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Chapter 1124 - Were There Still Rules?

Chapter 1124: Were There Still Rules?

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In other words, Tangning hadn’t officially canceled her contract with the team from Glory. Weren’t the crew from ‘Parasite’ getting too far ahead of themselves?

Even if they wanted to steal someone from her. The team still needed to clean up after themselves first.

Since they did it in such a high profile way, were they looking down on her?

“This meal is my treat. You guys can eat what you want and have fun, it’s a present from me.”

“I’m not going to talk about other things​. I just want to tell the crew of ‘Parasite’ not to get ahead of yourselves. After all, who’s to say that what happened to me today, won’t happen to you in the future?” After giving this warning, Tangning smirked and returned her wine glasses to the waitress. She then turned and left confidently.

During this entire time, the team from Glory had their heads down. After all, they had done something against their conscience. Tangning had invested so much into supporting them, yet they betrayed her in such a way. Anyone in her position would be furious.

“OK, that’s enough, don’t let that b*tch ruin our mood. Let’s continue drinking,” a staff member raised his glass to lighten the mood.

But, the screenwriters doubtful gaze fell upon the team from Glory, “I may have drank a little, but I understood everything that Tangning said. You guys haven’t officially canceled your contract and she has no intention of canceling it. Does that mean that everything you’re doing is illegal?”


“If we complete filming ‘Parasite’ and Tangning decides to take us to court, does that mean we won’t be able to release it?”

The team from Glory didn’t know how to respond, this wasn’t something that they wanted, “We never knew that she still had this up her sleeves.”

“Hahaha…” At this moment, Bai Junye burst into laughter. “This isn’t a trick that she had up her sleeves, this is how a contract works. You guys broke your contract and accepted money from Springfall. You were heartless to begin with, so why do you expect her to be kind to you?”

“Bai Junye, whose side are you on?” the screenwriter asked in an overbearing manner.

“I’m not on either side. If you’re capable, I’d like to see you resolve the matter with their contracts!” Bai Junye said before he stood up and left the boring dinner.

He never expected Tangning to come cause trouble like this.

Even though she couldn’t stop ‘Parasite’ from coming into this world, she was going to make them suffer along with her.

Soon, news of the dinner began spreading online. Could it be considered revenge? Not exactly. As a boss, throwing a farewell party for her employees was a respectable thing. But, for some reason, the public felt that Tangning’s​ approach was a little ruthless.

First, she satisfied her anger, then she warned ‘Parasite’ not to be arrogant, and lastly, she prevented the team from Glory from progressing in the industry. If they wanted to harm her, then she was going to throw it right back at them!

If stealing people from Hai Rui was so easy, were there still rules in the industry?

“Tangning threw a fantastic faceslap! She annoyed ‘Parasite’, displayed her generosity and showed the team from Glory that they were nothing.”

“If it was a simple collaboration project, then leaving for another agency wouldn’t be such a huge deal. But, Tangning trained the team herself. There should be some gratitude. That’s why it’s understandable that she got so angry.”

“While you guys are focusing on this matter, I’m still wondering if we’ve lost all chance of ever seeing ‘The Ant Queen 2’.”

But, unbeknownst to everyone, Tangning did not sit around after giving her faceslap. She directly headed to a private island with the documents for ‘The Ant Queen 2’ and met with Qiao Sen’s daughter.

“I found a lot of sci-fi resources from my father’s study room. Let’s have a look at them together and see if there’s anything that may be of use for ‘The Ant Queen 2’.”

“By the way, I’ve already looked at the script. The storyline is great and the addition of a martial arts superstar will definitely attract the attention of foreigners. But, what are you planning to do about post production?” Miss Qiao put down the documents in her hands and looked at Tangning. “Now that ‘Parasite’ has caused you such a headache, how are you planning to deal with it?”

“I’ve already suppressed the team that they stole from me and they are now in quite a dilemma.”

“I hope they’ve learned to be afraid. Meanwhile, I’ve also searched online for some young geniuses. I think they may be able to help us.”

“So, are you saying that we won’t be looking for a team of post production experts, but computer geniuses instead?” Miss Qiao looked at Tangning confusedly.

“Of course, there’s more to that. For example, we will look for those that are really good at video games or are great at programming. That way, they will fall into their roles quicker. After all, money is not a priority for them. What they enjoy – is the challenge and the excitement! They will help us resolve the matter with ‘The Ant Queen 2’ first and afterwards, we can discuss about the future.” Because of the betrayal she already experienced, Tangning did not think too far ahead, especially not with ‘The Ant Queen’.

First, she had to sort out ‘The Ant Queen 2’. After all, by the time that ‘The Ant Queen 3’ came around, there may already be a new team of talent waiting for her to discover.

“OK, let’s place all our focus on ‘The Ant Queen 2’. But, I need three months,” Miss Qiao requested. “Although videography and directing is similar, I still need some time to practice.”

“Don’t worry, I can give you three months.”

Tangning understood that Miss Qiao had no experience in directing, but she believed that Miss Qiao truly had the heart for producing a good sci-fi film. Just like her father, she had the passion burning up inside of her.

So, Tangning believed in her.

Afterwards, Tangning officially announced that she was recruiting for a new post production team that she was naming, ‘Starshine’.

The first person to approach her was a 20-year-old university freshman. As he enjoyed playing video games from a young age, he had designed a lot of game environments in his spare time. But, due to the lack of support from his parents, he had never showed the designs to anyone. Now that he heard Tangning was recruiting, he decided to give it a go and fulfill his dream.

As soon as Tangning saw the young man’s designs, she immediately took him in.

However, the public had their doubts towards Tangning’s recruitment, “Aren’t you afraid that Starshine will end up like Glory?”

“Besides, how can amateurs outshine the professionals?”

As soon as she heard the public’s doubts, Tangning replied, “Glory was talented, but they can’t deny that they needed my support. So, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I created Glory, so I can also create Starshine!”

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