Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1128 - It's Pitiful For A Child To Lose Their Mother!

Chapter 1128: It’s Pitiful For A Child To Lose Their Mother!

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Qiu Jin glared at his subordinate and smashed the wine glass in his hand, “We’ve already let the Mo Family live too many extra years, I can’t let them continue living comfortably! Continue to keep an eye on them for me…”

Nangong Quan’s daughter was one year older than Mo Ting’s precious twins, but she was a very sensitive child, capable of expressing her emotions accurately. This was rare for her age, especially since most other children at her age were simply focused on causing trouble.

Little Eggshell seemed as though she was born to be considerate of her father; she knew her father was concerned about something. So, every day, when she finished her homework, she would wait for her father to return home no matter how late it was.

That night, Little Eggshell heard the conversation between her father and Qiu Jin. So, she immediately rushed over and hugged her father’s thigh, “Daddy, Grandpa Qiu made you angry because he wanted to hurt someone. Am I right?”


“Daddy, will Grandpa Qiu cause someone else’s child to lose their mommy?” Little Eggshell asked as she pressed her head against her father.

“No,” Nangong Quan patted his daughter on the head. “Daddy will promise you that he won’t let Grandpa Qiu act recklessly!”

“It’s pitiful for a child to lose their mother!” Little Eggshell said with furrowed brows.

All of Nangong Quan’s love came from this little angel. This was his motivation to continue living.

“Don’t worry, Daddy won’t let another child live without their mother.”

In the end, he wasn’t about to leak any information to the Mo Family, but he still gave Mo Ting a phone call in front of Little Eggshell because of Qiu Jin’s reaction and Mo Ting’s three kids, “I said earlier today that I won’t seek revenge on you. Even if I want to attack you, I will do it openly.”

“But, Mo Ting, it doesn’t mean that my father’s previous subordinates will do the same. It’s best that you and your wife stay cautious.”

After hearing Nangong Quan’s dull warning, Mo Ting smiled, “Rather than telling us to be cautious, you should be the cautious one. Your grandfather’s​ men worked so hard to bring you back, yet you have no intention to seek revenge. How long do you think they’ll tolerate you?”

“If they decide to resort to whatever means, what do you think is your biggest weakness?”

Nangong Quan subconsciously looked at Little Eggshell.

Of course, Mo Ting’s reminder struck him right in the heart. Qiu Jin was already dissatisfied with him. If they ended up having a falling out, then the thing that he needed to protect the most was his Little Eggshell.

As Tangning sat beside Mo Ting and listened to his conversation with Nangong Quan, she suddenly laughed, “Why do I feel like you guys are very similar?”

“Originally, we could have been friends,” Mo Ting said as he put down his phone.

“According to the current situation, we shouldn’t be worried about Nangong Quan. We should be cautious of the fools that are jumping around behind him.”

So, Mo Ting not only increased the security around Tangning, but also around every aspect of Hai Rui.

As for Qiao Sen’s daughter, after requesting for three months from Tangning, she headed straight to the US for director training.

During this time, Tangning began to build her new post production team, Starfall. Although she had gathered a group of geniuses together, they still need to undergo training, or they wouldn’t be able to tap into their talents.

While ‘The Ant Queen 2’ was making preparations, ‘Parasite’ officially began filming.

Apart from Tangning and Springfall, plenty of other agencies were now focused on producing sci-fi. But, they all sent invitations to Hai Rui asking Tangning to be their advisor. It seemed, they truly had the intention to produce a good sci-fi film.

When the audience found out about this, they all expressed their support. At least, they didn’t just create some third-rate rubbish just to fill a vacancy in the genre.

‘The Ant Queen’s​’ success had given everyone a timely warning. Tangning was the perfect piece of market research that showed how much the public longed for quality.

So, Tangning’s name had become a synonym for quality in the entertainment industry.

As long as Tangning was involved with something, whether an actor or a production, then it was guaranteed to be of high quality because she was the best detector of trash!

Hence, Tangning realized that she had more authority than she thought. Because of this increased responsibilty, she talked even less than she did before.

Judging by the way Tangning was, would she actually agree to the invitations from other film and television agencies?

Of course not.

The film and television industry had always been varied and sci-fi required a large monetary investment. So, she did not want to apply the same kind of expectations that she had for ‘The Ant Queen’ on others. She may have been willing to sacrifice everything for her film, but did others have the courage to do so?

So, Tangning asked Mo Ting to help her reject all invites.

And, as her manager, Mo Ting helped her perfectly avert all problems.

“Tangning has already renewed her contract with Hai Rui and Hai Rui has exclusive rights to its artists. At least, until their contract is over.”

“Hence, Tangning can not and will not get involved with the production of any films from other agencies.”

“Tangning is currently preparing for ‘The Ant Queen 2’, but she is just someone that works in the film industry, not a god. I hope everyone doesn’t demand of her like one.”

“At the same time, she’s the mother of three kids. She will be placing more time on teaching and caring for her kids.”

In conclusion, many people felt that Tangning could provide advice for the production of other sci-fi films, but it wasn’t likely to happen.

However, this showed who Tangning’s true supporters were.

She wasn’t someone that a superstar or international supermodel could compare to.

Her existence was already an artform.

Of course, because of ‘The Ant Queen’, the public became a lot more forgiving towards Tangning. This was what people called, letting the results speak for itself!

But, the rarest thing about Tangning, was the fact that even at this level, she was still no different than before. In fact, she lived a more and more low profile life; she remembered where she stood. No wonder there were so many people in and outside of China that treated her as an idol.

However, Tangning’s simple lifestyle made it impossible for Qiu Jin to find an opportunity to strike, making him extremely anxious.

At this time, Mo Zichen’s eyes healed, so Tangning brought her two sons home. After all, kids that had their parents to care for them were more confident and safe.

This was very important…

Of course, it wasn’t long before the two brothers reached schooling age and, as expected, Mo Ting had already made arrangements.

In order not to trigger unwanted attention, the two brothers used their English names instead of their Chinese names so his classmate’s parents wouldn’t know who their parents were.

Mo Ting wanted to give them the best learning environment.

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