mo Family Are?

Chapter 1129: Look How Tricky The Mo Family Are?

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Although Tangning revealed the two kids at the Zhai Family’s wedding, children were ever changing. So, hiding the identity of the twins wasn’t a difficult thing to do.

For this reason, Tangning hired a young woman with strong fighting skills to act as the twins’ nanny to take them to and from school.

The twins were enrolled at Beijing Huanglin College; the best public school in China.

For the kids in the school, it didn’t matter what their family backgrounds were, their academic results did the talking after they entered. So, the twins had a lot of work to do.

But, there was one coincidence that no one expected: Nangong Quan’s daughter, Little Eggshell, also attended the same school. She was just one grade above the twins.

Other kids were brought to and from school by their parents. These parents deliberately flaunted their identities in front of the teachers so they would take extra care of their children, but the Mo Couple were different.

Boys needed to toughen up, they couldn’t be prissy like girls. So, Mo Ting was set on his decision.

When he was only a few years old, he could already converse in English. Would his kids be any worse?

In the end, Mo Zixi got along well with the other kids in his class. But, Mo Zichen struggled. He had a scar left from the injury on his eye, so the other kids were too afraid to get close to him.

But, Mo Zichen didn’t care anyway.

Unfortunately, not long after the school term started, the two brothers ended up causing trouble…

There was a chubby little punk in their class that often bullied Zichen because of the scar on his face. As he was a little older than the other kids, he could talk a little better, “You’re ugly! You’re the ugliest in the class…”

Mo Zichen continued to play with his building blocks and ignored the kid.

“My Mummy said you’re dumb. Only dumb kids don’t talk.”

At this time, Mo Zixi returned from the bathroom. When he saw the little punk teasing his younger brother, he immediately threw a punch at the kid’s face, “Don’t…don’t say that about my brother…”

Mo Zixi didn’t know how to explain how Mo Zichen’s scar came about, but he understood that his brother had protected him. So, now that he was being bullied, he naturally had to stick up for him.

Afterwards, the chubby punk began to cry and reported the twins to the teacher, “Miss, they hit me…”

The teacher in charge of the class had done her research and investigated the background of all her kids. She knew that the chubby kid’s mother was the boss of a hotel chain, but the twins were simply escorted to and from school by a young woman in an average car. It didn’t seem like they were from a wealthy family.

So, the teacher was biased towards the chubby kid.

“You two, you’re both so small, yet you’ve learned to hit others rather than behave. Go call your parents!”

As it was the first time, Tangning merely laughed when she and Mo Ting received the news, “Our kids hit someone!”

“Miss Tang, the other kid was at fault. Zixi was simply protecting Zichen,” Su Youran explained. This young woman was a retired soldier with good fighting skills. She was hired for the twins because Tangning liked her.

Tangning smiled casually and leaned over to pinch her sons’ cheeks, “They have no one to depend on at school, so they’re bound to suffer a little.”

“Why don’t you reveal your identity?”

“Our identities can protect them, but also bring them a lot of stress. I’d rather they protect each other like they are doing now, than to have reporters wait for them outside school every day,” Tangning replied. “When they grow up a little, they’ll understand.”

Su Youran nodded her head, “You’re right.”

As a result, the two little dopey kids had to continue protecting each other and put up with the bullying.

But, don’t forget, the two dopey kids were in the same school as Little Eggshell. Although they didn’t know each other, the subordinate that took Little Eggshell to and from school, on behalf of Nangong Quan, had noticed the twins a few times. The first time he saw them walk out hand-in-hand, he simply thought they looked familiar. But, when he thought about it carefully, he realized he had seen them at the Zhai Family’s wedding.

So, he notified Nangong Quan of his discovery.

However, Nangong Quan did not give much of a response. So what if they were in the same school? It wasn’t like they were in the same grade or the same class.

As long as they kept their distance.

But, Qiu Jin ended up hearing about this coincidence.

He had been trying to find an opportunity to go against Tangning, but had no luck. Now that he knew the twins were attending Huanglin College, weren’t the possibilities endless?

“Look how tricky the Mo Family are. No one had any idea that their kids were attending Huanglin.”

“But, the school has tight security and the kids have someone that escorts them to and from school. It’s not easy to find a chance to strike…”

Qiu Jin took a deep puff of his cigarette before he extinguished it on the ground, “In that case, let’s follow the car that escorts them and strike when the timing is right!”

“Yes, we’ll do as you say!”

No one expected that Qiu Jin had his eyes set on the Mo Family’s precious twins, but of course, Qiu Jin’s​ men also couldn’t predict how tough Su Youran was either. It seemed, they were asking for a taste of her skills.

Did they think she was just a weak little woman that took the kids to and from school?

In order to get back at Mo Ting and Tangning, Qiu Jin camped outside the school for a few days in a row to confirm that Su Youran was the only one that escorted the kids. After he saw no signs of the Mo Family, he decided to make a move on the upcoming Friday afternoon. By this time, he had also familiarized himself with the route that Su Youran took.

But, Qiu Jin never expected that Little Eggshell would spot him sitting in his car.

As soon as Little Eggshell returned home, she notified her father of what she saw, “Daddy, I saw Grandfather Qiu outside the school today.”

“Are you sure?” Nangong Quan asked as he carried his daughter onto his lap.

“I’ve seen him a few times, I’m certain. What was Grandfather Qiu doing at my school?”

What other reason could he have? He was definitely there because of the twins.

“Eggshell, don’t get involved. Promise daddy that if there’s any danger, you will hide yourself well, OK? You need to know that daddy can’t live without you…”

Although Little Eggshell didn’t understand her father’s reaction, she was very obedient towards his request.

But, she couldn’t help noticing that Grandfather Qiu was a little strange.

In fact, she noticed that his eyes were glued on the twins. Was he planning to do something bad?

With this thought, she decided to keep an eye on Grandfather Qiu and warn the two little boys if she noticed anything.

To be honest, she thought the two little boys were quite cute!

Especially the one that didn’t like to talk. He was just like her father!

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